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    posted a message on how to make units not respond to commands (solved)

    Look at your Behavior, and then go into: Modification -> Behavior -> State Flags

    You will see a bunch of flags you can apply. It sounds like either Stun (as described by Kabelkorven above) or Uncommandable (Unit can still act on its own, but cannot be issued orders by a human player) would fit the bill for you.

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    posted a message on How do I open threads at the first post?

    @Mozared: Go

    I have the orangey theme and get the following behavior-

    If a thread is a single page, it starts me on the last post. If a thread is multiple pages, it starts me on the first post on the first page.

    Using Chrome, if that makes a difference.

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    posted a message on Is this the most active sc2 mapping community?
    Quote from Kueken531: Go

    I have to say, so far Valve has done a good job with Dota 2, in my opinion.

    Yeah, I don't disagree. For what they set out to accomplish I think they're doing really well.

    My point was more in response to the comparison between that and "creating" a new game and trying new things. I think when you try to make something new, and in particular when you're continuing a really popular series in a new direction, there are big risks that go with that. Then you get people who don't like the changes, and they're really upset, and even if some of that backlash is justified I'd hate to see it scare developers (or publishers) into trying fewer new things.

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    posted a message on Is this the most active sc2 mapping community?

    @Eiviyn: Go

    I'm not sure copy-pasting DotA 1 w/ updated art, UI, and steam integration really counts as "creating" anything. Personally I think it'd be scary if game companies all just started doing HD remakes of old, successful games. I'd much rather they keep taking risks and making new things, even if they fail and piss us off sometimes.

    @OP: It might not be the most active community, but as you're seeing here you do get quick responses from very smart people (assuming the answer hasn't already been posted, which is rare). Mapster's an awesome resource when you're trying to figure stuff out in the editor.

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    posted a message on PAX East - New Blizzard Game Announcement

    Looks like the mystery is solved...



    I'm actually kind of excited to try this. I love playing TCGs like Magic/Warcraft, but I hate having to manage thousands of physical cards. This could be a lot of fun if they do a good job on it :)

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    posted a message on [Spoiler] HotS Campaign Discussion
    Quote from electricprism: Go

    Did we really need to be reminded that Kerrigan was "noble" thereby making her a hero in HoTS after she had killed millions of people. Her entire backstory including her killing her parents is polar opposite of her letting terrans go and live - especially without a good cause.

    Most intelligent military leaders wouldn't throw away an asset like that.

    I don't know if you've read any of the novels, but the death of her parents was an accident. As people with psionic gifts go, Kerrigan was off the charts; as a child she had very little control over that power.

    The incident with her parents led to her being forced into the Ghost program and into all the awfulness that goes with it.

    When she worked for Arcturus and killed people for him, it was because she believed his goals were noble.

    When she killed people in HotS, it was a matter of survival. Essentially the singular objective of the entire Dominion under Mengsk was to see her dead. As long as Mengsk lived, her life and Jim's life would be in danger.

    Infested Kerrigan had almost purely destructive motivations under the influence of Amon. Now that she's free of that influence and has a conscience again, it's not a big surprise to see her driven by human emotions. She may not feel much remorse for those killed in her quest for survival/vengeance, but she's not a sadistic sociopath either.

    It's possible that she was indeed planning to get intel from Warfield by any means necessary. She didn't "allow" him to die. He pushed her buttons and she lashed out at him in anger, killing him. Despite that anger she knew Warfield was right that she had nothing to gain by killing those wounded soldiers. She didn't let them live so she could be like "ooh look at me I'm so noble". She let them live because she didn't have a good reason to kill them.

    That's how I see it, anyway.

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    posted a message on One of the most interesting things I have watched

    If we're going to play Debates, we should at least have the courtesy to play it in Rodrigo's map :)

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    posted a message on How does stutter step work?

    The way I understand it, stutter step doesn't grant more attacks than standing still.

    Basically, what you're doing with stutter step is moving during your weapon's cooldown period, allowing you to get distance from approaching enemies while losing little or no damage output.

    Anyway, I think you can validate if a unit is idle and swap out behavior mods based on that? I know people have made similar posts for the purpose of cloaking units and removing the cloak when they move.

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    posted a message on Gravity Gun

    @Debil49: Go

    It's most certainly something you can do. The real question is "how" you would accomplish that.

    When your gun picks something up, that something would need to be converted from whatever it starts as (presumably a unit) into a missile to "launch" to the gun, and then converted to a model attachment on the unit holding the gun (with a bit of an offset so it's "hovering" in front of you. bonus points if you get it to wobble a bit independent of the unit "holding" it).

    You'd then have to be able to convert it back into a missile to "fire" it off, and then finally into whatever state you want it to go into when it lands (destroyed? back into a unit you can pick up? etc). You would also need abilities to control the pickup/fire behavior and any necessary supporting triggers.

    I think you could do this without the missile conversion step as well if that's easier for you - but you'd then have to do all the physics stuff in triggers and you'd still need to convert to an attachment and back.

    Hope that helps :)

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    posted a message on Open Games list ordered by age?
    Quote from Ahli634: Go

    @Swagblanket: Go

    Or you would only see maps with afk-hosts there.

    Pretty much this. I could see the argument for "refreshing" a map's position when additional players join, but simply doing it oldest-first would be the real epic fail scenario.

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    posted a message on Real Buildings

    @JacktheArcher: Go

    There seems to be some additional support for stuff like this in 1.5

    Have you seen Renee's thread about shrubs?

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    posted a message on Tower Defense Tycoon!

    Content consumption is unfortunately an issue for all "single player" maps. People "beat" the game and then they're done. You can do hidden secret endings or achievements or whatever, but that will only go so far. Even MineralZ, stupidly grindy as it was, eventually fell off the front page.

    A new content update would result in a temporary popularity boost, but ultimately there's a very limited audience for replaying a map like this. I loved it, played it about 5 times, and then I was done.

    For the niche group that does like playing these maps over and over (and all the people who weren't around during the "fame" period and missed out), I think the new Arcade stuff in 1.5 will be a nice boost for that. I'm really curious to see how Open Games play out with a bigger-than-beta audience.

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    posted a message on Open Games List

    @Hookah604: Go

    That seems overly pessimistic. I don't think anyone likes being in a game where they don't know what to do and feel stupid.

    I know a lot of people who'd prefer to play a tutorial before jumping right into the action.

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    posted a message on Halo 4
    Quote from zeldarules28: Go

    I hate those live-action trailers. I hate them so much.

    Not into eerily photo-realistic CGI?

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    posted a message on SC2 Arcade Alpha

    @Karawasa: Go

    Well the trouble is that you need more replay value to stay there than you do to get there. Team/PvP maps have a huge advantage here for obvious reasons.

    People will play a new map and "consume" its content, then return to their replay value staples.

    I think a single player/content consumption map *could* be competitive in this sense if it properly leveraged completionist(#) players, but it's hard to say if that would be enough to actually stay on the front page until somebody tries it .

    (#) Grind achievements are bad and people who design them should feel bad, but I know plenty of people who play RPGs multiple times to see all the endings and genuinely have fun doing it. You can get a LOT of mileage out of repeating content with minor variations. I'd be curious to see how many replays Tower Defense Tycoon will get out of people trying to unlock all the alternate endings :)

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