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    Sorry for this VERY late respond, i had a serious accident and stopped playing sc2 etc. But well i would still like to see this kind of map tho. If anyone know if there is a map that look like what is was thinking few month ago, tell me please :)

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    Yeah i know. I'm not lagging that much in Nexus War.

    But i would like to see a more strategic game instead of making mass units. And adding Objectives in thoses kind of game could be fun too.

    I dont know maybe something like this : You can choose where you want your spawning units to attack on the map (some key locations) And you must take control over all the locations to win the game or to acces the ennemy main base. You could also loose control of theses key locations. And there could be bonus for teams that control them, like a bit of increased income, or an healing aura inside the zone etc. etc.

    I have ALOT of ideas for maps, but badly i'm not good with the editor, didnt got time to play with it with my studies.

    Having a more strategic game could be fun. Upgrading with abilites and skills instead of creating more units to defend. Having the ability to "Spy" your opponent strategy could be fun too.


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    Huum, no.

    Marine Arena is pretty laggy.
    There is Way too much units,
    What i'm talking about is a map where
    Upgrades is the key, not the number of units.

    What i mean, is you always have 50 units. Cant have more.
    Marine arena is always spawning units.

    And i was more thinking about a game that look-like Nexus.
    Ho, and what happened to nexus war ? Its not even on bnet anymore ?

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    Might try to make one of those maps.
    I'll update my post in a few hours, i've got an exam this Morning.
    I will add a picture and a map name.

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    I just edited, the units part of the text.
    It should be more clear now.

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm not a pro map-maker or any good with the data base so i want to share my little idea i got a few minutes ago,
    if anyone think its might be great or is interested let me know.
    (Ps, i'm french so sorry for the mistakes)

    I guess everyone have allready played games like Nexus War, Desert Strike and similar maps, but all these map
    have the same issue : They are really laggy, and how fun it is to see massive amount of units fighting, it get boring
    when everyone lag like crazy.

    So here is my idea; It would be awsome if there was a map q bit similar to Nexus War with some tweaks,
    Players have a limited amount of units that can spawn at the same time, let me explain in details:

    -8 players map.
    -Lets say players can get only 50 units (50 is the number of units not 50 supply used)
    -Everyone have the same basic units at the start ( maybe 3 , 1 zerg units, 1 protoss ... and terran )
    -At the start everyone get some money
    -Players can get money only bit killing others units, no 15 sec free money...

    Where things go different from Nexus War is that instead of using money to build alot of units spawner and getting
    more and more units on the map, you have to choose between a large range of :

    - Units
    This would be one of the most important aspect of the map ; You can purchase units, and each time you do so, the unit you just purchased is replacing one of your basic unit. Then you will spawn one new and different units. and you also loss one of you basic unit, so this way you still have 50 cap units. So you have to buy the good units to conter your opponent.
    You must think twice before buying a unit or about how many you buy of each kind, because only a basic unit can be replaced by a new kind of unit.
    So when you have bought 50 units, you cant buy any more. And you have no other choice but to buy upgrades, auras or abilities.

    - Abilities
    Each kind of units could also have a bunch of unique unlockable abilities. You cant purchase those, you would have to earn them.
    For example, if you got some "Ghost-like units" each kill they do would earn you points (exp). When they reach a determinated amount of
    kills, your gost-like units would unlock an ability, giving them a little advantage. The more exp a type get, they unlock better abilities and they are
    "auto-cast" Their abilities should not be too strong however, so players dont use only one kind of units to get their abilities fast.

    - Upgrades
    (Max Shields, Max Hp, attack Dmg, light armor bonus, heavy armor bonus, speed, range, sight, Shield regen rate, Hp regen rate etc.)

    - Auras
    (There is so much things we could do with auras, here a few : Slow, area dmg, upgradable invis radius like mother ship, etc etc etc.)
    There could be auras for Tier 1, 2 and 3 units. When you buy a tier one aura, all units from tier one would have it.

    - Base Defences
    The main base would be easier to reach than the one from a typical games like Nexus War.
    Players from each teams must buy some basic defenses and place them around their main base.
    Only basic ground defenses would be purchasable at firts and then they would have to upgrade them if they want
    a bit like those tower defense maps.

    Maybe adding heroes would be fun. Maybe the map wont have nuke to defend yourself, but instead some heroes that you can call for help.
    For exemple ;
    Each team can call up to 3 different heroes,
    When you call a hero a very strong unit would appear and go help you in the fight for a set period of time.
    -One would be an air hero, another ground and the last one a defensive hero (maybe a tank or something like-it)
    Once their time is out, they disapear. Each team can only call them once and in any order.

    The map could be a 4 vs 4.

    Well this is what i've got in mind, I know it would take ALOT of work, and i wont ever be able to do such a map.
    If someone like the idea or a part of it, then take it !

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    Huum, i wonder how many people takes time to click our map name, and look at the full sizes screenshots. Plus, there is only 2 screen in here even if we had 6 lol.

    Ps : Its an Outdated screenshot that is showed for mine ...


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    Sad the mouse over dont work in this topic. The winners will be the ones in the firts topic and with a big screenshot.
    Why is it not the same as the original topic lol ?

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    Really, you think here is the place to talk about this ?

    For myself, i have no anwser for you, do as you like, try if you think i'll may work.
    But by my opinion, it wont. I just got a new girlfriend, so i cant really help you in my state of mind anyway.

    But, sc2mapster, is it the place to talk about that ... really ?

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    Is it gona be today ?
    october 27 ? or 28...

    And i was wondering is it the moderators who will choose the winner, or a vote for everyone ?

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    posted a message on Any way to copy AND rotate terrain?

    You can find this awnser at many place with the search option.

    But yes you can copy parts of your map :

    1: go to Terrain tab and hit Escape button.
    2: this will allow you to select the terran (like when you want to select units)
    3: press control+c and then control+v
    4: to rotate it, just click edit tab and you can find transformation tools like flip/rotate etc.
    5: clic where you want to past your selection

    Ps : You can use shift to select many zones and copy them all at once. And you can see what you selected on the mini-map (it will show in green).

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    @SouLCarveRR: Go

    I was suggesting, and like i said in my firts post, i'm not even sure if these dictionnary exist on internet at all.
    And i never said there was no need to review every words.

    And i really have a hard time writting in english, so i cant really help with finding offensive words, i only wanted to suggest an idea.
    LOL at me if you want, but there always be somekind of stupid player that will find somekind of word "innapropriate".

    I support Rodrigo's work, this map was awsome and know NWW wont get banned again because alot a people seem to care about that map.

    There some links :

    Plants name list :

    Some Annimal name

    some planets:

    bacteria names:

    List of stars names :

    Human name list :

    Insect name list :
    (can be very hard if you use the scientific names)

    List of food name :

    Computer virus name list :
    (Might have to be carefull using some of theses names,

    Virus names (not computer virus) :

    List of occupations :
    (Some might be offensive)

    Country names list :

    Cities names change list :

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    posted a message on StarCraft II: Gets children raped and promotes gays in the army!

    @s3rius: Go

    "At some point your child will become sexually active. It seems to be unavoidable that children start to masturbate at some point. When this happens you have to do two things. First of all you have to stop the child from masturbating by giving it the hardest beating of his entire life. Repeat this until the masturbation phase is over. If for some reason your child refuses to stop masturbating, you have no choice but to cut of his hand "

    OMG, this is insane : The guy who wrote that is insane and will burn in hell for sure ... lol

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    I wish i wasnt at university and had some money to go there !

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    Have fun there guys !

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