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    I'm a little confused. I tried the smart command but there doesn't seem to be any way to designate a target (or a source, for that matter.) Does this have to be done with scripting?

    Specifically, my problem is the "move inventory item" action doesn't seem to work. At all. In my map, I have a trigger that replaces a unit with an inventory with another unit that also has an inventory, and I want the items to carry over to the replacing unit. I tried using "move inventory item" but they just drop to the floor. I achieved some measure of success by simply creating a new item of the same type in the inventory of the replacing unit - however, all of the charges and cooldowns get reset. So that won't work. (Yes, I tried adding X charges to the item but it only causes the item to bug out.)

    I'm pretty close to just saying "screw it" and letting the items drop on the ground.

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    This is the project I wanted to work on from the very moment I got Starcraft 2. I used to make maps for the original Starcraft (back in the day) so I think this is a suitable project for me to get back into it. Some of you Starcraft vets might remember one or two of my projects - the most popular being Quests Open RPG, but also Aegis RPG and a few others. If you want to contact me, I'm Miles#152 on battle.net, or you can swing by the official forums (link in the sig.) Without further ado...

    "A mining operation on the planet Haroth has gone awry. Employees have begun to disappear, but no bodies have been found. Get to the bottom of this deadly mystery - or deepen it..."

    Malum Ruina is a survival/who's the killer type of map that takes place on the volcanic planet of Haroth. The Kingston Logistics and Supply Corporation has been mining the planet's surface for rare and valuable minerals. Despite the occasional flood of molten lava or electrical storm, operations were going well. However, shortly after the disappearance of a small mining crew, others in the colony have gone missing. You play the role of one of the remaining colonists. Time is short - you must figure out who or what is causing people to disappear before you become the next victim.


    • - Controllable vehicles to drive to different buildings
    • - Blood tests to find out who the alien is
    • - Every player gets a unique role (Commander, soldier, medic, etc.)
    • - Custom dialog menus
    • - Custom chat box, including the ability to change names
    • - Customizable inventory, interchangeable weapons
    • - Distinct alien evolution forms
    • - Lava surges
    • - Underground mine
    • - Security Cameras
    • - Electrical Storms
    • - And more!!!

    SC2Mapster database entry

    For other links, check out my signature.

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    Just introducing myself. I'm an author looking to get the word out about my current project, Malum Ruina, a survival/who's-the-killer type map with a unique and immersive setting. I posted a bio for it on the site here with screenshots - make sure you check it out! (Here's a quick link.)

    I look forward to hanging out with everyone here at the forum. Greetings!

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