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    played it casually since the Beta. IMO, Vanilla days were the best days, when patch 1.3 cane out. The old Honor system was funky, but I liked it. I also loved the Title system that came with it.

    I love my old PvP rank/title. I didn't PvP much but I went through a period were all I wanted to do was kill other players.

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    Ah well, at least you're not claiming Blizzard has oversimplified the entire game including raids without actually having downed anything past 4/12 normal IcC.

    I think one reason I got burned out so fast in LK, was because they stopped bringing that creativity to the boss fights that they used to. There have been some amazingly fun bosses in LK, but nothing like Vanilla days, or even TBC. Of course, it's hard to come up with new ways to challenge your players.

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    Quote from iMisu: Go


    Era and Enigma are my favorite!


    It's pretty rare to see people who have even heard of Enigma.

    My favorites rotate far too much but right now I'm really into:

    • Asian Kung-Fu Generation
    • Maximum Hormone (You may know them from Death Note)
    • Rob Zombie (Old favorite brought back because of his current involvement with the Oregon School for the Deaf from my hometown. He's helping Extreme Home Makeover revamp the amazing haunted house they put on every year.)
    • Trapt
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    I'm not usually into PvP maps but this looks fantastic. Can't wait for this to come to US servers.

    I have 1 single suggestion. Would love to see a progress bar for the capturing of the bases.

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    I'll give some lines a go as well. Without too many spoilers, could use some info on the characters you need voiced.

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    I'm up for testing. I'm usually not in game since I spend most of my time in the map editor, but I can usually be reached via forum PM. My name is Mienk and number is 221 on the North American servers.

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    @DoubleElite: Go

    Mind posting the method in which this was solved please?

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    Nice work Ulti. I wasn't able to finish mine due to various bugs I was having. I still have yet to resolve some of them, including the terrain on the minimap being all black.

    I will finish the thing and release it, just not as part of the contest.

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    @Caipa: Go

    On my current project I would prefer to use the SM models. Since the players are only going to control a total of 5 or so units, it can't hurt to have them using SM models. The problem is that I'm going to have to try and animate specific animations, like attack or some for the unique abilities I have planned.

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    @EternalWraith: Go

    Grandma's death was also very much unexpected. Her husband is terminally ill with cancer and is getting dialysis on a regular basis. All of his funeral plans and etc were all in line. Unfortunately Grandma and the family were all focused on saying goodbye to Grandpa - who is still alive - that Grandma's preparations were not done.

    You should expect the world from someone. Of course, some of what you get will be 'flaws' but you need to make sure those are something you can handle.

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    When I stopped playing you were not able to fight Sauron. Keep in mind that the lore for LotRO is pretty much already set from beginning to end. To top it off, the creator is dead so nothing new in LotRO is canon. For WoW and Arthas, Blizzard can keep churning out all of the official lore that they want.

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    I've got enough on my plate right now. My 50 ranger can rot in the halls of Moria a bit longer.

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    So I'm looking to start a new project, which is called EFRR for short. While I intend for this to be a series of maps, all independent, I would like to get the first one rolled out and working. Once everything is figured out the others will come much more easily. I posted this a while ago in the map ideas thread but now I actually have time to get this started.

    First, I want to talk about this project. The way I want this to work is that you're going to have somewhere around 5 players and they're going to start the game by picking an exclusive hero. I'd like to have enough where there are 1 or 2 heroes not being picked. Each hero will have specific start locations, some will spawn together others will spawn in other areas.


    I would love to figure out how to use the bank system to act kind of like a quick save, so if the players fail they restart the map and load the save, either returning them back to their previously saved location or removing certain enemies and obstacles that have already been cleared. While in most cases it would be easiest to respawn the hero back at their starting location after a certain amount of time, once you reach a certain point in the map that won't be possible. Kind of a point of no return. Of course you could make a new spawning location based on that. Strategy

    The purpose of the map is that the heroes have to overcome obstacles using teamwork and their heroes unique abilities. Most obstacles will have 2 ways around them just in case somebody doesn't pick a specific hero or there will be a secondary obstacle, for a different hero, to bypass that one. Other obstacles will require multiple heroes to do something at the same time (e.g. 2 heroes are at different computer terminals to open a gate).

    This will mostly be a stealth based game and mobs should only agro if they have LoS. I want to do LoS in a cone style similar to what they did in Commandos but I'm not sure how to do that yet, nor am I sure how to let the players know what is in a specific unit's LoS. Maybe if a player has a certain enemy unit selected it creates a flashlight effect in front of them. Which could bring another strategic element because each player can only see 1 LoS at a time so sometimes you would need multiple players to select each select an enemy in the same general area. Plot

    While this could be turned into a Library and used to create a series of maps will different plots, the main plot is that you're an elite force of soldiers working for Raynor's Raiders. While the locations and missions will change they'll all have a 'special ops' feel to them. For example, you have to infiltrate a training camp on Mar Saras and recover secret documents about a prototype weapon they're being ready to implement. After you steal the plans you need to destroy the prototypes (which ends up causing a decent ruckus, and escape. If you've taken the proper precautions the units that are alerted and come storming after you are thinned down by stuff like reprogrammed turrets, well placed reinforcements, etc. To end the mission all heroes must be alive and must return to the designated location.

    The First Mission

    This mission is currently being terrained by me. It will use the Agria textures and will be a training camp positioned near a small colony. The soldiers are exploiting the colonists by offering them 'protection' from the dangers of the world when in reality, the only danger would be from the soldiers if the colonists didn't cooperate.

    The Heroes

    The goal is for all of the heroes to be Terran, since that's the back story behind this elite squad of soldiers. Most of them don't have names yet.

    Nova, the Sniper: After her initial mission with Raynor Nova did a little soul searching and has switched sides. While she has decent stealth abilities her specialization is in the use of her sniper rifle. She can cloak for limited durations to try and reach vantage points to silently pick off enemies.

    Mike, The Mechanic: This prodigy of the mechanical world has joined this elite team against the wishes of Swann, who would rather have him aboard the Hyperion. However, nobody can disable/reprogram mechanical units and hotwire cars faster than Mike.

    The Spy: Not much is know about him, because he prefers to be the keeper of secrets rather than letting his float around. The spy has one of those faces where he looks like someone you know, which he uses to his advantage by taking on the appearance of his enemies and infiltrating their ranks.

    The Commander: This unit packs around a massive chain gun. He's part of this crew to provide firepower if the situation gets sticky. He also has the ability to call units to the field at his target location, which get dropped in by a stealth ship. This is great for positioning cannon fodder on high ground or behind enemy lines.

    The Medic: Even though this group is about stealth, the fact that the Commander is part of this group is reason enough to have a medic. Aside from just being able to heal her allies she also carries a very lethal poison which she can inject someone with, if she manages to sneak up on them. (I want this unit to be the scientist lady you rescue - I forget her name and I'm playing FFXIV so I can't check right now)

    The Demolitionist: While most firebats are happy with turning an army of Zerg to ash, that is not enough for this soldier. The Demolitionist has added explosives to his fiery arsenal (which is just a recipe for disaster). But it does come in handly when a grenade needs throwing or a door needs to be blasted down. (This unit will be General Warfield)

    The Ninja: While it would be true to say that you don't see many Ninjas these days, that's kind of the point behind being a Ninja. This soldier uses swords to quickly and quietly take out his foes and has the ability to cloak for a much longer period than nova. While some walls prove to be impossible for the Ninja to climb, not all are.


    I need them. Even if you don't have the time or desire to be a part of this project, I would love your two cents. If I get enough then maybe I'll have a whole dollar, which I can go spend at the dollar store. I need some names for the heroes and possibly a name for this project, if the name I came up with sucks.

    Who I Need

    I would prefer this project be more of a casual thing because I don't want people burning out and wouldn't mind a couple of experts lending a hand when they have a free moment and need a break from their own projects.

    Data Editor(s): I suck at the data editor and I need someone who can make well balanced, solid heroes, with fun and unique abilities. I also need someone who can set up a 'flashlight' style Line of Sight system or a modify a unit's search cone (if that's the proper thing to modify) to make it so they can only see what is in front of them. Also need someone who can assign the proper animations to make an SM model fight like their normal model would.

    Trigger Editors: I need two different style of trigger editors.

    1. I need one who specializes in cinematics. While they're going to be skipable I want some well done cinema. I'm thinking stuff from a briefing starting aboard the Hyperian to ground level cut scenes. I'm not sure how tough they are to handle but I would actually prefer all of the heroes to use the SM models, in both cinematics and in combat.
    2. In-game triggers. This is going to be very obstacle based and every obstacle is going to have intricate triggers associated with them. This is supposed to be strategic so the players will have little room for error. Also going to need triggers for the enemies to attack, since their LoS will be narrow there will be plenty of things to set them off and get them to look at where the players are at.
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    @Pimpmunkeh: Go

    Okay, now that someone else has also taken this back on track. Four years ago I got divorced, which kind of messed me up at college a bit but then a year later one of my good childhood friends died in a car accident and that really brought me off track for school, so I went on 'leave' during my senior year and still haven't gone back yet because of student loans and crap.

    I got fired from a job last December because I missed the only two days they scheduled me (which I was being majorly underscheduled) due to needing to take a trip to the ER for a corneal ulcer. I still have yet to find a decent job because our unemployed is already bad enough; having a 'fired' on my application doesn't help.

    At the beginning of August my grandfather in-law (my wife's dad's dad - who was an amazing man) passed away. While we were on the way to his funeral we found out that grandmother in-law (my wife's mom's mom - who was a central figure to our family and was also awesome) passed away that day. She was planning on attending Bud's funeral even though my wife's mom and dad were divorced.

    After getting divorced, I made a check list of stuff I had to have in a woman and stuff I would prefer they had. Of course I didn't cover everything because you just can't. My wife, I'm remarried, meet almost everything on both lists. I think the only thing she missed was the fact that she's partial to Star Wars, but in favor she likes Star Trek - which wasn't on my list. You can be picky, but you can't expect a human to be perfect; nobody ever has been and nobody ever will be. Just remember that most importantly, you need to be able to have fun with this person regardless of where you're at and what the weather is like outside.

    Also remember, people do change, especially if they're younger. That's the reason my first marriage 'failed.' We married early and grew up while we were going to school. The problem is that we both grew in different directions. As a side note, we're still really good friends. She used to get jealous of my friend, Lindsey, and joked when we separated that I should go out with her. I'm now married to Lindsey and we went to my ex-wife's goodbye party when she moved to California.

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    @EternalWraith: Go The longer you wait and stay 'just friends' the more likely it is that someone will snatch her up first. If you like her, don't be coy about it. Most women prefer men who are open about their feelings; that all starts with the initial confession of attraction.

    Now to try and bring this thread back on track, do you want kind of a sad overview of my recent life story, or just recent events only?

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    Okay, so I want to have a couple of power ups in my map that enhance the effects associated with abilities. Two things I have in mind would be to increase the blast radius of a grenade throwing ability and another would increase the range it could be thrown. Aside from making multiple versions of the effect, is their an easier way to handle this?

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