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    Hi mapsters! As the title suggests, I am in the process of making a MOBA custom map. It's a 5v5, and at some point, it will become a 6v6, with the sixth player for each team playing more of an RTS starcrafty game - gathering resources, building things, researching upgrades, and also commanding the rest of the team. I've been using sc2mapster as a resource every night trying to figure out this crazy editor, and I figured it might be a fun place to come for some testers!

    I've finished with the heroes, and am hoping to get some games run so I can see generally what mechanics work, what abilities will never be used, I suppose a bit of balancing (though not my focus right now), and of course general impressions. Gotta make sure that, above all, it's fun. So! If you're around on Tuesday, July 3rd at 9pm, Wednesday July 4th at 3pm, Saturday July 7 at noon, and/or Thursday July 12 at 9pm, (all Eastern), are on the US server, and want to spend a half an hour or more putzing around in a custom map, your help would be tremendously appreciated!

    <3 CyPres#144

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    posted a message on [Bug] Morph Ability Removes/Masks Command Card Buttons

    @Ultimaswc3: Go

    Also having this problem. What a shame, was so deep into working on this map :(

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    I was wondering if anyone could point me towards a "tutorial on tutorials", if one exist. By which I mean, not how to use a tutorial, but how to make the in-game ones. Throughout the campaign, a little button on the right occasionally appears with information on how to progress through the map, or how to use a new unit, things like that. When you clicked on them, they'd pause the game, open up a menu, and say things like "hey, this map changes from night to day a lot. Attack during the day, defend at night," or "you just got vikings. They are generally awesome." I'm trying to create levels that as closely as possible mirror the campaign, and those little notices are a bit of missing flavor.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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