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    Quote from SouLCarveRR: Go

    Beware the Interceptors that auto cast halucinate. It scary

    Going to have to try that now.

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    Pics, edited to show less of my map than needed:

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    Quote from Kueken531: Go

    still, if we take all units Almaity listed and take 8 "interceptors" for each unit, we would be at 8^13+1 units. I doubt, sc2 can handle about 55 billion units ;)

    Change the unit max to a smaller number than 8 (say 1-3), and you can probably get it under 200. It was really easy to get a (different carrier type) that launched (regular carrier type), but editing units to be able to fire other units the way the carrier does, as well as fire normally would be a lot trickier. It's technically possible, and would not really crash (if done right), but a much bigger hassle. Also, the "ammo" units are on a tether to the parent, and not terribly responsive (they're not supposed to be commandable), so difficulties would ensue from such a long chain, I'm sure.

    I'll post pics a little later on.

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    So...I edited Selendis' ammo magazine so that the unit was a carrier. The result was very reminiscent of Pimp My Ride. And there were a lot of interceptors.

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    Quote from redmarine: Go

    I'll be trying to implement the above method but I'm so bad at the data editor, got to remove all line of sight, that it's almost sad so I won't be doing it anytime soon.

    Whenever I have to do massive data editor stuff like that (many units, etc.), I tend to cheat. If I can get away with it, for example, I'll put all the units in an array and catalogfieldvalueset the units at the beginning of the map.

    Nobody recommends it, but if you think it would work for you, I could whip something together for you. After all, better to cheat and get it done than not get it done at all.

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    Rodrigo and I were chatting in IRC, and he came up with a pretty funny idea.
    If you mind me posting this, Rodrigo, just reply with the word "dyke", I'm sure the mods will get on banning it quick as they can.

    So two Starcraft 2 players are talking, and one says
    "SycoPrime, I've never heard of him. Can you tell me some of the maps he's done?"
    "Well let's see, there's The Map Blizzard Banned, and The Name of the Map, and What's It called".
    "Wait, have you played any of these maps?"
    "Yes, all of them."
    "But you don't know their names?"
    "Sure i do."
    "Well, what's his first one?"
    "The Map Blizzard Banned?"
    "Blizzard banned it?"
    "Of course they did."
    "Well, I suppose because of the name."
    "What's it called?"
    "No, that's the other one."
    "The other what?"
    "The other map?"
    "They banned his other map, too?"
    "Yes, both of them."
    "Well, what are they called?"
    "The Name of the Map and What's it Called."
    "Exactly, what's it called?"
    "The map blizzard banned?"
    "That too."
    "But what's the name of the map?"
    "Was banned as well."
    "What was banned?"
    "The map Blizzard banned."

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    It's certainly nowhere near as bad as when 4chan named that girl who went missing for months "Hide and Seek champion".

    Also, let's be honest, what do those guys care about some stupid map for a game they've likely barely heard of (if at all)?
    They're at home with their families. I would be very surprised to find them at all worried that someone half a world away was poking fun at their misery. I'd also be surprised if they didn't at least expect it a little bit.
    Maybe we don't have to be those guys, but we could.

    Sidenote: They have chili's in Canada, too?

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    What if news agencies send down interview drones to harass you, and you have to continually fight them off with mine equipment?
    Also maybe there's mythical creatures in the mine, like golems or something.

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    Change "_ is slowing down the game." to "_ is thinking about the game."
    And I've wanted the voice alerts to randomly play something that isn't quite what they say.
    For instance, Protoss: "Our (ally's) base is besmirched." (instead of besieged).
    (I know, not the purpose of this particular thread, but considering the lulz in the video, it seemed pertinent).

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    Love the map. Much respect.

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    Effect -> Periodic offsets only has fields for reals.
    Did you use triggers in addition to the effects? I'm not seeing where I can plug in anything that complex.

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    The pertinent code from alderis' map:

    Unit - Order Fire Orb 1 [(Triggering player)] to ( Move targeting ((Position of Elemntal Sorcerer) offset by 2.5 towards Fire Orb Angle 1[(Triggering player)] degrees)) (Replace Existing Orders)

    That works fine for his purposes, as he can have an uncommandable unit move.
    Unfortunately for me, I want the player to be able to tell the unit to attack.
    While keeping "move" off the command card should make it so that issue order works but player-input doesn't, that would mean modifying a whole slew of weapons to be capable of "fire while moving".

    Though it's pretty much the same thing as what I have here:

    Unit - Move (Picked unit) instantly to ((Position of towers[(Owner of (Picked unit))]) offset by 1.0 towards quantum offset degrees) (No Blend)

    But for some reason, mine will plot all the units evenly spaced around the tower, without ever moving them. It doesn't make any sense.

    Edit: Actually, I might be able to make this work.
    Riley, could you show how you set that up? I got the basics, but I'm having trouble with the offset. I'm thinking maybe you used periodic offsets with X,Y instead of degrees?

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    To find out what kind of resource the unit dropped off, you could TRY checking the target of its order after dropoff.
    It might be doing harvest targeting mineral field / geyser.

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    Okay, first and foremost HOLY CRAP. Thank all of you for replying! I've gotten more replies on this thread in the last 12 hours than all my other threads combined I think. I don't know what I did, but I need to keep doing it.

    Quote from Ultimaswc3: Go

    Is this something mover actors can accomplish?

    I looked into site operations (mover), which I assume is what you meant. I see speed and whatnot in there, but nothing for direction / angle / vector. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough, or at the wrong thing.

    Quote from SouLCarveRR: Go

    Couldnt you do this like interceptors are done.... They have a behavior that makes the run through a predetermined path........

    I honestly don't know what makes them do that. But the combination of your post and Ultimaswc3 made me think:
    Maybe a custom mover could be created for the unit that accomplishes this. I'll look into it if alderis' solution doesn't pan out.

    Quote from lothar9999: Go

    Not sure if this is what you are looking for but it probably at least has some information about it. http://forums.sc2mapster.com/resources/trigger-libraries/5769-library-galaxy-orbit-v0-2/

    Like he said, I'd really rather not implement a whole physics library for this :P But thank you!

    Looking into alderis' solution now. Will be replying back soon with results.

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