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    I found the map yesterday. Very good, I enjoyed it, I have being playing a few public games, then went solo (It's weird to be able to play solo so +1 for that) to see how everything worked. Then went back to public, team was not that bad for public but once i told em we we're rdy for an artifact and pre builded everything they went to power their own instead of helping with the first. We ended up with 12 spawn running around...

    So why is it hard difficulty when first timers can actually survive quit a lot?

    Do killing nest actually affect enemy spawning? so far the only bonus to kill a pool is the refine near it and a hatchery is the crystal u'll get from it and around those open spaces.

    Looking forward too seeing more reason to make "outpost" like the ones near refine. I don't know, maybe a building that works better with free space around like an eolic field (was gonna say like a solar power plant at first, but the cave them may interfere with it. Or simply more local resources.

    Another thing that would be explorable would be to upgrade vehicles. Giving bonus to Goliath fire rate at high cost! so u'd take care of it.

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    woo nice! i was just looking for this map!!

    it really looks nice! I love how the lava close in!

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