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    posted a message on How have triggers changed since December?

    I've been away from Stracraft II for quite some time, mainly because my graphics card fried. Took me a few months to save money for 680.

    Now, I see that HoTS launched, have they fixed the bugs in the old triggers? For instance setting actor pitch/roll trigger commands?

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    posted a message on Very Simple traceline (Unit is Highlighted)
    Quote from iWaNN: Go

    No one can help? Ehh... :(

    I was on Starcraft 2 vacation, now I'm back, what's up?

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    posted a message on Ling Ling Rocket

    Fun game, you guys should try it!

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    posted a message on Is Starcraft 2 programmed inefficiently?

    I've noticed that simple things can drop my fps below 30, when I can play Crysis on max settings and never drop below 30 fps.

    In general, is this game programmed inefficiently?

    Simple examples (but not limited to) are such as:

    When a siege tank uses a splash damage from it's normal attack, SC2 checks EVERY UNIT on the map and checks whether or not it is within bounds of that attack.

    When you have 10+ siege tanks firing, this splash check gets ridiculous with many units on the map.

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    posted a message on There has to be a better way to script this.
    Quote from Forge_User_59026135: Go

    fixed it: leave the trigger without event after mapInit, when the arrays are initialized, add custom code and use the code line:

    TriggerAddEventUnitRegion(gt_resetchooser, UnitRefFromUnit(gv_chooser[1]), RegionFromId(84), false);
    false leave, true enter

    the trigger does now work only with this specific unit and no longer with any

    Oh nice bro.

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    posted a message on There has to be a better way to script this.

    @b0ne123: Go

    I had noticed that too, so I made a neat workaround.

    Event: Periodic - Every 0.0625 seconds

    Action: If [Your Unit] is in region, then perform actions.


            Timer - Every 0.0625 seconds of Game Time
        Local Variables
            K = 0 <Integer>
            General - Pick each integer from 1 to IntRec.C6, and do (Actions)
                    Variable - Modify K: + 1
                    General - If (Conditions) then do (Actions) else do (Actions)
                            (AvatarRec[K].Avatar is in MainFloor) == True
                            Variable - Set AvatarRec[K].AHOffset = 0.25
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    posted a message on Force Actor to render beyond Farclip.

    Suppose I have a camera farclip of 50; however, there is an actor (or unit) which I want to force to be visible beyond the farclip, is there a way I can do this?

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    posted a message on How to determine Catalog Field Indexes?
    Quote from DrSuperEvil: Go

    All I know is catalog triggers can only alter fields that upgrades can.

    Hmm, the search feature doesn't return anything good on this subject, do you know where I can find out more?

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    posted a message on How to determine Catalog Field Indexes?

    Right now, I want a trigger to make a unit Ignore Terrain Height.

    When Raw Data is unchecked, I can see this is simply Unit -> Unit Flags -> Ignore Terrain height.

    However, once I check Raw Data, in order to determine the input for the trigger, I have no way of determine which index number is the right one for "Flag Array."

    I can guess and check 30 consecutive values in a row, but that would be time consuming.

    GenericC_unit > Field Array > ???

    How do I go about determining any index, not just for Ignore Terrain Height, surely there is a way?

    Also, I believe it's Index 32 (or 33) now (not sure if it's 32 or 33), and I'm getting the error:

    "Core: Access denied to required object or service."

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    posted a message on Records inside a Record: How?
    Quote from BasharTeg: Go

    Using mods allows you to bypass the memory limit for a single map. It does draw on your total memory usage, however. I do this for adding soundtracks and models into my maps.

    Awesome. I have another question.

    If a battlenet user has not downloaded the mod, will they be denied the ability to join the lobby? Or Bnet automatically download the mod for them before downloading the map?

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    posted a message on Records inside a Record: How?
    Quote from finiteturtles: Go

    Also, if you are going to do this I would recomend putting all your code in a mod, then adding the mod as a dependancy on your actual map.

    Copy/paste and import/export of code with nested records is buggy and will tend to cause a lot of headaches. I have learned the hard way that it is better creating a mod and adding it as a dependancy. That way if you want to use the code on another map, or if you want to redo the terrain or data stuff from scratch you can just add it without spending an hour fixing up all the broken links.

    By any chance, does making a mod and then using it, reduce the memory limitations of a map when you upload it to be published? I'm thinking specifically of custom imported content, like sounds/music/models/art.

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    posted a message on Records inside a Record: How?
    Quote from DogmaiSEA: Go

    You know, you could use the search function because it has been answered over a dozen times already.

    Or you could look in the stickied thread at the top of this forum, the 101 one, the one you should read before you post.

    And then, maybe, just, you will find that it was answered in that thread as well.

    I did. Guess what? All of the explanations to the person's problem are either severely convoluted or full of crap answers like the one you just gave me. Also, the title of my thread is perfect for future users to search in the future, and I also gave them a very simple tutorial on how to do it. So, think of me as doing a favor for the community, so you honestly don't get this question ever again.

    Also, the Common Sense 101 is what made me even realize that is possible to put records inside of records. His explanation on how to do so was terrible, and he didn't even mention how to call them in-game. It left a lot for new users to figure out. So I made a 5-step tutorial. You mad bro?


    Common Sense 101 excerpt:

    You can put records inside records, but they must be above the master record which stores the variables of type record, for instance.

    pl_Hero Data (Record) pl_Statistics (Record) pl_Options (Record) Player Data (Record) Player <Player Data[15]> (Variable of type Record)

    Inside the Player Data record I have at the top.

    options <pl_Options> hero <pl_Hero Data> stats<pl_Statistics>

    Remember, the "master" record must always be BELOW the ones you want to put inside it.



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    posted a message on Stay Protoss, or go Terran
    Quote from Taintedwisp: Go

    well if you intend to play protoss you must ask yourself a question.


    I play high diamond/lower master 1v1 and 2v2.

    It looks like protoss will be able to hold their own easier in HOTS in PvT. Late game we'll just rip them a new one (assuming macro game).

    Although those hellbats might destroy my mineral dump (zealot meat shield) faster than I'm used to in the late game. That could become a problem.

    My late game strategy involves HT's + Carrier + zealots, fulll armor upgrades with guard shield is 6 armor zealots and 7 armor carrier. PSi Storm melts marines and vikings when they clump to focus fire on carriers. Carriers kill everything else.

    If my zealot meat shield melts to battle hellions, I may have to add 2-3 times as many immortals to my meat shield group, which means -1 carrier per production cycle. It also means less warp prisms (I use warp prisms to hold my ht's, so they can't all be emp'ed by ghosts), and possibly a severe delay in my mothership timing. I cannot however sacrifice HT production, otherwise I'll get rolled by rines and I won't have colossus that late in the game as a backup.

    Still, they would need to upgrade their viking to 3 attack, and the battle hellions (vehicle) to 3-2 and their bio to 3-3 in order to pose the above threat, and most terrans don't' run all three upgrades, nor can they easily (I only upgrade protoss ground attack once the entire game, while upgrading protoss ground armor to 3, allowing me to get those air upgrades and shield upgrades to 3-3).

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    posted a message on Open to Public option (mafia)
    Quote from DogmaiSEA: Go

    Can you stop double, triple, quadruple, quintuple posting whilst quoting yourself everyday. It is annoying as all hell.

    You make numerous stupid threads short threads where you keep posting non-sensical crap, what are you, like 12?

    Besides this one thread, can you name my other stupid threads? There's a reason I put this one in General Chat.


    Also, if you think my other threads are that dumb, perhaps you should report them for deletion.

    To be frank, not everyone has your knowledge and understanding of the editor, that is why we come here. We come here to ask questions, silly as some may be. If you don't like answering questions, you should seriously rethink what your purpose is here, because this website is intended to assist and guide lesser experienced/new users to the Editor.

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    posted a message on Groups in HotS

    @Eimtr: Go

    We should make a SC2 Mapster clan no?

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