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    Yes, that concern crossed my mind also...

    But, theoretically it is possible to have a multiplayer bank that merges and updates itself - thereby sharing it's information with subsequent players?

    In that case I think I will reconfigure the marketplace.

    Instead of individual items being sold by individual players. Players sell their items instantly, and amounts sold/bought are tracked in the bank, allowing for fluctuation in market prices. As you play the game more, your character advances and gains access to more valuable items, and as you are playing with more players, the marketplace bank should expand accordingly. Ie, in the early game (with a smaller market bank), most items you find will be cheap but sell to the marketplace for decent amounts. Later on, these same cheap items will be flooded in the market place (as you've played with more players), and lose their market value. I am toying with the idea of there being 3 separate Space Stations with individual markets. So trading can be an effective way to bolster your income - ie. buying low from Market A and selling high to market B.

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    Ahli, it's Cardinal here. Reply to me next time you're on SC2... or PM me your email, brother.


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    Sup Mapsters.

    Been a while since I've delved into mapping, and as always, I'm trying to push the boundaries of what I know / what the editor can do. So i'll just jump right ahead and shoot:

    Banks allow for player-data to be saved (locally?) - so, in the simplest example, your 'exp' and 'level' are tracked persistently while you play through a custom arcade map many times.

    What I was wondering was whether or not it would be possible to build this functionality into a sort of marketplace for a 'proof of concept', space-rpg type map. I think it would be easiest if i just listed a few examples and outcomes:

    • A custom game is started and players, A, B, C and D join to play for the first time.
    • Players - as usual - download and play the map. The first time they play, they create their character and all that good stuff is saved.
    • Would it be possible for then, during game, a player places an item (record-based) into a (trigger-based) inventory list, alongside a price.
    • This item is then stored in another bank, that is shared and copied across to all other players in the map at that time.
    • The game then ends. And each individual Character Bank is updated, alongside the 'global' Marketplace bank.
    • Another game launches this time with players, A, B, C and X.
    • Player X is a veteran and has played over 50 games with a combined total of say 100 unique different players.
    • The game loads each individually stored 'marketplace bank', and merges them somehow
    • Players A, B and C can now use the Marketplace and browse all items being sold by their friend D, along with X and his 100 other stored selling lists.

    Now for the only pitfall / downside to the system:

    • Player B decides to buy an item that was listed 3 days ago buy player E (from player X's list).
    • He uses the interface and pays 550 credits for the item.
    • The global marketplace bank stores this amount and the player ID for Player E.
    • For player E to recieve his credits, he HAS to play with players A, B, C or X.
    • OR, any subsequent player who then plays with A, B, C or X (as their global bank would update without the item, only the amount due for E)


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    So what will you be doing? Or do you want someone to simply create your idea as a map?

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    lololol blender noobs.

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    Weapon Flags.

    Fire While Moving is one flag, theres another you need to tick. Been ages since I've checked.

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    World of Warcraft... extremely profitable pay to play service.

    Starcraft 2... absolute and utter focus on 'e-sports'. Campaign was a joke, 'modding potential' too, is a joke. Blizzard earns a tonne of royalties from tournament organisers, stream rights etc etc.

    Diablo 3? Auction House. Everything else is just eye-candy and cheap gimmicks. Fun for a while, but ultimately existing only to line the pockets of greedy fat cat pseudo 'game developers'.

    Remember when Charsi gave you a quest? Or Adria actually rewarded you for quests? How about when quests made sense? This entire 'story' consisted of two to three people, telling you what to do. Utter shite.

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    The story line... sucked.

    Anyone who says otherwise is a fool and evidently has had their cognitive function seriously impaired by years of sugary drinks, television and masturbation.

    Edit: The secret level also... sucked... If I had anything to do with Diablo 3 it would've been the realm of the Treasure Goblins... except now they fight back... or are thousands in number and swarm around the place while you only get a limited time in their realm.

    Edit Edit: The reason the secret level is what it is... is due to the 'diablo 3 is too colorful' meme that was most likely spawned by pony loving idiots. The developers designed it with highly saturated primary colours, so show the difference between what a 'colorful diablo 3' is and isn't. Judging by all the hate it has mongered - I'd say they succeeded.

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    An improptu Nardival review

    Art - 9/10. They've scored big time in this department thanks to cleverly layering and saturating elements, drawing ones eye to shinies and scaries.
    Gameplay - 8/10. Pretty much same as all ARPGs, click, click, click, maybe do a 1 2 3, click. Run like hell etc. But, it's fun to do so.
    Balance - 4/10. Seriously, go play a Witch Doctor. OP as fuck.
    Replayability - 2/10. Five classes. All the same on each play through except maybe some skill variations. This lets it down big time. I can't assign attributes. I can't specify what skills/directions I want to go towards. I am cordoned off into a little neat box and limited to x skills, y runes and z passives. Casual as fuck in this regard.
    Storyline - 1/10. They tried. They failed. It's Blizzard after all.
    Cinematics - 5/10. Needs to be more, but I understand the time/money constraints on creating high quality cinematics. Diablo II just felt a lot more epic. Partly due to storyline.
    Nardival Points - 6.5/10. It's pretty fun. Pretty lacking for a final release though... no PvP.. no Set Items... Legendary items still being 'worked on'... etc etc etc.
    Redeeming Features - 5/10. Slim possibility of the Currency Auction house actually taking off. Will people actually spend 'real' cash when they can just grind and buy the same things for game 'gold'.
    Most Annoying - 7/10 - Leoric, Butcher, Rakanishu, Diablo. Originality please. I know it's a god-damn sequel but Assmodan and Belial were about the only 'new' things in regards to storyline/plot development/general franchise advancement.
    Second Most Annoying - Complete lack of features which were shown and hyped up at various conferences, previews and reveals only to be completely scrapped in the Beta and in the Release. Mystic. Recipes. Designs. Plans.
    Total Score - 7/10. Mainly due to the unfinished feel, weak story line and lack of features on release. Guess we just have to wait... Again, it's Blizzard after all.

    Final comment: Given Blizzards usual adage of "It's done when it's done". This just felt rushed through and mediocre. I have a level 58 Witch Doctor with about 16 hours played, including AFK time and my falsely placed interest in the story-line.

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    Turns out the Downloader will say it is finished. However, the button will say 'cancel'. Don't click it. It autoupdates the actual installer to include the last minute bug-fix patch that rolled out on the 12th of May.

    Let it hang at 100% for about 5 minutes or so, and it will auto-launch the installer. I'm currently at 53%. Woot.

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    As far as I know, recreating a % based damage system (Like Warcraft 3) requires a lot of behaviours and can be a bit of a headache.

    Your easiest option would be to forget true % based vulnerabilities, but use the Unit Attribute fields as the different elements:


    Etc... Can all be renamed to 'Fire', 'Plant', 'Water', 'Robotic', or whatever else you want in the Text Editor.

    Then when you create your Damage effects, just think: "okay, this is a Fire damage effect... base damage 10... Vs. Water: 5... Vs. Plant: 20 etc... Then just set the Unit attributes to reflect what 'element' that unit represents.

    As for your behaviour of gasoline, that can be done through Validators and Set effects. Basically all 'Fire' damage effects will trigger a Set, containing the Damage effect... and a Remove Behaviour (presumably the Gasoline is consumed), alongside an Apply Behaviour (apply a Fire damage over time: Create Persistent > Damage).

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    Didn't read entire thread, but I have a system like this 100% working and simple.

    The crop unit has a UI - Height: of -2
    The crop unit has a behaviour on it by default that expires after x seconds.
    An initial effect runs (through the behaviour) which modifies the height of my crop to +2 over y seconds.
    x is the length of time it takes the crop to fully mature, and y is typically 1/2 of x.
    When the behaviour expires the unit morphs into it's harvestable or, ready, counterpart.

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    It is a feature I have requested many times to Blizzard. They have always replied with:

    "There is no great demand for this feature, so we have no plans to implement it."

    "The current pathfinding algorithms would require a total rework, so no, sorry."

    "We have considered this, so it may happen in the future."

    Which, I all find to be bollocks. The only added resource, to a published map, would be further terrain objects, tilesets, preplaced units and doodads. And, of course, a few new triggers/functions/scripts to allow functionality.

    It would be great for all RPG maps, which are currently limited to 256x256. You could have a 256x256 and another 256x256 map, and use the camera bounds system to create a massive world... or use a 256x256, and then two 32x32's and four 64x64's for 'interior' or other 'areas'...

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    posted a message on [Solved] [Ability] Channeled ability that grants buffs (Like Medivac's Heal but with stackable buffs)

    From the sounds of it, your map will involve a lot of units using this fuel mechanic, so a word of warning; lots of units with large stacks of behaviours has been observed to cause performance issues.

    Your easiest method would be to use Shields or Energy to represent Fuel. This obviously limits your units to only having Life/Shields or Life/Energy.

    Another option would be to use a Data / Trigger hybrid system.

    You have your basic 'refuel ability' which is channeled, and say adds +5 fuel each second to a unit.
    Each time this effect is triggered you call a function that modifies the refueled unit's Custom Value 0 by +5.
    Each fuel-using unit will need a behaviour that runs an effect, periodically every second, validated by if the unit is moving (movespeed greater than 0).
    And then, each time this periodic effect is run, another function will subtract -1 from the Units' Custom Value 0.
    If a unit's Custom Value == 0, disable the 'Move' ability for that unit. A Dummy Cargo ability can be used to 'show' the units' fuel reserves, albeit with not a great level of accuracy.

    The more complicated version can be achieved using purely data methods. Your Refuel ability applies a behaviour called Fuel(1) that stacks 9 times. When this Fuel(1) is stacked 9 times and is applied once more, all stacks of Fuel(1) are removed and a behaviour called Fuel(10) is applied. This repeats, so you'd have Fuel(20), Fuel(30), Fuel(40) and so on and so forth.

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    Lols. Was waiting for you to post here :3

    Looks good mate

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