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    Keep making this stuff! Although I've moved on from Starcraft 2 modding (working with Unity 3D now), those texturing tutorials were a great use for me, and got me more used to importing/exporting and making textures/models specific ways. Keep up the good work!

    Now I wish I had 3DS Max myself (I'm using blender) xD

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    posted a message on [Review] Blizzcon Custom Map from SC2Legacy

    They certainly look interesting, but I would never call this a review. They're previews. A review is when they're looking for the faults of a completed product, not what's good about a partially completed project. :S

    That's my only beef with that though. Good map previews.

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    posted a message on [Trigger Library - Map] General Functions/Conditions

    @Andernerd: Go

    Wouldn't attaching a unit onto another unit, like Blizzard's uberlisk, do this? I thought it could move and attack at the same time, which is what phoenix fire basically did. Just don't give it an actor when attaching it.

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    posted a message on What do hybrids eat?

    Protoss soak in sunlight/moonlight, and Zerg eat on flesh. Hybrids are a mixture, so would they eat suns? Om nom nom.

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    posted a message on WAAAAAAAh i hate blizzard :(
    Quote from Colt556: Go

    @JerreyRough: Go

    I went straight for the cool yet hard project (atleast I think it's cool :(), I'm just learning as I go along. That's why I always laugh to myself when I imagine some experianced, veteran map maker looking at my map. Ingame, things do what I want them to do. But in the editor, it's all such a massive mess, with so many things jerry-rigged and forced to work as I deem necessary. A veteran map maker would take one look at my map and go "wat".

    I digress, map editor is win and pretty much any problem is more then likely user-error.

    Indeed. that's how I started via making my Battlezone project. Personally though, I think that something as great as Battlezone shouldn't be my first project. Rather, it should be one that I'll work on once I've established something of worth on the online world.

    Quote from xShaelis: Go

    @Eiviyn: Go

    She speaks the truth.

    Agreed, but still kudos to progammer for making this library. At least until the next major patch comes out that should natively do this now.

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    posted a message on Main Page Popularity Broken?
    Quote from progammer: Go

    I think I killed them for not fixing that bug.

    So yeah I guess we have no one else to fix.

    sarcasm aside, these stuff with the main page require updates from the server or whatever thing that take ages to implement. There are tons of broken links they haven't fixed yet.

    Sucks I figured so. Here's to hoping that the curse IT guys fix it soon (or whomever worries about updating the updates).

    Quote from Eiviyn: Go

    Offtopic but I noticed in your teams, there's one titled Battlezone.

    If you're remaking this;


    I swear I'll love you forever.

    That is absolutely my intention and I'll likely make a moddb profile once I've made real progress. I''ve made most of the command UI but I've decided to work on just getting some maps out there. Just to increase my experience with the editor before attempting to re-make one of the best classics to-date IMO. The biggest hurtle is going to be making a floating system but I'll find a way to do it (or someone else when the team expands).

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    posted a message on Main Page Popularity Broken?

    The popularity list on the main page appears to not be updating. Click on more, however, goes to a page with updated popularity.

    Is this a bug? Or does it have to be manually updated? It's been like this for at least a few weeks and I'm surprised it hasn't been fixed/updated in that time frame...

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    posted a message on WAAAAAAAh i hate blizzard :(

    Ya'know it'd be nice if you let us know what the editor cannot do instead of just raging about it. Besides, if you truly wanted to do everything then there are other games that have modding tools. They can accomplish more, in some cases, than this editor can but it's a lot more complicated. Trust me, there are many things mappers take for granted in this editor... ;)

    Quote from DarkRevenantX: Go

    Diablo style movement can be done in the next patch, if Blizzcon was anything to go by.

    Also, if you have a problem with the editor, you're almost certainly at fault. For example, I've made a full physics system (only spheroid objects, sorry, I don't want to kill performance with complex objects, though collision boxes can also be up-facing cylinders) and have not encountered any problems that are unfixable. And mine is complex enough that, if I was able to implement angular momentum (which I can't graphically express since the actor setrotation message is bugged so that the up vector is stuck on 0 0 1), I would have a perfect billiards simulation.

    I was thinking about a similar system for my Battlezone project, but I'm stuck on getting floating vehicles to work. I'm not quite as experienced with the editor yet IMO though to follow through with the project though, thus why I'm doing a simpler map for now.

    I'd recommend you do that yourself, zenx1. Most people didn't make the best maps on B.net by going straight to a cool yet hard project.

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    posted a message on Data-only Method of Recharging multiple charges?

    I'm looking for a way to have an ability that...
    - Has multiple charges
    - That starts with zero charges
    - Has a maximum amount of charges
    - It recharges the charges until it hits the maximum number of charges

    I.e. I want a building to have the ability to shoot barrages of missiles when the user wishes to use them, stacking up the missiles until an unusually strong wave of enemy troops threatens to break the battle lines.

    On second thought I could do this with mana, but I'm just curious to see if I can do it this method. I also like to keep my options open in-case I need to have that unit use mana for something else. I also know that this is possible to do with the trigger editor, but I'd like to use just the data editor and a simple ability for this one.

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    posted a message on Deleting a project?

    Fake Edit: Do what Bifuu has said. This is just my suggestions on how to do it, not involving admins. I wrote this before Bifuu posted, but didn't press Reply until after he replied.

    You can put your project to the Deleted stage of development to "delete" it.

    To do this, go to your project. Click on Project Management and then on Edit Project. Scroll to the very bottom of the page and change the Development stage to "Deleted". Then your project should be deleted!

    The project will still be "there" however (at least I think it will be, tell me if I'm wrong) so to eliminate all traces of your project, simply merge two projects together (this one and another one) . Then when your merging them together, keep only the information on your non-deleting project. Double check to make sure all fields are pointing at your second project, not the one your deleting. Then merge them and boom! Your project should be completely gone. That's what I did for one of mine.

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    posted a message on Project VECTOR (TPS)

    I'm going to have to watch this one. You guys have done an excellent job with Project Vector. I still can hardly believe that this is all within Starcraft 2, and without custom models to boot!

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    posted a message on [Terrain Trix] How to Create a Sun

    Nice! Now I'll just need to figure out how to texture them... I'll leave that to other people though :P. (I'm no custom modeller anyways).

    Quote from vadremix: Go

    If you plan on using this method to make stars, you should use a custom model with a VERY low polygon count so people don't end up with performance issue. A couple hundred of stars made from the regular model could be devastating to performance.

    Wouldn't a mid-game army in Starcraft 2 have significantly more ploy's? I mean, a marine probably has more poly's than one of these suns.

    Now, having fifty stars or so (I doubt there being a couple hundred starts, but perhaps a couple hundred planets...) won't take much, then you still got the fleets on top of that... But such maps in WC3 didn't seem like they were really laggy, and SC2's engine is supposed to be optimized for high poly amounts and lots of units on the screen at any given moment in time.

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    posted a message on Compendium On Map Creation And Design

    Nice and useful. :)

    Heh. With the SC2 conversion I'm working on, I'm wondering if I'll be one of those "early" pioneers :P.

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    posted a message on BETA Open - Ring of Creation

    Nice! Very nice! Good luck with the remainder of your project. :)

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    posted a message on [Trigger] How to Target with Mouselook (Tracelines)

    Sorry for the double post...

    I've done everything to the letter in the main post. But I am still getting a "Implicit cast not allowed" error on the "lv_closestUnit != gv_mainUnit &&" line. I cannot figure it out and, if I keep the line, cannot save the file. I'll remove the line for now, but I'm going to need to fix this and I don't know how. Again, I've followed everything to the letter yet I continue to get this error. I've also re-done this in a new testing-only map and it still doesn't work (because of this error, I cannot save it and show you the error). I've kept all the original names in this second map.

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