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    Quote from SomeoneTookMyNameTT: Go

    btw. What's with that simcity like background? Seems completely out of place :)

    Just a test. The background can be set to a fix color or a background. I snapshotted the image when i was trying with a CitiesXL background.


    Also any possibility of adding in functionality for saving as xml script for plugging into the sc2 ui editor or trigger only?

    Editing XML layouts is also a feature that I want to make, but not soon. I know this may help e-sport layout makers :)


    Isn't it too much in terms of amount of work that it requires? Especially now, when SC2 modding is in pretty bad shape..

    Waiting for LOTV :-) Compiling a code that could be used is the next core part to be developed. Basically the main issues are gone. It's simply adding features for other dialog item type, drawing cases and optimizations.

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    Software Version - Development

    Hi everyone!

    I'm searching about developers who can help me to continue the development of the SC2 Dialog Designer tool.



    Small recap about the project. To begin, here is a link to the initial project: http://www.sc2mapster.com/forums/resources/project-workplace/14457-sc2-dialog-designer-map-beta-3-5/

    It is a map developed in 2011 that helps the moders to make some beautiful dialogs without checking every second when you change a pixel in your dialogs.

    But a map version is still not the best way to handle this, so a third party tool version was in development: http://www.sc2mapster.com/assets/sc2-dialog-designer-software/

    The development started at 2011. So the project has 4 years of inactivity. Due to several C# limitations (.OTF support mainly, that's about I closed the project initially) I switched past month the project from C# to Java. I made a lot of work to convert the project. Now working on a pre-alpha-alpha-still-work-in-progress version that include a lot of supported things from C#. The main structure of the project is finished, so the rest is all about drawing stuff and add some options, like locking feature, optimizing, define custom defaults, etc.

    See the Development Stage

    Development Notes

    I use the Netbeans IDE environment with AWT for the UI. Project is Open Source.

    Repository on GitHub : https://github.com/doubotis/DialogDesignerSC2.

    If you are interested about the development, please PM me. I'll brief you about asked features and give you some explanations about the project, its structure, etc. Any developers that understand Java development in a AWT environment and working with the well-known Netbeans IDE 8 is welcome.

    Languages: I'm french but I think we can do something if you can speak english.

    Additional Screenshots

    http://i.imgur.com/s0z4Nmn.png http://i.imgur.com/TNeJFNE.png

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    @Fen1kz: Go

    Yeah.... And No.

    I have problems to find the time to work on this project. And I hoped Blizzard resolve the problem with their UI interface but that's not the case...

    I'will try to develop an update during the holidays. So maybe at September '

    [Edit: Sorry for the necro-post]

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    I've found a work-around for my project to show specific affixes within the standard inventory UI of Starcraft 2.

    I've made a small video to share the idea. The idea is about tracking the position of the mouse inside the UI by using transparent dialog items. I detect the "Mouse Enter" event to know where the mouse is located in the UI and calculate the tooltip for the selected item of the selected player. The user cannot show 2 tooltips in the same time, so edit catalog values for a specific player is not a problem.

    Embed Removed: https://www.youtube.com/v/CQVGgc_0LzI?fs=1

    Btw this is awesome to see Diablo can be developed in SC2. Seriously :)

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    "Rewards" catalog index has been moved from 33 to 46. Problem solved.

    Battle.net version updated to match the changes. An update of the map example will be made to the project soon.

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    @Vossan: Go

    If you mean disk size : 1.25 Mo, including custom layout file and 3 TGA button files. Otherwise the "city" area is a 5x5 red squares.

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    Embed Removed: https://www.youtube.com/v/xEF2wlOcW8s?fs=1

    After the proof of concept of CubeĀ³, here is another map concept introduced by this video : Hide'n'seek, based on the Assassin's Creed hunter game.

    As before, not sure about a map development with this concept... Maybe yes, maybe not :)

    Limitations of the engine

    • Several small bugs with disappearing civilians in several cases.
    • Not adapted to multiplayer but can be converted easily.
    • The contracts system is not done.

    PS: Oh. And it's HD. Finally!

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    Updated to meet the submission guidelines

    Edit: Il will update pictures... English and french sentences seems curious :P

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    Library: AchDataAward

    Project Page | Download


    You can find a correct amount of Achievements library for SC2. But why define all achievements caracteristics on the slow Trigger Editor when you can specify these information on the Data Editor then use it ?

    This is the purpose of this library. Create your custom achievements in Data Editor then reference it on Trigger Editor when you want to award an achievement.


    This downloading file must be included to a map as a library. To do that, go to the Trigger Editor then go to "Data" on the menu items. Check for "Library > Import Library...".


    Go to Object Editor and add a 2 new objects. One of type "Achievement" and one of type "Reward". The reward object is used by the Achievement object as an icon. See images for how to complete fields of these objects.

    Next Go to Trigger Editor then add an action : "Award Achievement (unprotected)".

    Advanced use

    You can use the additional conditional function "Player Achievement Status" to get the achievement status of the specified achievement for the specified player.



    (See attachements below)


    An achievement shrink at start then fade out after a few seconds. The library use the Data hashtable for store several variables. The keys used by this library are of type:


    To have an exemple :


    (achievement "MyFirstAchievement" for player 1).


    No dependancies. Note the library has 2 public functions to convert File to String and String to Image.

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    Very useful but i have an upgrade submission.

    Why specify achievements in Triggers ? To set data, i prefer the Data Editor. More faster with a lot of data than triggers. So with Catalog functions you can get everything you want from the Catalog.

    Here's a demonstration about i'm talking.

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    @Keo321: Go

    It's basically the principle of "natives" :)

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    Quote from The_DimoK: Go

    Hi! Are you considering to place download link for your release? :-)

    When it's done ? xD

    Sincerely, I doesn't work anymore on this work for the moment. Maybe a day. But not currently. This isn't a abandonware but I'm thinking about release Sources project.

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    Some new pictures about the C# development progress below this post.

    I'm trying to render the overview same as Starcraft 2. These properties are now well-managed :

    • Anchor
    • Offset
    • Size
    • Parent Dialog
    • Lock/Unlock

    So the next version of Dialog Designer will be released for Windows platforms only, as a standalone software with Galaxy generated script. The "map" version of this tool will be updated also. I'm trying to manage panels system in Starcraft 2 Map development.

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    Dialog Texture Viewer


    This software will save you a lot of time while manipulating dialog textures. You want to create a custom dialog texture for your map ? This software can help you by previewing the result.

    The project is fully open source and is a part of the Dialog Designer C# Project. This tool can be used as a standalone, but will be implemented in Dialog Designer C# Project in the future.


    Project progress

    The coding is fully done and now in Beta version.

    Known caveats

    • Render has a false behavior when trying to make very small dialogs.

    For developpers

    See this section for Source code pages.


    Mirror Download | Page Project

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    lv_forwardx = 0;
    lv_forwardy = 0;
    lv_forwardz = 0;
    lv_upx = 0;
    lv_upy = 0;
    lv_upz = -1;

    The rotation seems to work fine for Forward parameters, but not for Up parameters. Tried with Constant values. Doesn't work for Up parameters again.

    The problem is not inside the GUI functions: the generated message seems to be correct. Perhaps a problem when the message is received by the actor.

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