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    posted a message on Psi Storm leveling up ability urgent help please!

    Currently working on the ability Psi Storm,

    Unsure of whether I need to duplicate the ability or the effect portion of it.

    I've tried both but it seems that either one I try they won't re-route back to the original ability under effects and it doesn't connect the damage effects when I duplicate the ability.

    I've gone over OneTwoSC's videos but he doesn't make any aoe abilities, any help would be great thanks!

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    posted a message on Heroes abilities

    Looking for someone to help me make abilities, I have all the buttons set up but i'm having trouble in making the ability do more damage as they level it up, as well as making auras better and making aoe damage type abilities if anyone could help me out i'd give them credit when the map is published!

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    posted a message on Creating auras with levels

    I'm trying to make an aura have a bonus for level 1 and go up in the same bonus per level, the issue i'm having is that when I learn level two of the ability and turn it on, the level one aura is still on and the level two stacks, but comes on for half a second then turns off, do I need a search area for each behavior level? Or am I timing it wrong or something? Any help would be great.

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    posted a message on [VIDEO] Diablo III Models to Starcraft II

    Hey i'm working on converting diablo files to M3 files and it'll let me convert them to .Obj files but the 3ds max won't pull up the file, and the texture after dropping it on the texture application it doesn't convert it and i'm not sure why. If anyone could help me out that'd be great thanks!(:

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