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    @ChaosInfinityLord: Go

    Hello, Chaos. Not a bad write up. Here are my notes:

    For reasons that I don't care to reveal at this stage, my Overmind does not do much of his own genetic manipulation, leaving it to his Cerebrates. If you think this can be reasonably done, I would prefer you edit your creation story to reflect being the pet project of one of the Cerebrates rather then the Overmind himself. If you want to retain your Mercenary status, one of the deceased Overminds, Lokin or Baal, might be best. Over all, though, I like the concept as a combat oriented Overlord as an evolutionary niche.

    The increased air range would need to be paid for out of the damage of the air attack. So, as 6 range would cost 8 (5 more points), the dps of the air attack would need to be 83 (5 less points). Otherwise, having multiple weapons for different situations is not a problem, as long as it doesn't get out of hand. Three attacks isn't that bad, and you aren't cheating discounts, so I'll let it slide.

    You're abilities are over powered. BEP does way too much damage for it's energy cost and an ability shouldn't really be weighted toward a particular armor type the way an attack is. The same goes for TftD, which, as a passive, shouldn't be doing that kind of damage, especially not when coupled with an essentially free ability. I don't mind Deep Tunnel, I would suggest actually letting us know what the limitation is: either define a range or say it requires creep. The regen is fine, but I'm uncertain on the numbers I should allow there. Let me get back to you.

    Your ship just sounds like a Leviathan. Much like every and any Leviathan. Not particularly unique or special in it's capabilities or tactics. OK, you have bio-electricity, but you don't have the Sec score to let that have any mechanical effect. Cool story though, and I like that you are thinking about appropriate zergy tactics.

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    Quote from Eimtr: Go


    I'll take credit for this bit of ugly; I designed it for an old RPG. It is a rough estimate as to the location of known worlds of the Koprulu Sector based on WoL. I'm kinda surprised it's still around. I guess the internet keeps everything.

    I don't think an official map of the Koprulu sector exists, not one that can be considered in any way accurate at any rate. Blizz just hasn't released one, and they may not.

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    @Mozared: Go

    Blatant as in the reverse of subtle. You're not supposed to tell people who your Ghost writer is (and he is generally not allowed to take credit). Hence, it means it's a Secret. Genie's out of the bottle, now. The characer looks good from here. I assume that extra 96 points will go toward a colony (and we can dock you the first four points of income) as discussed?

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    @Mozared2: Go

    When I said you could Ghost write a second character, I didn't mean for you to be so blatant about it.

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    @Mozared: Go

    Razarac is the Fenrir commander responsible for the mess that currently is the Karinth system (which is my biggest point drain at the moment). He was a zergy character back in the previous incarnation of this game that I wrote into this incarnation (with Brown's permission).

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    The Rossvelt, in the shadow of Davir V

    Aria watched events unfold through the eyes of the Overseers, as they slowly drifted about the system. It was inefficient to allow them to wander this far from the ship, but this far outside her Mistress's realm, she did not want to be seen until she had the opportunity to complete her mission. After her victory in the Jorin system (which Orloth had again helped with, one wonders what he accomplished by orchestrating Themos victories from afar) her Mistress had sent her to this backwater to "Learn more of our dear lost lamb's business". Strangely, those order's had recently been overridden, as she now received a directive to protect Dagganoth's interests and insure that he was not hindered. This was strange, not only because it seemed to contradict her Mistress's earlier intent, but also because Aria did not think it came from Lilith; but who else could give her a directive that she had no choice but to obey? Could Orloth have gained that much of her allegiance? or did the order come from the Overmind himself? Neither possibility boded well for the future, but she deemed it best to obey. It was ultimately simpler and safer. So she watched and waited for any indication that these strangers would harm the colonists of Barkanos; because if a move was made against them, she would be forced, by that unknown will that held her allegiance, to intervene; and she did not like the outcome of such an intervention.

    SOA: The Rossvelt has been parked in the Davir system for a while now. Hopefully nothing will come of it, but dear Aria has orders to throw in on whichever side Dagganoth is on should things get hairy.

    Also, check the map. There have been some slight shifts in zergy space.

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    @TheAlmaity: Go

    I'd like to break in here, as there hasn't been any progress on this front. I see no reason why you can't strand forces without a flagship. A flagship is required if you want to build new forces (as the prefabed stuff and personel have to come from somewhere) but as far as leaving folk on a planet while you run away? perfectly acceptable.

    How are we on some of these other plots, btw. I'm thinking of ramping things up a few notches in the near future, and would like to know who we have around.

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    In a quiet moment, Dagganoth's thoughts were intruded upon by an unexpected entity. His message, despite having come a great distance, emblazoned itself upon the Cerebrate's mind as if in letters a mile high in bright Neon:


    or so it would appear to a terran mind. To the cerebrate, it was a simple fact. An unalterable truth of his existence. The Overmind had summoned him, and he would obey.

    SOA: The Overmind has summoned Dagganoth for a little chat. It doesn't mean you have to drop everything and rush straight there, but it does mean that any action that doesn't take you closer to the Overmind (located in the Tartarus system) will have consequences.

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    Casey stalked through the crowd of one of Domus's Bazaar's, trying to plan her next move. She had faced denial after evasion all day, just on the verge of discovering something. Then, suddenly, all of her informants dried up. They didn't know anything, but she knew that wasn't entirely the case. Something was going on. Someone was protecting this mark, this zerg. Someone high up in the food chain, but that didn't...

    She shivered. Something was indeed going on. She stopped to admire a few of the trinkets at one of the stalls as she surveyed the street around her. She had learned to trust her instincts, especially when things weren't going her way. It only took her moments to identify the tail. It wasn't hard. The dirty-looking man, probably someones go-to muscle-for-hire, moved just a tad bit too quickly into one of the neighboring stalls, and pretended to admire the wares. Amateur. Casey started through the crowd again at a faster pace and heard the hustle and sounds of protest as the thug pushed his way through the crowd to stay on her. She listened for the crescendo of unrest to indicate the thug's pace, and when she felt sure he could not swiftly follow, darted for a darkened access into the abandoned mining tunnels of the asteroid.

    The ghost moved swiftly through the tunnels as she turned on her night-vision specs with a thought, marking every turn and branch in the path carefully, lest she get lost, and moving almost purely on instinct. When she was certain that not even the most talented of tails, much less a cheap thug, could have followed her, she stopped and took in her surroundings. Casey found herself just inside what appeared to be some sort of Barracks or Union house, carved out of the rock, perhaps a place of residence for the Miners when this rock had still contained riches. All around her lay piles of blankets and refuse, some occupied by persons dressed in variations of the "tattered and dirty" motif. They all looked at her with identical expressions of anticipation.

    "Excuse me," Casey said as she stepped back toward the exit, "I took a wrong turn, I'll just be going." The ghost turned to find herself face to face with another individual, this one dressed in the standard combination of nice, slightly worn, clothing and armored accessories that constituted the uniform of every self respecting business man on Domus. He was tall enough that they were eye to eye, despite her gear giving her an extra half a foot, and met her shocked expression with an almost lazy gaze of intense interest framed by his weathered face and long dark hair.

    "No need to hurry off," the man drawled, forcing the ghost back into the room with a steady steps and the force of his presence, never breaking eye contact, "I've been looking for an opportunity to chat. I hear you have been looking for information on a ship?"

    Casey could feel the trap closing shut as she broke the man's gaze long enough to avoid tripping over one of the huddled masses. All eyes in the room were fixed firmly on her, but not a one of them moved. Several seconds passed as she waited for someone to pull a knife or a gun, or the room to explode, but nothing happened, and she looked back at the man to find him still staring at her, a faint hint of amused expectation added to his intense gaze. She finally gathered up her thoughts enough to coherently formulate an answer, "Yes, A terran transport ship carrying -"

    "Yes, I know of which you speak." The man interrupted her smoothly, "Someone had decided you do not need this information. My employer disagrees, so I will give it to you. Does this suit you?" Casey barely had time to nod before the man continued, "Good, you should go to the planet Barkanos, in the Davir system. The one you seek has allies there and you will certainly be able to find out more, if you can pry the information from the locals." The man grinned wickedly, and Casey got a distinct impression that his means of information gathering would not be pleasant. "Now leave, I would prefer that you are not tracked back to this place." He stated, moving quietly aside.

    Casey did not need to be told twice. She left, sparing a quick glance behind her to see that they were all still sitting and standing in the exact same positions, staring at her. Casey tried to maintain a calm pace back to the crowded and spacious tunnels that contained the Bazaar. She found it hard not to run. Only when she made it back to the press and bustle of terrans going about there daily lives did she finally start to calm down. She turned her night-vision off, and started back towards Gambit and friendlier company.

    SOA: Casey meets some unsavory character's in the slums of Domus, and receives from them information on Dagganoth's allies on Barkanos.

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    @ChaosInfinityLord: Go

    It depends on several things.

    For a transform type of ability like the Viking or Siege Tank, how I would do it is make two versions of the character and redistribute the stats with the same point total.

    For an alternative attack, like a melee attack that has different damage then a ranged attack, I would do it as bonus damage. You can buy +vs light for half price, so +vs melee or vs range If one does more damage then the other. If they both have the same damage totals, then it's simply a matter of using a different attack speed.

    In both of the above cases, a unit can have multiple weapons but can only use one at any given time. If you want a unit to be able to use multiple weapons at once, you have to buy them by continuing to buy dps. Once the dps is bought, you can distribute it any way you feel appropriate.

    Oh, I would love to see a zerg character idea, but keep in mind that you will only be able to play one of them.

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    @ChaosInfinityLord: Go

    Oh Lord of things Infinitely Chaotic (because apparently normal Chaos wasn't good enough for you),

    As I am not the Terran GM, I cannot approve or disprove your characters, so I will just answer some of your questions:

    Of course you may join, just keep in mind that the current pace of the game is rather slow. Don't expect it to be super active at the moment. Of course, that could change....

    We have been known to put players in immediate debt for small point overages at character creation, however that is ultimately up to the good doctor.

    This forum does not seem to like the HTML code stuffs we used previously. Only the good doctor TheAlmaity (who is in possession of the Mighty Moderator Powers) may use them.

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    Murkag lightly landed in a clearing just outside a small, dilapidated research base and opened its maw to allow Dagganoth’s Avatar, Kenny and Adam out onto the planet.

    “Why are we going out to talk to this guy, again?” Adam queried, looking nervously about at the post-apocalyptic landscape about them. “Couldn’t the two of you just talk it out psychicly?”

    {Orloth, upon realizing I made regular companions of Terrans, requested a more formal meeting. He is known for such eccentricities, as are all of his kind.}

    “‘His kind’ being Infested Terrans?”

    {Indeed. The former Prophets of Baal are all quite … odd.}

    The Avatar led them to a building, where the closest wall had fallen away to reveal a well furnished conference room in easy view of the Leviathan behind them. Inside the room, sat an Infested Terran in a long grey coat spinning idly in one of the office chairs. As the party entered, the Prophet leapt to his feet and happily welcomed them all.

    "Dagganoth! you have quite exquisite taste to make yourself an envoy. I am so pleased that you would make this allowance for me. Quite nice, and your Terran friends, would you mind introducing them to me?"

    {Certainly. I believe you might know the man over there. His name is Kenny, and he could be called my acquaintance among Doom's pirates. The younger man's name is Adam. I consider him somewhat of a personal friend.}

    Kenny frowned at Dagganoth’s indiscretion, "Well, so much for subtlety"

    Orloth slowly circled the terrans, inspecting them closely, ”Cerebrates are not familiar with the social formalities, it is rare to find one that will even participate, but as we’ve already passed the social niceties we may as well proceed? Don’t you think, Kenny of Doom's Pirates? I believe I've heard of them; the Coalition's own rag-tag army of ruffians, no?" Regardless, Dagganoth, I wish to know plainly why you are here. Are you ratting me out to the Terrans in return for their good will now?"

    Kenny quickly looked at the Avatar, speaking forcefully, "That'd be awfully rude, wouldn't it?"

    {I don't know. That would depend on Kenny and you. Doom has treated me well so far, but so have you - I would not like to have to pick a side here.}

    Kenny quickly picked up the conversation before it could get much worse, "Well, there won't necessarily be one to pick. I'm just here ‘cause the Auruleans are making a fuss. I believe you know these used to be their planets? They wanted us to check up on them because of a certain situation that happened in Protoss space recently."

    Orloth quirked his head and studied Kenny intently, "Yes, I heard of that; it caused quite the uproar in our circles as well."

    Adam couldn’t help but smirk quietly to himself, and continued to watch the proceedings as Orloth turned his attention once more to Dagganoth. "So you led them here in hopes that we might find common ground? Was that your aim Dagganoth?” As the Avatar did not seem to answer fast enough for him, the Infested turned his attention back to Kenny, “Interesting, so Kenny, considering that I might just decide to kill you any way to not have to deal with the problem, what would an understanding with the Pirates get me?" Orloth queried as he lightly dropped into a chair and spun around, clearly enjoying this interrogation immensely.

    "Well, killing me would get you a fleet on your doorstep. This entire conversation is being streamed to my ship at the moment. You'd probably also be called a bastard.” Kenny stated, still quite calm. “Now, we actually are not in favor of picking a fight with the zerg. We make more money if we don't actually have any casualties due to full out war. And we don't like the Auruleans either. So, in terms of what I can get you... I can easily fake info on this system to make it look like something you don’t want to attack, yet won't be a threat if left alone. If you want more, the question is what can *you* offer?"

    Orloth stopped his spinning suddenly a leaned forward to watch Kenny closely, "You don't like the Auruleans?"

    Kenny shrugged, "Bunch of arrogant pricks, think themselves superior to everyone and just go on and on about the zerg."

    "Hmmm.... interesting. I want to show you something." The Infested suddenly leapt to his feat and left the room leaving Kenny and Adam staring blankly. With Dagganoth’s light psionic assurance, the three of them quickly followed into the depths of the building. They didn’t have to go far before they stumbled upon Orloth attempting to boot up an old computer.

    Kenny stepped forward to help, rolling up his sleeve to reveal a wrist mounted computer. "I'm an IT specialist, tell me what you need."

    "Most of the physical evidence I'vecollected happens to be a planet over, but I can keep what files I have managed to find on this." The infested handed Kenny a small data disc, which Kenny’s arm promptly scanned and started displaying information in the air between the two of them.

    "Interesting..." Kenny mumbles as he looks over the data. "Still pricks though."

    "I've been trying to figure out that little puzzle for a while now. I can get you the rest of what I've collected, if you are interested. I'd be pleased to know what you think of it."

    "I'll gladly help you look into this.” Kenny responded, still going over the data, “Would make perfect blackmail material the next time they try and force me to go scout an infested system. No offense."

    "None taken. Consider this then an Olive branch. A little bit of dirty laundry, in exchange for leaving me alone. If my presence here were to become common knowledge, it would force me to make certain moves I am not fond of making."

    “Alright then,” Kenny closed up the holographic display.

    “And Dagganoth!” Orloth turned to direct the Avatar, “I have reason to believe Lilith may have a spy on board your ship. Find it, pick it up, and make sure it is fed with a silver spoon. I don’t want that witch knowing that I may be talking with the Terrans. She could easily use that information against the both of us.”

    {Lillith? On my ship? Doesn't she only deal in infesteds?}

    “Not exclusively, No. And it is rather easy for a lightly infested individual to act as a spy. I know she keeps tabs on Terran goings on with a small army of them.”

    {Hmmm... perhaps we can use this to our advantage?}

    "I've got a *really* good telepath that might be able to spare some time." Kenny suggests.

    Orloth nodded, “I could take care of it myself, but it would only be redirecting the psionic link to myself.”

    {That may be preferable, It would allow easy communication between us. I do not feel that I could manage to keep the spy as carefully handled as you seem to be suggesting. If I may ask, how did you know about the spy?}

    “We still talk. She likes to brag.” Orloth intoned, almost wistfully, earning another smirk from the erstwhile Adam. “You are also lacking a few key components to your brood, we should talk about trading certain strains.”

    Kenny broke in, "Well, while you two discuss boring stuff, I need a lift to get an aerial view of things."

    Orloth bowed at the pirate in amusement, “It will be done, I will give you an entourage that will see to your needs. Now where were we?”

    SOA: Conversation between Orloth, Kenny and Dagganoth.

    • Orloth has shared his finding on Aurulean genetic experiments in exchange for the Pirates making Dvergar look like a bad place to attack for the Coalition.
    • Lilith's spy "Adrian" on board Murkag is being psionically readjusted to work for Orloth. Adrian is quite pleased with this.
    • Dagganoth is purchasing Overseers and Viper's from the Fenguar Brood for 37 points, and allowing the Fenguar access to Swarm Hosts.
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    @TheAlmaity: Go

    I would like to point out that 3% of 250 is 7.5 energy per second, meaning that Dr. Rark could maintain his heal spell indefinitely and still have energy to spare for once he got another ability. I think the Selfix Armor works well for this character as it functions like Protoss Shield Regeneration: Useless in Combat, but allows for almost no down time out of combat. If he had an army, sure it would be overpowered, but as long as he doesn't he is going to need to run and gun, and Selfix is perfect for just that without being overpowered in combat.

    Edit: Oh, and their seems to be a beta patch.... I don't think I'm going to keep up with the little changes. HotS units will be as they are found in current iteration of Beta.

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    The Mindscape of the Great and Powerful Overmind,

    as interpreted by Orloth, Lord of Shadows.

    Dr. Straczinski wandered what appeared to be the half formed idea of a great royal ball, a grand party of beautiful and egregiously expensive things and people. He could marvel at the goings on, the rich and often physics defying decor in golds and rich purples, the people in all manner of expensive and impressive garb, the buffet and waitstaff with every type of food and drink imaginable, but the moment he shifted his gaze to look at something new, the old would fade away into barely cognisant obscurity, becoming a dark shadowy realm of monsters. It was as if the party existed purely as an illusion, to keep the Doctor from seeing the monstrous reality of it all. However, that was only partially the case. The Doctor himself maintained the illusion. The ball was merely a facade, a subtle reflection of what truly transpired in the minds of the monsters that lived in this place. Each being likely saw the proceedings differently, as their own lives and experiences colored their perceptions.

    Dr. Straczinski was a learned man before he became the Prophet Orloth, Lord of Shadows, so he perceived this place as a series of references and metaphors. Every piece of the illusion existed because it triggered some thought, some memory, some part of his brain that reminded him of the nature of the creature he was truly looking at. The ancient samurai decked out in full ceremonial armor, glimmering with equal parts regalness and wrath, was a reflection of the Cerebrate Draal, who followed an old code of honor and integrity that had both set him apart and allowed him to rise among the Cerebrates throughout the centuries, if not millennia he had been alive. Draal was silently observing a fierce debate between two other prominent figures, A regal noble lady with fierce and hungry eyes and a small swarm of servants and suitors, the most favored of which looked ready to physically attack a Jester, whose outfit sported a deep red reminiscent of newly spilled blood, and a blackness so deep as to hint at the Abyss itself, all gilded in shining gold and trumpeted by a myriad swarm of tiny bells, his own entourage seeming to go out of their way to laugh uproariously at every slight quib that came out of his mouth. The lady and the Jester, Shaharaz and Zemreh, were barely containing themselves from ripping each other apart, and Draal silently watched, stone faced and imperious.

    As he watched the argument from a safe distance, a stunningly beautiful woman with raven black hair and barely clothed in a backless black dress that covered her body but left nothing to the imagination broke away from her string of admirers to approach the doctor.

    “I see you still prefer your illusions, brother,” Lilith purred by way of greeting.

    “What can I say, I allow myself to be inspired by Jung.” the doctor wistfully replied.

    “Yes, the young are delusional.” Lilith, retorted, revealing her ignorance.

    Orloth did not bother to correct the Nightmare Queen, “Do you know why the meeting was called, sister? Has the time come for us to renew our conquest of this sector?”

    “No, nothing like that, dear brother,” Lilith teased seductively, “Our master did not call this meeting. You are still free to pursue your distractions for a while longer. No, I understand that Zemreh and that lovely black lamb, Dagganoth, ambushed a Protoss caravan carrying something of importance a few days ago. I suspect this has something to do with that.”

    “I see,” Orloth murmured, wondering where Lilith got her information, “How goes your fiefdom, have things in Pern quieted down?”

    “They have. Your tactic amazed me, who would have believed that Shaharaz would have been so simple minded as to believe Aria’s little ruse. Honestly, Orloth, your talents are wasted over in Terran space. With you as my concubine we could have the other broods dancing like puppets to our whims.”

    “They don’t already?” The Doctor queried, and pointed out the form of Draal, marching his way over to the pair with eyes only for the Nightmare Queen. The ancient Celebrate’s armored form stood an imposing eight feet tall, and his aged face was bordered by a neatly trimmed mane of Silver Hair, and a long goatee. His eyes quickly dismissed Orloth, who lowered his own gaze and stood aside to allow the Cerebrate to converse with Lilith.

    “Lilith, child, it was good of you to join us. I was hoping that the four of us could discuss recent events civilly, but it seems the other’s are too caught up in their argument. I will therefore inform you of recent events, and what I hope the Brood will do about them.”

    “Of course, Draal. You may proceed.” Lilith acquiesced with the barest hint of condescension. Draal was not the best of beings to slight, even if the two were involved in a bloody and costly feud over the Jorin system.

    “Very well. Zemreh recently conducted a raid, based on information provided to him by the rogue cerebrate Dagganoth, on a convoy carrying the Engineer of Apoca, Erana.” The words, ‘Engineer of Apoca’ carried with them the weight of a harsh memory of defeat, as an entire planet, brimming with Zerg and carrying the full weight of the Swarm’s plans for conquest was suddenly and horrifically burned out of the Hive Mind. Apoca was the first horrific strike in the battle that finally halted the Swarm’s conquest of Eurim, and the name of Erana and the Arken she and the Terrans had created carried with it the full weight of that day. “Unfortunately there was a third party involved in that battle, who ultimately escaped, we believe with the Engineer.” Draal’s words were accompanied by a series of thoughts and images, an overview of how the battle went along with snippets of memory from several of the involved forces, largely zerglings running through the long halls of Protoss flagships and mutalisks in vicious dogfights with Protoss squadrons. “I feel that this situation warrants a continued assault against the Protoss, However the Brood Mother Shaharaz is refusing to agree to a ceasefire for such a purpose, probably because that fool Zemreh continues to antagonize her.”

    “I see, so not everything is well among the Cerebrates?” Lilith teased gently.

    “While I wish Zemreh would consider the long term repercussions of his actions, I am not yet willing to turn on him. I am, however, willing to allow him and Shaharaz to fight it out, while you and I focus on more important matters.”


    “Yes, I suggest that the two of us pause our feud in Jorin so that we may pursue the means to break apart the Imperium and the Coalition. I fear that by leaving them alone for so long we are allowing them to unite against us.”

    “Oh, Draal, that is where you are simply mistaken. I can not speak for the Protoss but you must acknowledge that I have some knowledge on how the Terrans think and operate. The longer we leave them be, the closer they are to stabbing each other in the back and doing our work for us. Trust me, we are far better off leaving the terrans alone for the time being.”

    “That may be the case, but the Protoss are not likely to ignore Zemreh’s slight. We should at the very least be pressing the attack.”

    “No, you know as well as I that some of the party that rescued Erana consisted of Protoss. That shows that the Protoss may already be fighting each other.”

    “But Zemreh’s attack may have ruined that. We should attack before they have time to consider us active and ready their defenses. We should attack while they are still wondering if this was an isolated incident.”

    “Then attack, Draal, but know that should you do so you will do so without the rest of the Swarm. Only the Overmind may command Me, and he has not deemed it time.”

    Orloth’s imagined Avatar of Draal was red in the face with anger, and nearly shouting, his words carrying over to the Lady and the Jester, who had paused in their argument to watch. Draal gazed over him and directed his next words for the entire crowd. “The Overmind has been silent since Dras Lana, in that time we have waited, we have plotted, and we have set ourselves against each other. This is not how the Swarm was meant to operate. We must begin to consider that the Overmind will never speak again, and we must again act as one Swarm against our enemies.”

    Lilith’s next words came unbidden from her lips, “And who will lead us Cerebrate? You?”

    “Yes, me. Who else?” Draal asked in righteous fury.

    “I will not allow a pitous and weak lump of flesh to dictate my will,” Shaharaz hissed. “I will see you both destroyed that the Swarm may be finally rid of your weakness.” With that, the Brood Mother and her entourage departed into the darkness, out of the illusion.

    The jester approached mockingly, “Draaaaaal, you take yourself far to seriously. Why not simply enjoy our freedom, and the chaos that it causes?"

    “Because it’s not who we are!” Draal yelled at the hysterically laughing form of Zemreh as he fled into the darkness at the edge of the illusion. Draal lastly turned to Lilith, looked her up and down and sneered at her in disgust, before marching to himself plunge into the abyss.

    Lilith merely stood there, stunned, before turning to Orloth, “What have you done?”

    The aged doctor shrugged dismissively, “You ruined things quite nicely on your own, why share the credit?”

    “Then it wasn’t you, hmm...” Lilith left the illusion as if in a daze, leaving the place dark and shrouded, Orloth’s old form alone on the black and white marble floor. He took a moment to appreciate his old body, how it felt to be back into the weak and timid form of the old Professor of Psychology at Fjelstead University of Sar Shar, the same professor that had taken much care over the years to hide his considerable psionic talents from the various powers that be, and how he had used those same talents to seek out the best and most talented of students and give them the opportunities to go above and beyond what they might otherwise have been capable of, giving them rare opportunities and unforeseen insights, all while remaining invisible himself. He had to remind himself that it was all but a clever illusion, built so that he could better interpret this council, taking place within the massive Mind of the Overmind himself, to whom all of his servants were connected. But as Orloth began to step into the darkness and return to his own mind, and as the illusion began to fade from his mind, he heard one last far away sound, the sound of distant and hysterically mad laughter, echoing through the very halls of the darkened and monster filled ball room.


    The Brood Leaders Psionically meet to discuss events, through their mutual links to the Overmind. They each leave the meeting hating each other even more then when they started.

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    Some Patch notes, though I will probably be doing this again as soon as Beta hits.

    Swarm Host (HotS ~ Burrowed Summoner)
    Cost: 200 Minerals / 100 Gas / 3 Supply / 40 Time
    Requires: Infestation Pit
    Modifiers: Armored, Biological
    Health: 120
    Armor: 1 (+1 per GC)
    Speed: 2.25
    ~ Spawn Locusts: Spawns 2 Locusts. 25 second cooldown. Must be burrowed.
    ~ Burrow: As all Zerg, does not require research.
    Modifiers: Light, Biological
    Health: 65
    Armor: 0 (+1 per GC)
    Mov. Speed: 1.88
    Armament: Acid Spit
    ~ Damage: 16 (+2 per RA)
    ~ Target: Ground, Air
    ~ Range: 2
    Cooldown: 1.2
    Special: Timed Life: 15 (25 with upgrade)

    Viper (HotS ~ Battle Control Specialist)
    Cost:: 100 Minerals / 200 Gas / 3 Supply / 40 Time
    Requires: Hive
    Modifiers: Armored, Biological, Air
    Health: 120
    Armor: 1 (+1 per FC)
    Energy: 50/200
    Mov. Speed: 2.25
    ~ Consume: The Viper does 200 damage to a friendly building over 10 seconds to regenerate 50 energy.
    ~ Abduct (75 Energy): The Viper pulls a unit instantly to the Viper's location. Approximate range of 7.
    ~ Blinding Cloud (125 Energy): Creates a cloud that reduces the attack range of any biological units in the AoE to melee. Same AoE and range as fungal growth.

    Upgrade ~ Increase Locust Time:
    Cost: 200 Minerals / 200 Gas / 100 Time
    Increases the time the locusts last by 10 seconds (to a total of 25 seconds).

    Hydralisk Upgrade ~ Muscular Augmentation:
    Cost: 150 Minerals / 150 Gas / 100 Time
    Increases Hydralisk movement speed to 3.38 in all circumstance (on and off creep).

    Ultralisk Burrow ~ (Ultralisks come with this ability innately in HotS, but I will be charging for it if you want it early.):
    Cost: 100 Minerals / 100 Gas / 100 Time
    Ultralisk's Burrow changes to: Burrow and reappear at target location within range 7. All units in the space the ultralisk unburrows take regular attack damage and are knocked back. Cooldown: 30 Seconds.

    To accommodate these changes, I added the Overseer to all my armies that were relying on the Viper for detection. Have a good day!

    Edit: All that hard work at formatting, and the thing gets jumbled together. Oh well, if the good doctor needs help deciphering it, he can give me a call.

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