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    posted a message on Tutorial Request

    I've been cracking my own head open over this but i can't find a tutorial on creating a shield ability or buff. Could someone please create a tutorial on how to make an ability for say a hero that grands a temporary shield with its own visual shield and then expires after a while or a buff that does this.

    Thx and keep the SC2Mapster community going HotS is coming and I for one cant wait to see it=O

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    posted a message on Beginner Difficulty - Tutorial WoW style hunter pet system

    WoW Style Hunter Pet system - Beginner Difficulty - Easy

    Hi in this tutorial i will be showing a simple way to create a hunter style pet setup for a hero unit or any unit you wish to use this on =)

    Start --

    Open your editor and choose any unit and make this unit your base hero / hunter unit. Duplicate and edit as you would with any starting unit.

    Once you have done this. open the Effects tab and create a new effect >

    Effect name: Pet Leashed Effect Type: Issue Order

    Ability: Move

    Effect: >Command Flags: Smart Click

    Player Value = Target

    Target: Effect: None Value = Target Unit/Point

    Unit: Effect: None Value = Caster

    Save and Create another Effect>

    Effect Name: Pet Follow Hunter Effect type: Search Area

    Ai flags: tick Hurt Enemy, Help Friend

    Effect Response Flags tick Acquire

    Search: add a new search value:

    Arc: 360 Effect: Pet Follow Hunter Maximum Count:-1 Radius: 10 Radius Bonus: 0

    Exclude: Add a new value >

    Effect: None Value: Caster

    Include: Add new value >

    Effect: None Value: Target

    Search Filters: Set everything to allowed, Exclude Self, Required Hero,Visible

    Tick Ally, Player Untick Enemy Neutral

    Target section leave as is. the default search target is target unit point source unit point... as it is its what we want =)

    now we have created our following system, to make this work we need it to be an ability the unit will be using to Search area 360 within 10paces of itself and follow aka Move targeting Hero unit of ally player. so.... now we need that ability made.

    go to Abilities tab and Create a new ability>

    Ability Name: Pet follows Hunter/Hero Ability Type: Effect - Instant

    Auto Cast Acquire level set to : Defensive

    Auto Cast Filters tick Ally, Player Untick Enemy Neutral.

    Auto Cast Range: 5

    Stats: Flags: only Tick Abort on Alliance Change , Auto Cast, Auto Cast On, Require Target Vision

    Cost: > Add a new value >

    Cooldown: Time Use: set to 2.0

    Effect: Cursor Effect: Leave blank

    Effect: add > Pet Follows Hunter (Search Area)

    Effect Range: modify existing value from 0,500 to 0,10

    ok for a quick test i used Karass and a zergling as his pet zergling. =)

    so... i opened the zergling unit and added the ability we just created to its list. NOTE! if you are looking to make a Tanking pet sorta like a Bear in WoW, you need to make your pets Combat: > Attack Target Priority: Value i think is 20 as default ... you need it to be higher if u want the pet to be the one that gets all aggro first... so set this to 22 or so now when i spawn Karass and a zergling next to him... that zergling follows Karass automatically and attacks what Karass attacks... but if you want to be super tricky about it. I have 1 more suggestion. Copy or Create your own Build Ability with the Zergling (Pet unit) as the build now you can also set a requirement for this ability so it only allows 1 at a time meaning only 1 pet... if you are unsure how to do this Copy and Edit the carriers " Interceptor 4 " Requirement ... and edit the number from 4 to 1 this way only 1 pet can be built and active from your hero at a time =)

    ok thats it for my simple and i know not that fancy Tutorial =) GL HF and i hope this helps anyone =)

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    posted a message on [Data] The Uberlisk

    Okay so i've done the beginner tutorial to attachments and the advanced attachments tutorial and so i thought perhaps i could handle the Uberlisk tutorial and i was wrong lol.

    I've created the Uberlisk unit and done all steps upto and including the last steps to doublecheck and re-check all my attachment points and adjustments with offset values. I even took the time to go over and over and over the Uberlisk example map you have done but i still cannot get the tentacles to function as they should. I mean i have tried it all but my uberlisk is identical in almost every way to the example one and i cant get the tentacles to retract back to their origional position on the unit... they launch they attack they impact and cause damage but they then hang over the last killed units spot and hover there extending forever....

    can anyone help? i am all out of ideas on whats wrong with it... the worst part is i dont even get an editor error of any kind >.<

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    posted a message on [Data] The Uberlisk

    @ProzaicMuze: Go

    I see a spelling error there! =O

    Attack Actors ... this section says " Actor Type: Attack Based on: GenericAttack" its Actor Type: Action Based on GenericAttack =O /jawdrop 1 word out of a million!

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    posted a message on A Real Beginners Attachment Tutorial *noob friendly

    My Names Zaza and I'm a long time fan of StartCraft. I have the origional game aswel as Broodwars expansion and when StartCraft 2 was announced i jumped the gun and pre ordered the Collectors Edition when it was finally due in our stores. I recently started making some maps/mods with the SC2 Editor and noticed that a lot of people are getting stuck so i read through some of these beginner tutorials myself and thought if someone perhaps added some pictures to the whole thing it might just clear up some of the confusion. So without any further madness i bring you my first tutorial. It is basically the same thing as ProzaicMuze's Advanced Turret tutorial but in many many pictures and so i had to compress my document >.< went over 20megs uncompressed. compressed its around 2 meg so much nicer for DL speed =)

    Link Removed:

    also here is my version of the editor map. Its a little bit fancier but still the same example. Link Removed: LOLZOMG.SC2Map

    not 30 seconds after uploading it i find out my pc didnt save my last changes and all the offsets and attachment points i typed up arent in my tutorial... so umm D'oH! and heres the 2nd version aka version b. it should be complete now =) Feel free to contact me and leave comments or notes or reminders on whatever you like/dislike or find not working.

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