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    Name: Arakan Foothills

    Description: This is a rather large 2v2 map. The natural is easy to take and defend, and players should find it easy to defend their third expansion. To the left and right of each map are contested 4th and 5th bases. Xel'Naga towers cover the main attack routes.

    Comments: There are no gold bases and I only added rocks on what one could see as the 5th base for a player (the centre left and right expansions). This is my first map, and first time posting on these forums :o any and all feedback would be appreciated!

    Download: Search for "Arakan Foothills"

    Version 1.5 (latest)

    • added new textures and decorations

    Version 1.3

    Thanks to some of the feedback received both here and through some other means I've re-designed some parts of the level. Some of the raised platforms are now more for looks to avoid sneaky things like drops, proxies or nydus's. The main ramp + raised platform have been altered to provide extra early protection. Full change list:

    • added props and doodads
    • improved texturing
    • map has been slightly reduced in size
    • destructible rocks added on main ramp
    • xel'naga towers are added to overlook the entrances to each base
    • various re-positioning of minerals to improve balance

    Screenshots of version 1.5 (latest): http://i.imgur.com/K5Gr0.jpg http://img508.imageshack.us/img508/5052/arakanfoothills2summary.png

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