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    posted a message on Check Player in Player group

    I liked u iE4TM4PS!

    I could't find the right one for it and by your screenshot i did ;)

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    posted a message on [Trigger][GUI] Keeping your code clean and organised. (Beginner Difficulty)

    Thanks alot DarID! I learned alot from this tutorial about triggers and keeping it clean and organised :) I liked it ofcourse ;)

    See my before and after screenshot :P

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    posted a message on Mapster Mentoring
    Quote from ivanbin: Go

    Sadly, no one ever replies ;-(

    Well i just contacted some of the mentor list yesterday and i already got a response ( after my night of rest which i really needed because after a full night mapping :P)

    So atleast mine ( for triggers ) responded pretty fast and i will likey ask another mentor about data stuff. Just so u know :P

    It isn't because i'm such a noob that needs to learn everything i know most stuff from wc3 but only problem in starcraft II it has just a different name as in wc3 but it's the same trigger type so sometimes i'm searching for a certain trigger for a while pff :P

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    posted a message on [Trigger] Team / Force Building in Galaxy Editor

    Thanks alot i'm gonna try this one for my 2vs2vs2 team setup i'll post a screenshot later if this works :)

    Gonna try it out later on :)

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    posted a message on [Library] Hero Selection v3.0.1 Final


    sorry for a late response but i saw this and i can help u with this.

    I think u mean like this below this? U mean this

    Go to triggers where the hero selection trigger is created Here at Triggers

    Info adding the trigger for this:Add Unit to Hero selection Pool is the trigger from action what is used as a action (search for Add unit to Hero Selection Pool in the action list) when adding a new hero to the hero selection pool.

    After adding this trigger just add the hero for the selection u want and then u can set his info and icon see the screenshot

    Number 1 is where u can change his info for the display on the right side.

    Number 2 is for the icon that is used for the hero.

    Check out the screenshot i hope this helps!

    Edit: Here u can find a tutorial map with this hero library in it with 4 heroes as example to help u along the way! It has a comment with some help about the triggers in it and information to help u along the way! Link Removed: http://www.mediafire.com/?xs9f5vgcu3b6mvd

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    posted a message on Lock Number of teams in loby

    Thanks this was exactly what i needed the teams are locked now :P

    Was searching for like 15 min for this answer lol it was so simple at wc3 :P

    Thanks GlornII & ScorpSCII

    Still i can't make them seem to be really locked / the rest of the teams hidden so they can't see the another teams in there ( for example 2 vs 2 etc are visible ) but they can click it but it's locked on 3 Teams on my map then :P

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    posted a message on Pokemon-style game with SC2 Units + Full Banking

    Looks awesome keep up the great work :D

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    posted a message on WoW Model-Pack Requests


    Thanks alot for all of these :D

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    posted a message on The Texture Shop (request icons and textures)

    Hey guys,

    I have a request for a hero icon for A.R.E.S (I don't need any frames just a convert for this picture because it isn't working with me photoshop + plugin and/or paint.net shows the .dds file with some stranges colors through it :( )

    And of course 76x76 ;)

    Here is the picture:


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    posted a message on "Project" All icons and wireframes

    Great pack but i'm missing a few icons like the A.R.E.S one :(

    Edit:Thx alot for the fast response hope to see them soon :D

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    posted a message on [Library] Hero Selection v3.0.1 Final

    If any one has problems importing this Library do the following:

    Open open a new map or your map and go to Triggers.

    Now click on View then Click on Show Library (if it's not selected already ) Now go to Data (Still at Triggers...) Now click library there and then click on import library and select the right one ;)

    That's all folk's :)

    And thanks alot for this awesome hero selection system

    Or check out my tutorial how to import the library ()

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    posted a message on [INACTIVE] Spellstorm: Looking for Alpha Testers

    I don't wanna test it but i just here to post a message that it looks really good

    Nice ui and it just looks great overall ;)

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