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    posted a message on Cruiser/Mohican Team Color Textures

    I just made Team Color textures for the Cruiser/Mohican. The texture has 5 variations and they all have team colors. Is anyone interested in this?

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    posted a message on Cerebrate?

    Also, there are one or two Char doodads that kind of look like a Cerebrate.

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    posted a message on Adding team coloring to Tychus/Raynor, etc.

    I added team colour on a couple of other units (firebat, civilian hellion, etc) and it worked pretty well. Actually, since the Marine's textures are so close to the Tychus/Raynor ones, it would even be easier.

    EDIT: Just tested adding team colour on Tychus and it didn't work. I guess it just doesn't check the alpha channel for team color. Odd.

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    posted a message on Map Ideas Thread

    I was thinking of some kind of GTA-inspired map. WHEELS OF LIBERTY? GRAND CRAFT AUTO? Basically, you pick a vehicle from a junkyard and start roaming the map doing various missions. In multiplayer you have to be the first that earns enough money (crystals) to buy a ticket for a Hercules ship. And the ship leaves X minutes after the start of the game so you must be fast and ruthless. And you loose gas every second so you have to visit gas stations and spend cash to refuel. It's a pretty rough idea, but with enough work it could be done. Maybe 3 vehicle types, each with different speed, cargo space, weapons and health. Taxi missions for time scattered around the map, some law missions where you drive trough streets with infested zombies and the ability to attack other players and if you blow up their ship you steal some of their resources and they have to respawn back at the junkyard? And if that's not enough, maybe some kind of garage where you can buy upgrades for your car? And some scripted traffic (That just moves from region to region, creating the illusion of busy streets).

    I'm not crazy enough to try this, because it's a lot of work, but I'm sure it can be done.

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    posted a message on SC1 Remake - T02 - Backwater Station

    Just gave it a quick test and it's pretty good.

    Few very minor things:

    - There is a rock that prevents from building the first Refinery.

    - The various cocooned terrans are neutral. Shouldn't they be hostile?

    - The crashed transport in the bonus objective. Wouldn't a doodad make more sense? That big yellow blob on the map might be a little distracting.

    - Some portraits during the cutscenes would be nice.

    - I'd say it's too easy, but this is the second mission in the campaign, so it makes sense.

    - The briefing is pretty cool. Would look cooler with square portraits and the background from the original SC1 briefings, but that's just me nitpicking.

    Overall, the map is pretty cool. ;)

    Now if only someone made custom models for Raynor on a Vulture and a Portrait for General Duke... :D

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