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    posted a message on Automatic Unit Rotation Problem <FIXED>

    This is due to a fidget on the unit that controls idle behavior. Random animations, random turns.

    Step by step how to find it in case you don't know how:
    Open the data editor. Select Units. Find the unit you want to not randomly rotate while idle. Type "fidget" in the search box on the right. Here you can modify how the unit behaves while idle.

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    posted a message on point moving and actions

    I've run into the same thing. Unless I'm missing something obvious, I believe it's bugged.

    Create a point: Pos A
    Create a trigger that fires when a unit gets within 1 range of Pos A
    Using a trigger, move Pos A to another location
    Order a unit to move to Pos A
    - The unit moves to the new location
    - The "point move" was obviously successful
    - The trigger that is supposed to fire when within 1 range does not execute however
    Move the unit to the original position of Pos A
    - The trigger fires as if though Pos A had never been moved

    I tried bypassing the problem by using "Point: Point From XY" derived from a "variable" instead of a "value" point. Even this refused to work.

    Unit Enters/Leaves Point
        Unit: Any Unit
        State: Enters
        Distance: 1.0
        Point: Point From XY
            X: X Of Point
                Point: My Point
            Y: Y Of Point
                Point: My Point

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    posted a message on Better "pathing cost between points"? [Solved]

    I'm comparing "distance between points" and "pathing cost between points" to check if a unit could move from A to B without having to turn any corners or avoid any obstacles on the map. Unfortunately the pathing cost is returned as an integer value, which makes the comparison quite inaccurate.

    I stripped down the trigger to make it easier to understand. But basically, I'd like to be able to narrow the +-1 spread as low as possible to get an accurate check for obstacles.

    Pathing trigger

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    posted a message on unit random facing

    Sorry for digging this old thread up but.. can this, Fidget Turn, be changed by triggers?

    I'd like to keep the turn on for units except during cinematics where people are supposed to be looking at each other. I suppose I could replace the units themselves with a copy that does not turn at all, but it feels like there should be an easier way.

    I tried:
    Turn animation properties "Fidget | Turn" off for (Actor for (Triggering Unit))
    Turn animation properties "Turn" off for (Actor for (Triggering Unit))

    Neither worked. But I'm just messing around, trying random things here.

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    posted a message on Draw on the map

    I finally found an acceptable solution. In the end I had to use cloaking after all since there doesn't seem to exist an actor event (or other workarounds) that could detect different players.

    Made a unit with no footprint, unselectable, untargettable, not on radar, etc. and cloaked.
    Changed the model to "Invisible", which also removes the cloaking ripple effect seen by others.
    Attached a range actor and enabled "Inherited Properties - Cloak Effect".

    As far as I can see, range actors doesn't have the ripple effect while cloaked. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to accept tinting or opacity either. Ah well, now it shows up only for the players I want. Time to move forward and find the next impossible hurdle. :-p

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    posted a message on Draw on the map

    I'm still a newbie around the data editor, but I made a new actor based on the range ring of a tank but I can't seem to put that on the ground (Create Actor at Point). Nothing happens, not even an error. It works if I attach it to a unit, but I don't want that. (I'm assuming this ring would only show up for the player owning the unit though.)

    Also tested a bit with the "high-quality-gfx-setting-pylon-power-ring". This works great (Create Actor at Point). The only problem with this is how to show the actor for only one player. I now understand that this was the problem Callex was commenting at (I hadn't figured out how to even place the actor texture yet when I posted the topic).

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    posted a message on Draw on the map

    I want to draw a circle on my map. It should be:

    • painted on the map (not locked to a position on the UI)
    • only visible to the current player (cloaked is not an option)

    ...semi-transparent and movable by triggers, but this shouldn't be a problem once I get the first two.

    Basically, showing a region to a specific player ingame. But as far as I can figure out, that doesn't seem to be possible.

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