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    I was reading the hero tutorials and I was trying to make a hero with a fungal growth that levels and increases its damage each level. I got that working but for some reason on levels 2+ of Fungal Growth the ability no longer has a model and no longer roots the enemies. I was talking in IRC and people said something about actors or events but after messing with that for hours, I still cannot figure it out. Could someone, in detail, explain to me how to do what I am attempting to do?

    For the fungal growth ability under Effects (where you specify the upgraded versions of the ability) it only takes Fungal Growth (Search), so I tried duplicating that, renaming the FungalGrowthApplyMovementBehavior, FungalGrowthSet, Fungal Growth (Apply Root), and Fungal Growth (Fungal Growth Damage), along with the two behaviors (FungalGrowth, FungalGrowthMovement) and then trying different permutations of referencing the original fungal growth, but to no avail?

    I don't know if this is too much to ask, but if someone could detail the steps to increasing the damage of fungal growth per level while retaining the model effects and rooting ability, I would really appreciate it.

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