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    Made by Icetoad
    Published on : NA/EU,the map is in the Arcade in the Strategy Section
    Map Bound: 146x134
    Number of doodad: 4529 doodads

    Some stuff were changed, these analyzer image were from the previous patch.


    Important to know:
    - Player should put their graphic higher than Low if they want to see all the details, because all the decals won't appear on Low graphic
    Change Log:
    - Released
    -Fixed the natural, tank could hit 4 mineral and 1 gas. Now 1 mineral only can be hit
    -Removed the gold blocking the pocket third
    -Removed doodads that made the FPS drop
    -Removed 1 ramp leading into the third to make the third easier to hold
    -Changed the gas of the pocket third into a rich vespene geyser

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    posted a message on How to make egg act like in BW?

    Sounds really complicated xD. I should try to learn more how the data and trigger works, even if melee map making takes a lot of my free time.

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    TPW Elder Roots v.1.3
    Made by Icetoad and re-textured by Mereel
    Published on : [green]NA/EU[/green]
    Map bounds: 144x134
    Map Overview:http://i.imgur.com/cm1KF.jpg
    It's been a while since I haven't made a map, since Althea, in which there was I find a concept flaw in it. So for the pass couple of month, I was trying to make a map with a good concept. It took a while and while I was searching for a good layout I stumble upon a BW map called Eros Route. Easily we can see that porting it 1:1 would play terrible in sc2, so I decided to try to take the key concept of the map that could be taken and use it. In the first version of the map it resemble a lot the BW version, but it changed a lot since now. Why did I like this concept? Well I really liked how the pathing of the map played out, going to the nat was in a ''S'' form and how if you want to go the fastest way possible you had to take a choky path and you could get easily ambush. If you wanted to be more safe you had to go on the high ground, but you had a longer way to reach the opponent. This was really the key concept I liked about this BW map. Sadly, with comment and play testing I had to make the 2 high ground connect.

    Angled View:[spoiler]http://i.imgur.com/Tg2tU.jpg

    (Note: in the analyzer image the tower sees less because the range of the tower are of 20 not 22)
    Specific Area of the map:

    Aesthetic details:
    [spoiler]Texture used:
    [spoiler]Aiur small brick
    Korhal grass
    Korhal dirt
    Port Zion dirt
    Port Zion grass
    Aiur Rock
    Tarsonis Rubble
    Cliffs used:
    Aiur Manmade Cliff
    Haven Organic Cliffs
    Bel'shir lighting

    Change log:
    -Making it official public on TL.
    -Changed lighting to Bel'shir, I had many people complaining about Igrok lighting of Poizone.
    -Reduced the LoSB number and nah acts more like aesthetic vegetation.
    -Removed the Highest High ground on the ovi spot where you can FFE. Also changed a bit the doodad near it.
    -The high ground hook on top of the open space of the nat is reduced. (Changed suggested by a176)
    I hope you go play the map and like it. Please share any worries about possible Imbalance.
    - Added path restriction on reaper path where there was some imbalance because Terran could drop tank on the high ground that way sieging a part of the main.
    - Added the TPW tag.
    - Changed the Natural layout, choke is 3 3x3 building
    - Main was slightly reshape
    - Layout was slightly changed
    - Map completely re-textured and dooaded by Mereel (some small change of my part)

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    posted a message on How to make egg act like in BW?

    Hello Mapster, I'm a member of the map making team TPW (Icetoad, on this site my account is GoldGod). I am thinking of using eggs that worked like in BW, but the problem is that worker can not cut throw it. I am able to make eggs that can be destroy, but this is only a part of what I want. Being a melee map maker makes me kinda bad at data and trigger. My request:

    -Make neutral zerg egg to act like in BW. So worker can pass throw it, but not other unit.

    -No use of Trigger, so only data and nothing that can change unit status in term of gameplay.

    -No use of Campaign dependencies

    This would help me a lot and I thank you already in advance if any of you could make it work for me.

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    Work in Progress
    LoS banner:http://i.imgur.com/lDvxB.png
    Current version: .1
    Author: Icetoad
    Contributions: Archvile and the rest of the team for helping in term of balance.
    Publish on NA and soon EU.
    The map idea didn't came from any real inspiration, other then maybe my previous map LoS_Artemis having a close third on high ground near 3 ramps (I think I will name this feature the Icetoad Zone). There is 2 third that you can decided to expo, one closer to the natural(the high ground one), but harder to protect and another one a bit farther and open, but farther from the enemy. Controlling the 2 xel'naga's towers are very important and you can also drop unit on the high ground near the tower abuse it like on XNC. I wanted to create a macro map with a lot of attack path, and I think I was able to make it :). Since the Tyrador Tileset has never used by blizz and didn't have any doodad for it. I decided to create a map theme where one part is in shamble and the other part a city that is wealthy.

    Map info:
    Tileset: Tyrador only
    Bounds: 138x148
    Base: 10+2gold
    Main size around 30CCs

    Angled view:

    Map Analyzer:
    No Summary, can't seem to make work meatpudding version to have summary :(.

    Rush Distance:
    Xel'naga tower range of vision:http://i.imgur.com/2zpmO.jpg
    Nice Pics:

    This map will be submit to the TL contest.
    I hope you like it and go play on it! :D Feedback are also welcome :)

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    Thank you very much for the comment. The map is now a Top 5 finalist for MoTM#8 (Map of the Month). The middle should maybe get a new middle type.

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    posted a message on LoS_Artemis

    On NA
    Published by Icetoad (me)
    Finalist for MoTM#8
    Hey guys,
    Finally a new map from LoS. :P

    This map was created from an idea that I was making for a 2 player map, but there was some problem with it, so I decided to copy paste a part of the map and make it a 4 player map.
    The theme of this map is a Greek style, I had visited 1 year ago Greece and I really liked the country and all (food). What really marked me was the landscape and the ruins of the ancient Greece. The landscape was a wasteland in term of starcraft and I taught that I could really well make it look like it. I added a bit of special touch in some part of the map.
    Textured used:
    Tarsonis Cracks
    Tarsonis Dirt
    Haven Grass Rocky
    Tarsonis Grass
    Aiur Small Bricks
    Aiur Large Bricks
    Meinhoff Sand Dunes
    Valhalla Rock
    http://i.imgur.com/2OdWz.jpg\\ Nice picture\\ [url=http:imgur.com/tPrae]http://i.imgur.com/XYqiy.jpg http://i.imgur.com/a085K.jpg

    I hope you like it and helps people want to join LoS.
    LoS is right now working on a logo, banner and website. This map will be submitted to MoTM#8 and I hope this time LoS can make a big opening, probably not like TPW, but still.[code]
    Here is the link to TL thread:http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=247261

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