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    Yep, also confirmed, works and works well :)

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    I've been looking for a decent spawn system too, for a orpg though. Can't find many advanced spawning tutorials though, besides for the TD one. I need a RPG respawn system of some sort, anything better than my current one really..

    Event: Timer - Every 5 seconds real time

    Conditions: (Number of Living units in (any units in region owned by player 15 matching (excluded: missle, dead, hidden, with at most any amount)) == 0

    Actions: Create 3 units at various points

    and the created units spawn within the region in the condition above, so it just checks that everything is dead before respawning EVERYTHING in the area, all i can come up with... with my very limited map making experience.. hooking on a "wait" trigger seems to bug the spawn :( Don't mean to barge in on the OPs thread, by all means help him first. (then me after :D) Appreciate any help though.

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    No longer works as of patch 11. :(

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