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    We actually are going to be using the paradigms as they are in the game. Commando - Attacker, Ravager - Blaster, Sentinel - Defender, Saboteur - Jammer, and Medic - Healer, being their American/japanese counterparts respectively. I don't really want to go into too much detail seeing as how we havent decided on a final form of this system, but i can say that paradigm switching in battle will be a must, just as it is in XIII.

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    For a map that my team is in the middle of developing, we are trying to make custon buttons for the ui. After we get them pot into the game though, the black background for the buttons stays. Is there a way to get rid of the background or is there a difference between using .dds and .tga files for buttons. As an example, i used one of the .dds files that they had as a button and changed it to .tga so i could edit it in photoshop. Is it that in the .dds format, the game reads the black area around it as nothing, or is there something im doing wrong?

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