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    Hello, new artist to SC2 Mapster looking to join a fun yet mature team. I'm proficient in Photoshop and 3D Studio Max, and have worked as a texture artist on the game NHL 2k4, as well as a conceptual artist and writer for the upcoming indie game on XBL Project GERT. I've also been a professional 3D architectural visualization artist, and technical director at a minor 3D animation house.

    architectural visualization of lobby

    I'm also a writer, capable of producing anything from "story-lite" narratives to full-blown drama, with focus on character development, natural dialog, and compelling conflict. I tend to try to avoid the cliches, unless specifically asked to aim for them, and attempt to offer creative, compelling solutions as choices within narratives I create.

    What I am looking for is to contribute to a team that is fun and mature, as stated above, but also interested in the professional opportunities that Blizzard has created with StarCraft II. I would like to be paid for my work in all honesty, so I'm specifically looking for teams that are aiming to sell their maps. I am fine with either profit sharing from map revenue, or out of pocket. Even so, I feel that my top priority is to deliver a game that I can be proud of, and you can too.

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