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    Was playing Bunker Wars Choices and it came down to me and some other guy, the other dude managed to win because my game lagged like crap to the point where my controls were unresponsive, yet he reacts to every moves as if his computer doesn't experiences it.

    So typically, if you physically lag from the graphics, the other players won't noticed it, because it's typically halting your controls to the units, so the other players won't see anything since it's not moving.

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    Need more balancing... The moment a single kerrigan pops up, your defenses goes bye bye with her 150 damage shots.

    Kind of makes little sense when weaponry takes her health down to 1, but some reason she can't die at all.

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    @scmapcritic: Go

    You seriously must have a powerful PC to handle all that lag when Kerrigan appears with the huge waves.

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    Or being able to upgrade a refinery into a automated refinery[campaign unit], which slowly automatically mines 20% more gas off of it, but at a slower rate (thus you need to protect it). Once it expires, it automatically salvages.

    Maybe how it works is, you can turn a depleted refinery into a automated refinery, but if you do that whilst the gas is at 0, it'll start a countdown of 120 seconds, and be able to draw the last bits of gas, but it'll expire when the timer hits 0 and both the refinery and vespene geyser gets removed.

    Junk/Asteroid collisions are possible, and rare. Gives a random amount of supplies, gas, and minerals.

    And having "remnants" of zealot units can work too... Maybe tiny hidden robotics bases that has sentries, stalkers, immortals and maybe even a colossus.

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    Ah right, it's important for a new post for this:

    As of now, whenever you start the game, massive lag hits you. Can you adjust the unit spawning so it happens over time, within 60 seconds from the beginning of the game? Limit to about 10 units per second or something so it doesn't take a massive load on the player's computers (because even in a fog of war)...

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    All the more fun because you get to have fun with every little detail... Not see a mass of pixelated blurriness attacking your base in 15 minutes.

    And mappers aren't able to making maps last 30+ minutes in the first place is because of the lack of detail or fine contents found in older maps... Like unique or interesting "systems" or "interfaces" from SC1 can be implemented into SC2 as a new fun way to make players curious.

    Of course, SC2 basically turns mapping/modding into a full time job...

    SC2 isn't meant to be faster to entertain players. You want the truth? Blizzard wants to entertain audiences who watches SC2 matches, so it's developed for their "E-sports"... Too bad no one takes it seriously because they tried to overstep their boundary in gaming. People want to play it for fun, not to rush, not to mass, but simply for fun, in their own way. Blizzard is the one who sets those rules, thus ending up ruining some of the original SC aspects.

    Blizzard develops games, not clown around for an audience.


    I say for this map, it would be better for the mapper to create better terrains, so players don't exactly know which is the best spot for a base, when you could have unique functions or features built right into the map.

    Maybe it'll be fun if this gets put into a mod, so it works on any custom maps, although maps would need specific regions set first...

    If this mod works on a epic sized map, it'll be interesting, but the unit count is way too large. Maybe the larger the map, the smaller the waves, but longer and more harder to explore?

    The planet WAS a powerful Terran Colony, so you need remnants of doodads that showed that a area housed a hanger full of random high yield items, obviously large gates to seal this building is a must, and zerg can't spawn within it until the seal is broken.

    Maybe call them "vaults"...

    Is it possible to "randomly" modify terrain with preset terrain blocks so you can modify how the area looks each time?

    Mineral patches:
    Needs to be modified so they don't randomly scatter and dot the maps, it should be within "groups" of patches that has a suitable amount and scatters within one level of the cliff, so you don't see minerals on top of cliffs and is unreachable.

    Example: 1 Mineral patch can cover 45x45 grid and consists of 49 mineral units, randomly set within that grid, having 40120 randomly set minerals each, to a max of 300600 per group. Might be too complex though, but gives players better areas to prepare larger resources gathering, rather than working on one mineral unit at a time.

    Item/Structure Spawns:
    Again, having factories, science vessles, minerals, gas, etc. stuck on top of unreachable cliffs are no fun, turn those cliffs into "unspawnable" areas by placing regions onto them.

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    I'm more of the SC1 Map player, where you actually play on a map longer than 1 hour. Seriously, the pacing has sped up a ton where mappers must make a map that takes no more than 30 minutes.

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    To add to the new version of stranded on kydon:
    - Noticed there's objectives now, but they don't do much other than giving tips...
    - Difficulty modes...

    Objectives should give you a point for each one that's completed, and you can redeem these points to customize your SCV... Or Upgrade turrets?
    By doing this, you make your map re-playable, so players will continue to try to unlock things.

    Maybe you can use banks to save data, so players can do loadouts?

    How this would work:

    Having experienced players with good stuff from the beginning of the game isn't good, so...

    Make it so with the points you gain, you can use them to unlock "skills" on a custom skill tree for your SCV.

    Then while playing in game, you can upgrade and customize your SCV via "skill" tree, but only if you spend Minerals and Gas to get them.


    Upgrade Path

    Each upgrade costs 10 points to unlock on the tree, depending on how well you managed to get them.

    HP+ (Increases hitpoints by 10/15/25) (Costs 75m 25g to upgrade, increases by 25m each time)
    EN+ (Increases energy by 10/15/25) (Costs 75m 25g to upgrade, increases by 25m each time)
    Atk+ (Increases melee damage by 5) (Costs 100m 50g to upgrade)
    Shot+ (Increases shooting damage by 5) (Costs 100m 50g to upgrade)
    Def+ (Increases armor by 3) (Costs 150m to upgrade)

    For example, to get all 3 HP+ unlocked, you need 30 points. Once they are unlocked, they can be upgraded in any game session.

    Possible other upgrades:
    - Protoss Shields (Requires Protoss Tech) (Costs 75m 75g to give your SCV 25 shields) (Shield 1/s regen out of battle for 5 seconds)
    - Protoss Psicutter (Requires Protoss Tech) (Costs 150m 100g) (Increases attack speed by 25% and damage by 10) (Gathering Speed +50%)
    - Zerg Regeneration (Requires ?Zerg? Tech) (Cost 100m 100g) (Allows health to regenerate outside of battle) (1hp/s when out of battle for 5 seconds, not incap)
    - Engine Upgrade (Costs 150m) (Increases speed of scv by 20% [+0.2])
    - Emergency Power (Costs 200m 100g) (Enables self repair out of incapitation by spending 2 supply)

    As a bonus, these points can also be used to unlock upgrades for the current structures... It basically works in the same idea, but you can pay extra to upgrade barricades, normal turrets, perdition turrets, missile turrets, siege tanks, and more.

    Structures can only be upgraded once, and cost a small fee. Salvaging will give 75% of the new structure's value back.
    Barrier -> Spiked Barrier (deals 5 damage to attackers and +50hp) (cost 10 minerals and 10 gas)
    Sentry Gun Turrets -> Dual Sentry Gun Turrets (shoots 2 shots at once and +50hp) (cost 40 minerals to upgrade)
    Missile Turrets -> Salvo Missile Turrets (Shoots ground to air AoE missiles every few shots [Campaign upgrade] and +50hp) (cost 20 minerals 20 gas to upgrade)

    All structure upgrades includes +1 armor.



    Btw, no one ever built a Betha Cannon before?

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    Offer possible modes:

    Standard - Default gamemode
    Survival - Help will never arrive, last as long as possible! (beacons and ships are disabled, but the refund for salvaging becomes 100%)
    Extermination - Your goal is to exterminate the zerg from this planet, find and destroy the overmind (which is heavily defended). (This mode allows you to use beacons to call in mercenaries instead, at a cost) (waves are always the same type, until you caused enough destruction for new enemies to spawn).

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    Well I feel that the game is rather short, for a survival game.
    Players who has beaten this always go "you guys, stop what your doing, follow my lead, and gimme all your stuff to build a drop ship".

    That kind of breaks the fun of surviving in a constantly changing environment.

    Making the pace slower, to a good long time would be handy, but maybe players can win at their own pace too...


    Is is possible for players to win early, but for those who stay behind, to continue? That kind of thing.

    Maybe involve a story or special content that will appear if you survive for 30 minutes, if you escape early, you miss out on the new stuff.

    Because most players just "wants to win" rather than play or experience something.

    Maybe you got to change the dropship building to actual pieces?

    Like you have to find parts to make the ship, and you basically transport them from places to places using a transport vehicle. Bring em in one place, and the construction begins.

    That kind of idea.

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