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    Hello all,

    I am looking for co-developers to work with me on a next generation RTS Arena (Mod)

    It's going to be a sizeable project so I am trying to get others involved early.

    The ultimate goal is to add the map to the marketplace.

    Feel free to check out the design here::


    I started the design back in the fall, it isn't 100% yet, but a several iterations of development can be done before any design updates are required.

    Currently I am spending a lot of time adjusting to the Galaxy editor and reading a lot of the tutorials (most I've seen are from users here it seems - huge thank you).

    I know I am asking for a lot here, and this isn't an overnight project, but in all honestly I am looking for individuals interested in helping in any capacity.

    Thank you, and I appreciate your time reading this post.

    World as one!

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