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    Hey i have a simple idea for the cinematics. Why not put a link to the youtube videos of the cinematics so people can copy the link and alt-tab out to watch it. It breaks the immersion a bit but its better than nothing.

    Or just have a separate download for the cinematics (you can play videos in sc2. Someone imported a rick roll video into a beta map, unless maybe it was just pic from the video strung together real fast) where each cinematic is a map that has to be loaded like any other.

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    I think it would be cool to have a secondary contest where the AI's play each other to see which is the best, sort of like how some people make chess programs to play in competitions against other chess programs.

    Also i think you could make this into an event and broadcast the replays of these battles on the blog.

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    To make it easier to find new maps/testers, there should be an option to filter out updated maps to only show new submissions. (option not by default) the better maps get updated alot and it would make it easier for new maps to get attention.

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