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    guarantee they make you pay money for blizz dota

    Yeah, I hope you are trolling. Blizzard has stated so many times that their customs are free to use/play and add on the fact that they stated DotA is not a map that would pass the criteria for the b.net market...

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    Observations: none of the customs auto-start. Each custom overrides the tip area in the loading screen. I'm probably the only one, but starjewled was my favorite, closely followed by aiur chef.

    I honestly like Left 2 Die best, though I think the map can use some difficulty tweaks.

    StarJeweled is to slow for my taste. Reminds me more of puzzleQuest (I enjoyed puzzlequest though) than bejewled.

    Auir chief is fun but not really my style of game.

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    Someone post the basic SCIIMapster logo, and toss me a link where I can DL/Rip it. and Ill get ya setup with a basic icon.

    EDIT: i thought the max size for an icon is 72x72 on the android platform?

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    @rrowland: Go

    this is pure win... I hope i see more customs using this concept :D

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