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    When we gather up with friends and want to play sc2 together a common problem is the gap in skill amoung our group. So what i am looking for is a map, where weaker players are pretty safe from harassment and can also take their mind of eco management and focus on building units.

    This is my basic idea:

    - A "moneymap" with very safe mainbases that allows weaker players to be safe for a while and macro some units up. But it should not be a infinite-money base. The patches should have enough minerals to macro up a 200/200 army with some upgrades before you need to expand.

    - Maybe even a "no rush" feature, with destructible rocks blocking the entrance at first?

    - Not necessarily shared bases, but the possibility to quickly recieve help from an allied player.

    - Maybe the main bases are independent from another, but ramps lead to an area where allies can build shared expansions (kinda like some spawns on good 'ole Hunters)

    - The pathways to the center should promote a unification of armies in a top vs. bottom cenario. Something like a "clash zone".

    I even made a rough sketch of what i have in mind: My basic sketch


    • The main bases are independent
    • Corner Bases (1,4,5,8) are more prone to Air / Drop Harrass and can be assigend to the better players
    • Inner Bases (2,3,6,7) are super safe and can be assigend to new players, they (may?) even have an emergency bridge connection for quick help.
    • Ramps lead to shared expos for 2 allies each
    • Expo-Areas are connected for emergency help
    • from the Expo-Areas the map leads into a defendable space where the whole team can unite armies.
    • In the middle there is a clash zone for epic battles. Maybe the Clashzone is lower ground?
    • At the side of the clash zone there could be high risk gold bases and watchtowers
    • Destructible Rocks function as a rush protection.

    Is there already a map like this? Is someone up for making something like this?


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