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    Tried Voidcraft for 2 days straight singleplayer. So far I haven't had any success whatsoever to defend myself against the huge mass of Zergships that spawn around the 18min mark. I tried both ships, different weapon combinations, different strategies. Best results were had when I flew straight into the enemy base and camped the front... which ended when zergs went around me and killed my baseship behind me. I lasted roughly 2 minutes longer than usual.

    Voidcraft is a fun concept but it is an utterly frustrating game, especially without human players to fight against.

    I like War Machines more :P

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    The Minigun for the Marine is almost useless at higher stages, even with the permanent buffs and both ammo upgrades there are some enemies who simply have more armor than you can deal with. This is one of the only few weapons where the disadvantages are glaringly worse than the advantages. With most other weapons you can engage most enemies and deal a little bit of damage, not optimal but you still deal damage. With the minigun, there are some targets where you are 95% useless.

    I was thinking of a way to circumvent this issue without making the Minigun too good. One thing to try would be buffing the basedamage simply +1. Another option would be to give the minigun a 10% or 20% chance to ignore armor.

    Also I have massive performance issues with this map when my view is in the center, regardless of the number of units on screen. When my view is on the tower in the middle, my framerate drops from 90 (side and corners) to below 20 sometimes. I have no idea what is causing this massive fps drop, but it is a problem with the middle of the map.

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