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    posted a message on 2D Game Lib

    @SyCoAttack: Go

    I'm willing to do some work on it here and there, could be fun

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    posted a message on Water waves


    I think it depends on the water type you use, there's an editor tab for water, check what setting your map is using and play around with that, or set it to a different water type that has no waves as default

    you can check what water your map is using through the terrain textures tab for your selected terrain

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    posted a message on Same Concept Doors

    I used a pylon for this, labelled it as a phase prism, it "warps out" when allies are near (if there are no enemies) and Warps in when enemies are near. The warp out version is just a pylon with cloak and no footprint, the warp in version is the solid state form with a footprint to block movement.

    course you could also have the "warp out" model as the warp in pylon effect, that could be cool too.

    This was good for me cause it's also a square footprint, making it easy to be used vertical or horizontal.

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    posted a message on Inventory arc

    I there any way to make inventory work in a 360 arc? I can't seem to find an option for it, which is available in most other abilities. I want my character to be able to pick up items on the go, with smart click.

    I may give them a "interact" abil to grab the nearest item if I can't get this to work

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    posted a message on Items Dying in my heroes inventory???

    @BozoOvermind: Go

    better practice would be to change the filters of your search effects, as if you start c+p them you'll keep getting this problem

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    posted a message on Movement Arrival Radius

    Any way of changing how close a unit needs to get to it's movement target?

    I'm using a custom mover system that "moves unit instantly" via trigs, but it's interfering with the data movement cause it slightly pushes them too far to send the "arrived" signal to the mover. Thus causing them to circle the destination instead of just stopping

    I figured this could be fixed by changing the radius for it to send the stop command to the mover

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    posted a message on Life Status Colours

    @Alevice: Go

    ZOMFG! I couldn't find it before you said but there it was in plain view, thanks mang! it works beautifully

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    posted a message on Hero Stat Submenu Question

    So I created a veterency that gives you a stat point every level, I then have a sub menu that allows you to assign the stat point

    All that is working fine, now my issue is that the submenu button has Full Validation checked, so that it won't be available when you don't have stats to spend, as well as display how many stats you have remaining to spend

    However! the menu icon is adding all of the stats you can choose from, and their charge levels, together. So instead of saying "1 charge" the button says "3 charges" which is pretty misleading.

    I could make it work without the charge count on the submenu button, but it's so damn close to perfect that this is going to bother me alot.

    Is there a way to make certain buttons/abilities skip the validation of the submenu button? If it only grabbed it's info from 1 of the stats instead of all of them, it'll be fine.

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    posted a message on Help! Boat Deck

    Uhhhh, now I feel bad, am not making an anno mod.

    The goal is to make a game where you can be a trader, an admiral, or a pirate, and go between ports buying goods weapons and crew.

    I want there to be a boarding mechanic, thus the deck terrain

    I do not know what anno is.

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    posted a message on Help! Boat Deck

    @wargirlwargirl: Go

    I ended up taking one of the tiles set from the heroes dock level, it's not perfect, but it'll suit my purpose. I'm trying to make a more cartoon style boat game.

    I cant seem to get lighting to where I want it, tyring to mimic cell-shaded cartoon style

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    posted a message on Help! Boat Deck

    I'm looking to create the deck of a boat as an arena, and for the life of me I don't know where to start, I can't seem to find any decent wooden textures or doodads I could splash together

    Anyone got some ideas?

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    posted a message on [Showcase] NanaKey&Delphinium's Models

    Hey just stopping by to say that your spell effects are really impressive, I like em a lot!

    also not sure if particles can work the same way but if you use white textures for some of the effect models in SC2, you can use in-game tinting to true tint them.

    Also can you do any particles that are team coloured? like new hero-glows and such?

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    posted a message on Creating a "ramming" weapon

    @EmperorCee: Go

    You could create a behavior that has a periodic effect to add another behavior,

    Behavior: "Ramming" periodic 1s, effect add behavior "charges"

    the behavior that checks if the unit is moving or not should always be on, then add or remove charges accordingly

    have a high max stack count on charges, have these charges increase the damage of the weapon, have a validator in the "apply behavior" effect that checks to see if the unit is moving.

    You could also use a switch effect that checks if unit is moving, add behavior, if unit is stopped, remove all behaviors.

    Though, if you want it to count powerslides and stuff you may need to trigger in a dummy behavior that can be used to check for if the moving validator fails, so it will still charge the ramming while sliding.

    Alternatively, you could also use the "charging" buff like acceleration, and have the buff not only increase weapon damage but speed as well, to more accurately reflect momentum. Though if you use a trigger base, you can probably grab exact speed and set the stack count based on that.

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    posted a message on Request Heroes of the Storm alpha models

    @Metalking1417: Go

    Blizzard allows usage of all of their assets within their editor (thus the usage of WoW models), however, I'm not sure if that extends to unreleased titles.

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    posted a message on Player must not see his units

    @wisesquirrel: Go

    make replica units of the units you want, have them uncommandable, set their vision to 0, set their minimap size to 0. It should make them unable to be seen by the player.

    Now give them a buff that has a periodic search area effect, and make the search area cast an attack command on the target. Set the filters of the search area to be what you want. Then give them the wander buff to walk around and such, maybe edit it to make them walk further away.

    For the rest of your events use triggers, or give the player some sort of "call swarm" ability that signals all nearby units to focus the players objective, or however you want it to happen.

    In theory this should work, but I promise nothing.

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