SC1 Episode 2 - Overmind

Overmind v1.03

Change log


by Telenil

  • easy difficulty option added
  • some decals changed to represent factions more accurately (Protoss decals, Terran Dominion, Garm Brood)

Mission 2 - Egression

  • Scourge are now available from this map onwards

Mission 4 - Agent of the Swarm

  • removed Kerrigan's Razor Storm ability for this mission (added Consume)
  • added 2 Queens as starting units
  • first attack wave weakened slightly
  • one huge attack wave split into two separate attacks

Mission 6 - The Dark Templar

  • changed loading screen background
  • changed Tassadar's portrait to match the Protoss campaign

Mission 7 - The Culling

  • Defilers are now available from this map onwards
  • AI will upgrade a little more (in hard mode)
  • slightly adjusted later AI attack timings to be more frequent

Mission 8 - Eye For An Eye

  • tweaked AI attack target randomization to have slightly less emphasis on the southern canyon (it had more emphasis than the other attack locations)
  • weakened two early/midgame attack waves slightly (minus 1 zealot)
  • northwest beacon moved slightly further from the "escape zone" (doesn't actually affect the game)

Mission 9 - Invasion of Aiur

  • disabled the use of pre-placed zealots on the high ground from attack waves

Mission 10 - Full Circle

  • disabled the use of the green Protoss' pre-placed zealots on the ramps from attack waves


  • removed the black map edges (mostly affected widescreen resolutions)
  • standardized map names (for saves etc.)
  • other minor cosmetic changes (terrain etc.)
  • Chrysalis/Khaydarin Crystal should no longer be depositable in any way (maps 2, 9, 10)

Mission 2 - Egression

  • the briefing should now load properly on all graphic settings

Mission 4 - Agent of the Swarm

  • Raynor's Command Center can now be infested

Mission 5 - The Amerigo

  • fixed camera glitch near the prison door control
  • you can now reset the TPS view after loading a save

Mission 8 - Eye For An Eye

  • it can be pretty brutal, so weakened (aka nerfed) an AI starting attack or two slightly, added an additional drone to player's starting units

Mission 10 - Full Circle

  • strengthened the AI's later attacks slightly


  • fixed a dependency issue to prevent problems with future game patches/mod updates

Mission 4 - Agent of the Swarm

  • fixed the bugged Vespene Geyser(s)?

Missions 9 - Invasion of Aiur, 10 - Full Circle

  • fixed a terrible, terrible bug which caused the Khaydarin Crystal to spawn out of nowhere
  • fixed a bugged Vespene Geyser in mission 9


  • fixed Queen movement (trigger-based fix which is far from optimal, but hey, it works)
  • due to certain circumstances, all Queen abilities are instantly available (researched). At least Queens are now usable.
  • minor cosmetic changes

Mission 1 - Among the Ruins

  • You were given false information: apparently the town in the intro, Riksville, is some other town located on Mar Sara. The town is now called Chazington.
  • Burrow is now available in this mission, like in the original

Mission 3 - The New Dominion

  • a Terran Ghost Academy replaced by the proper SC1 Academy (whoops)

Mission 4 - Agent of the Swarm

  • Ghost Academies replaced by proper SC1 Academies
  • Scourge are now available, as in the original
  • the Terrans will get Level 1 Ship Plating at a certain point
  • one Command Center replaced by one with ComSat Station to hopefully get the AI to scan Lurkers more

Mission 6 - The Dark Templar

  • fixed a bug where the dialogue at the end would sometimes occur twice
  • added a Shield Battery for the Protoss, as in the original

Mission 8 - Eye For An Eye

  • fixed a Vespene Geyser that wouldn't allow an Extractor

Mission 10 - Full Circle

  • fixed a Vespene Geyser that wouldn't allow an Extractor
  • added Shield Batteries for the Protoss, as in the original


first release

Known caveats

Queens still not completely working as intended


Uploaded on
Dec 23, 2011
Game version
    67.2 MiB