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Markup Types Kaelten prencher Feb 15, 2016
CurseForge supports WikiCreole, Markdown, Safe HTML and BBCode. WikiCreole WikiCreole attempts to be a universal wiki markup language to be used across different wiki software. More information can be found at The following is a cheat sheet for the syntax for WikiCreole. Text Formatting Italics //italics// → italics Bold **bold** → bold Monospace ##monospace## → monospace Superscript ^^superscript^^ → superscript Subscript ,,subscript,, → subscript Underline...
Policy / Project Acceptance Policy ckknight Torhal Sep 28, 2015
Project Rejections Curse reserves the right to refuse to host any project. Other Authors Work Any project uploaded without the explicit permission of the original author(s) will not be accepted on CurseForge/WowAce/BukkitDev. Forking/Cloning If you have made legitimate changes to an existing project which has a license that would allow you to make said changes without violating any copyright law, the resultant project would be accepted provided that it has significantly diverged from the...
Store / Tax Information Ackis Torhal Feb 05, 2015
The contents of this page have been relocated. You can find it here.
Store / International Taxes Ackis Torhal Feb 05, 2015
The contents of this page have been relocated. You can find it here.
Store / Domestic Taxes Kaelten Torhal Feb 05, 2015
This contents of this page have been relocated. You can find it here.
Store / Author Reward Points Ackis Torhal Feb 05, 2015
The Rewards Program FAQ has been relocated. It can now be found here.
Projects / File Statuses Ackis Torhal Aug 29, 2014
This document will outline what the file statuses for files, and what you can do to fix them. .DS_Store .DS_Store means that you have included .DS_Store files/folders/directories in the zip file. To correct this, remove the .DS_Store files from the zip and re-upload, or zip with the following command: zip -r "$1" "$1" -x \*.DS_Store _MACOSX _MACOSX means that you have included _MACOSX files/folders/directories in the zip file. To correct this, remove the _MACOSX files from the zip and...
Admin / How to Approve Projects and Files ckknight ckknight Dec 14, 2013
Projects The main thing to check for when approving projects is to see if the project is "legitimate". Figuring that out, though, is rife with issues. Is it a UI package of other people's work? CurseForge no longer accepts UI packs as projects. Is the submitter the author? Check to see that whoever submitted the project is actually the creator. This means no fan updates for the general case. Only in extremely rare cases would this be allowed, e.g. if the previous project is abandoned and the...
Policy / Abandoned and Inactive Projects Kaelten Torhal Nov 27, 2013
Project Definitions What is an abandoned project? Really there are two types of abandoned projects. There are ones that we've marked as abandoned, and there are ones that are abandoned in practise, but not in name. We give projects a long time, a very long time, before we mark them as abandoned. So these types are considered essentially dead. However, if the project's license allows, it can be resurrected. The second category is for a project which hasn't been updated in a long time; the...
Trinium Changelog prencher prencher Apr 28, 2012
Trinium Changelog Note: This page is updated sporadically. Lack of updates does not mean development is not ongoing. April 28th, 2012 Fixed an issue that could prevent new users from being created. April 18th, 2012 Fixed an issue that'd cause the packager to run on unsupported games and fail. Fixed a permission issue preventing date joined, last login and reputation from showing to normal users on profile pages. Fixed an issue that could cause post preview to error. Fixed a curse comment...
Policy / Executable Files Ackis Ackis Jul 12, 2011
Reason for Policy Executable files pose additional dangers for end-users. These files may infect the host computer with different malicious software, which potentially could lead to the user accounts being compromised. As a result, extra precautions are in place for any executable code submitted to CurseForge/WowAce. Executable Submission Source Code Any executable files submitted to CurseForge or WowAce must be accompanied by its source code. A code review on the source code will be done to...
Policy / Drama Kaelten Kaelten Jul 12, 2011
Drama is for raiding guilds, not addon programmers Due to recent "drama flash fires", we are instituting a one-warning anti-drama policy. This policy will apply to both forum threads and site pages. Fires over the Forum In the event drama begins on the forums, please report the post to a moderator. If it is deemed as a potential fire-starter, the thread will receive a big bold warning. If the drama continues, the thread will be locked. Repeat offenders will be warned, required to sing the...
Common Issues FAQ Ackis Ackis Jul 12, 2011
Common Issues FAQ This document will be a living document in which the most common issues that occur with Curse, CurseForge, WoWAce, etc are documented with their workarounds. I'll be adding questions and answers as they come up. Submitting Questions If you wish to add something to this FAQ please send Ackis a private message. Curse Client For all Windows Curse Client issues, please visit the Curse Client Support Centre at For Mac Curse Client issues, please...
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