Aug 23, 2010
Sagacity foresight, discernment, or keen perception; ability to make good judgments Purpose Our team will be composed of those with professional abilities. Our goal is to create unique games which use professionally designed assets. Members of this team may use the work for portfolios, and we also intend on evolving into a profitable organization. We are open to consider all specialties. You must be willing to put in the time to complete projects. Remember, this is a professional project. You...

Saga Elite

Aug 08, 2012
Working on a very big project right now. If you want details and info to help let me know!

Sc1 Remake

Nov 04, 2014
IT:gruppo della creazione del remake di SC1 e BW cercando di renderla + fedele possibile all'originale. Per ora è in lavorazione la versione italiana, poi quella brasiliana e poi vedremo... si ringraziano Jones, Telenil e Chris per le campagne originarie e Thrikodias, Ghostnova, Rikky e Underp4ntz per i modelli PT: grupo para a criaciao du remake du SC1 e BW tentando di renderla mais fiel possivel au original. Pur agora esta en lavoraciao a versao italiana, depois a brazileira e depoi vamos...

SC1 remake games

Jan 28, 2011
Have a game to make related to the custom games on sc1? Come on in and join to see what games should be remade from sc1. Currently the team leader is working on a project called Lurker Individual Defense, a SC1 game that is going to be remade for SC2.


May 12, 2011
Dedecated to update and expand the functionalities of the famous Sc2Allin1 Launcher. a tool that most of you already use to test your creations. more details on this great tool can be found here:

SC2 Generals

Mar 07, 2016
Starcraft 2: Generals Introduction: SC2 Generals will be a series of arcade team missions similar to "Co-op missions" from Legacy of the Void. Players will choose from a selection of different Generals - factions that have unique units, buildings and abilities. My ideas are inspired by Command Conquer Generals, Command Conquer Kane Wrath and Age of Empires series. Objectives: Discuss SC lore and identify candidates for playable Generals. Examples are Judicator Aldaris, Jim Raynor, Fenix,...

SC2 Generation 11

Aug 27, 2011

SC2Mapster Party Team

May 10, 2010
A team of SC2Mapster users dedicated to making a community project map which is a collection of minigames created by different SC2Mapster Contributers Want to Contribute? Check out Update: May 9, 2010 Hey guys, this is the first update for SC2Mapster Party. I have 4 screenshots to show today, from 2 maps I've received so far, and one I'm working on. The first is called Zombie...


May 12, 2010
Developer group featured in sc2mod projects home page

Sc2 The Zone

May 01, 2015
I think most of the players know the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R My friends and i have the goal to bring S.T.A.L.K.E.R to SC2. The Problem is only that not all of us have much experience with the editor. What we have planned for Sc2 the zone? -8 factions. Each faction has different charakters and stats. The area of the map is inpired from the original game. There willbe no respawn like in S.T.A.L.K.E.R You can die each moment in the game. Deadly anomalies, mutants, factions and the military which try...


Oct 24, 2010
Wow The Trading Card Game: [Update] -Library Creation Program. >4 Main file types [Type] 1 file. [Card Type] 1 File. [Card Values] 1 File. [Cards] 1 File for each [Card Type] Listed. [Type] Definition: Type,Name,Supertype,Subtype,Number,Set,Rarity,Rules,Tags,Cost,Strike Cost,Class Restriction,Faction,Race,Class,Talent,Professions,Health,ATK,ATK Type,DEF Hero,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Ally,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Quest,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Ability,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Weapon,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...


Jan 04, 2011


Oct 05, 2013
Right now this is not exactly a team but id like for people to post comments like an application which will be provided, if they'd want to help me develop games such as Vampirism zero 2. Application Forum: How old are you? Can i have a link to some map work you've done? Whats your Starcraft 2 arcade name? Why should i let you work with me and join my team? In return for helping me what do you want (Besides Money or anything that costs money)? Are you good at working with banks and dialogs? Do...

Sombrero Games

Nov 28, 2011
Hello! I formed this team just as a placeholder for my future SC2 maps.

Splash TD

Aug 14, 2010
Not much to say here, pretty awesome Wc3 map that I decided to attempt to remake. More info and pictures will be posted soon, once I get most of the basic towers/triggers created.

Sprites Quest Cartography

Jan 07, 2014
Sprites Quest is a 2D Starcraft 2 Arcade Game. Notable features of Sprites Quest is a near infinite prebuilt world can be constructed. To help the game develop faster the Cartography Project was conceived at concept phase. Cartographers only need imagination and design as they use Sprite Quest Builder mode to expand the Sprites Quest Game and aid in the development of a final project. With this in mind this team's goal is to support, train, teach, and coordinate Cartographers and support...

Squadron CTF

Sep 21, 2010

SSC FootBall

Dec 09, 2010
Some images from it I need a couple complicated Trigger systems worked out, including GUI's I need some more custom modeling done. (Im talking about custom units with 4 or 5 different animations) If your interested PM me trigger systems include but not limited to Bank System for Creating your own plays Bank System for Creating your own Team Bank System for Team unit stats System for Creating your own plays System for Editing your own team

StarCraft 2 Death Knight quest line

Nov 14, 2013
I am working on creating a World of WarCraft Death Knight quest line map, I will create the models using the WoW Model Viewer, I need people to help me with triggers, creating custom abilities (I will supply the ability models), also a hero system: Leveling, Inventory, Bags, Talent Trees, Spell books, mount and companion system and much more to make it seem like you are actually playing WoW Death Knight quest line. I want to recreate the Scourge quest line for the Death Knights from the start...

Starcraft 2 - Hero Wars

Dec 18, 2012
I want to make a remake of starcraft brood war hero wars games, if you havent seen them heres a link to a youtube video of a warcraft 3 version:\ I need help with triggers and the terrain and if any one has cool models for heroes and units you canhelp (im only good at making units) also if you can make a custom effect like a teal laser, rpg effect etc then i will be happy to have you aboard to, also if you can tint a unit red etc then you'll be of...