evolution team

Oct 19, 2016
team that evolves XD and it a start maybe 25 character why???

The Halo Team

Oct 10, 2016
Welcome About Us The Halo Team aims for creating games that were once thought of by Bungie and Microsoft, but were never released due to there unpractical game play and content. This team has been created to focus on the release of three, original and intertwined campaigns that each have a unique story line. We need a solid and rigid team to accomplish this great project. No matter what your good or bad at, With our combined strengths we can do anything. All ideas are taken into consideration...

Death Dealers

Sep 03, 2016
Dead Zone SOD development team

Dark Arts

Aug 31, 2016
Develops multiple arcade games and custom campaigns. This Team controls the following lesser teams: The Halo Team. Worlds of Fallout, and Commanders.


Aug 31, 2016
Commanders This team has been created to develop a custom campaign that has been enspired by the "Command and qonqore" franschise. This campaign revolves around an alternate timeline. The alternate timeline starts to break off during World War ll. The Story Hitler was successful in taking over more than a third of Africa and a quarter of Europe, however, he was then assassinated and Germany retreated from allied forces. America was heavily crippled by Japanese forces and still stands in a...

Worlds of Fallout

Aug 22, 2016
NOT YET EDITED Will soon develop a custom campaign....

Pyrphoros Development Team One

Aug 01, 2016
Pyrphoros Development is a direct daughter of Pyrphoros Entertainment.

Team Genesis

Jul 23, 2016
We are a team of editors; Everyone here has experience. Our goal is to improve our skills by creating games that deserve the Team Genesis stamp. Combining our knowledge and skills, weak or strong, is the best way to get things done. Most of us love editing and enjoy the opportunity to present new techniques, sometimes by showing off the skills we have, and other times by solving each others problems. We are almost always willing to help another member. This is not a team where you start with...

Team Antioch

Jul 12, 2016
Dedicated to a StarCraft2 remake of the Antioch Chronicles, Starcraft's first major fan campaign. Now working on Episode 3: Thoughts in Chaos; Maps Antioch Remastered Thoughts in Chaos

Halo Team

May 07, 2016
Dedicated to making Custom Campaigns Unlike No Other... The Halo Team aims to bring Halo games that have never been created, a reality. We plan to bring an unforgettable experience with 3 separate campaigns that all take place in the Halo universe. The first two campaigns will be based off the Human - Covenant War, prior and during the events of Halo Wars and Halo: Reach. The third, which will remain shrouded until the first two are done, will take place prior and during the events of Halo...

Darkblizzard Entertainment

Mar 25, 2016

Ass kick

Mar 11, 2016
An ass kicking map team! Currently everyone is busy working on maps. We will do our best to make sure you know what we know! We use ventrilo all day every day for collaboration. Courtesy of Helral, for his hard work!

SC2 Generals

Mar 07, 2016
Starcraft 2: Generals Introduction: SC2 Generals will be a series of arcade team missions similar to "Co-op missions" from Legacy of the Void. Players will choose from a selection of different Generals - factions that have unique units, buildings and abilities. My ideas are inspired by Command Conquer Generals, Command Conquer Kane Wrath and Age of Empires series. Objectives: Discuss SC lore and identify candidates for playable Generals. Examples are Judicator Aldaris, Jim Raynor, Fenix,...

The Hybrid Team

Feb 25, 2016
This is the group of developers working on Starcraft: Revenants, aka the Hybrid Collaboration Project. We hope to, one day, finish Starcraft: Revenants and we also hope to accomplish more with the hybrid concepts we're using. Starcraft: Revenants: Project Page: Feedback Page:...


Feb 05, 2016
Hey guys this is currently a team of a few guys mostly I see them in Skype and we are working on the next gen doomed earth currently 4 ppl I work with include in 5 once my best friend gets his cpu fixed what I'm looking for is any one working on a strategy like modern war game. Not to serious about joining requirements even if you just wanna hop on the buss because it's you're fav game and I would love to help others that wanna join to pull there warfare game together like if you're looseing...

ICTX Development

Feb 02, 2016


Jan 27, 2016
The Swiftly team is a very small team of 2 so far but we have created a few games that are currently published on the SC2 arcade. We may start looking for people to join and help. Website:

Hots campaign remake

Nov 28, 2015
After the dissapointed in the Hots campaign I felt it could be better. The original storry can be better. That's why I wish to remake it. So that means Sc1 units, better story, other characters and some side story. We also want to feel the single player to be close to the multiplayer. Mutation Im not sure how but we try to make them working. Upgrades Mostly in-game. But we will look if there are more possibility's. Dialogs The dialogue will be completely new. but I'm not sure if it is...

Team Heroes on Galaxy

Oct 16, 2015
Our focus is to create a good enviroment for people to develop maps and assets for heroes of the storm using the Sc2 Editor and Heroes of the Storm files.

Team CD

Aug 02, 2015