Zig-Zag TD v0.96


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    Jun 18, 2010
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  • Reworked the basic towers and added another basic tower
  • Scorpion Towers are now a basic tower with 2 upgrades. They are short range high damage towers that do bonus damage to biological units
  • Temporal Towers replace the slow towers. They slow in an area around themselves.
  • Interceptor tower added. It launches interceptors at the target which ignore 50 of armor. Has very long range
  • added range display for most towers. working on the rest.
  • added upgrades for the scorpion tower.
  • Crystal laser does bonus damage to massive and no longer to mechanical.
  • increased base damage of most towers and reduce the bonus to make them all a little more universal.
  • added a display on the right showing the enemies in each wave. Hover of them for a description and tips for dealing with them.
  • fixed a bug with upgrading temporal towers into crystal towers and updated damage of scorpion tower

* Lots of changes so may be buggy in places and waves might need rebalancing.