Zergling Sniper Gallery

Your a Ghost on a urban outpost you've been told to kill all the humans! wait I mean Zerglings. Snipe them babys in this new Third Person Action Shooting Gallery!

How to play the game : Hit R then click on Zergling, R then click on Zergling, rinse repeat. Do this fast if 2 hit you your dead! You can walk backwards or run forward as you shoot! Watch out for Fastralisks 1 hit and your done for!

WASD movement and camera credit to SC2mapper.ebret

Plans for Future Releases:
-MP, see who gets the most kills during a shooting gallery.  Bigger groups of Zerglings with friends possibly being able to revive Run Kitty Run style.
-More objective type game play where your no longer in danger but you still must shoot stuff.
-Baneling hand grenade skill for those sticky situations.

If you have any great ideas or suggestions and would to assist me in this map send me a PM


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