WoW Character Models

Currently Converting WoW character Models with all working animations based off of Daara87's Work
Working on:
Troll & BloodElf Models

I will also upload the .max files so anyone can edit them.
They will be located in the Zip files corresponding with their .m3 Models

Depending on if anyone is interested i may just upload basic max files
with all the animations renamed & keyframes swapped all that would
need to be done is adding textures and looking for any animations with errors

Most the time my models will have 3 or 4 animation errors after running my programs to automate the tedious task

Apparently the Attachment Points were not Imported Correctly
And i forgot to attach Fuzzy and Tight Hit Test Volumes will re-upload eventually
Unless some one else would like to do it the .max files are included

Male and Female Troll


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