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Talon Faction Mod


Talon Faction Mod is Live!

Search "Talon Faction Mod" on EU or NA Server. Enjoy!


Update notes

  • [02-08-2018] Solves issue that caused game crash when Zerglings attacked a Citadel.
  • [08-09-2018] Ported mod to NA servers.


This page contains all info regarding the Talon Faction Mod (Extension mod)  for Starcraft 2: Legacy Of The Void.


The Talon Faction Mod converts the Protoss race into the Talon.
Two modes of play are built into the mod:

1) Cosmetic Conversion of the Protoss multiplayer units, including a subset of the upgradeable skins (try them out to see which secrets Talon units may roam the battlefield).

2) Talon Faction Battle mode which allows the player to choose between 4 of the Talon branches: First-Assault Armada, the Forgers, the Cyber Initiative and the Biocrafters. Each Faction features a subset of the multiplayer technology tree and several unique units and structures and abiities/upgrades that ty into their branch.


The First-Assault Armada
This branch is closest to the multiplayer style of the Talon. The First-Assault Armada's key features are the psionically-attuned Harbinger and Archon units. Their forces consist of mainly all standard units with the exception of the capital class Supercarriers and Motherships.


The Forgers
Heralded as the keepers of the fleet and engineers of the Talon, the Forgers are known for their armored arsenal. The Forgers maintain the Supercarriers and Motherships as the Pinnacle of their fleet and added to that they have Advanced Paladin and the Royal-guard Crusader units to enforce their ground assault capabilities. The Forgers also prefer to use the Vaporizer siege unit over the Tiamath.


The Cyber Initiative
Known for their radical believe of advancement trough cybernetics the Cyber Initiative has upgraded nearly all of its forces to cybernetically enhanced warriors. Cyber Hunters and Cyber Adepts scare many of the other branches in close quarters combat. Reinforced by the most-feared Berserker Tiamath, upgraded Crusader and Vindicator drone-weapons their ground force is unmatched. because of their views however, their don't use Stargate based tech.


The Biocrafters
An offset of the First-assault Armada and known as radicals amongst them. The Biocrafters are obsessed with augmentation of the flesh and are happy to experiment with its forces to create super soldiers. During the last battle for government their adversaries were stunned by their latest creations: the Golem and Behemoth abominations. The Biocrafters also dismiss anything artificial and therefore don't use drone units. They also field only Scout aircrafts as air-support.



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