Talon Unit Pack 1 (Multiplayer)


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    May 16, 2017
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Talon Unit Pack 1

Multiplayer hardware



The Talon Unit Pack 1 brings the full complement of Talon basic multiplayer units.

Includes: Worker, Hunter, Paladin, Sentinel, Adept, Harbinger, Archon, Acolyte, Phase Prism, Watcher, Crusader, Tiamath, Disruptor, Bloodwing, Void Ray, Plasmacaster Oracle, Carrier with Interceptors, Dominator, Mothership Core and the Mothership.



Features: Unit models along with several key unit-effects such as movement trail for the Harbinger and a phased Disruptor. Lightweight Textures are used for all units.

Errors: Please, if there's any abnormalities let me know.

Known Issues: The animation during the Archon merging is not working correctly. I'm still working out how to solve the issue. Doesn't affect unit functionality.