WASD "Lag-Less" Movement

Features - 8 Way Directional movement and space for jumping (generic).

  • UPDATE*- Improved How Movement looks. I recommend setting game speed to Slow, Normal, Fast for the best performance which is 95% lagless. Using other game speeds changes how effective the controls are.

Everyone Enjoy. I spent a lot of time wondering how to create lagless movement on bnet. Behold the triggers used to create such a possibility and there here for anyone to use. Its been tested with 2 players and works on Bnet on the U.S. side. I would assume it would work great on other servers as well. I Did this for all those great mappers i see with killer maps but are having troubles with lag. Fell free to modify change copy destroy or do what ever you need with this. Just make sure you give credit where its due :D

Check out the tutorial for this map here http://forums.sc2mapster.com/resources/tutorials/6981-trigger-reduced-lag-wasd-movement/#posts



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