The Final Frontier

This page wont be updated anymore!!!
My map's discussion is now hosted at here:

The Final Frontier is a complex space strategy map.
Based on:

Published on EU and NA server. (If you want to publish it on other server, than contact with me)
My EU id: Goa.558
EU channel: final frontier (all low cases)

Fun fact, the map has 13700 line code, however I dont use galaxy.

-A completely open technology research system, with millions of combinations and a unique result every time.
-Map generator with randomly generated planets and stars based on H-R diagram. With this you will never play on the same map.
-Customizable space ships with 8 type of hull, weapons, drives, hull plating and shield.
-Time based alliance system, where both side have to agree in a pact.
-Focusable colonies on economy, production, research or mining.
-Unique ship building, where production time per ship is less if you build more ship. Also ships quality counts in the production time too.
-8 type of building for your colonies.
-3 custom resources, which you can only spend on other colonies, if you transport it with a transport ship.

Version 2.0 in the work!!!

Far future plan:
The Final Frontier MMORPRTS (REAL TIME) if they implement what I suggested there with "Goa" name!
-Some of the stuff made in 2.0 will make me easier to make the map into a mmorprts.

New video about the map's guide system:
(videos made on low quality starcraft 2 settings, but the videos still looks nice, if you choose high quality and full screen as they are well encoded)

Old video about research and ship designing:

Very old video about colony management, shipyard and map generator:

map on (its rarely updated and inaccurate)
EU link:
NA link:

Any idea is welcomed.


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