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Warcraft: Dark Crusade


Warcraft: Dark Crusade is a project that recreates the classic Warcraft 1 and 2 gameplay as well as the entire single-player campaigns of Warcraft 1, Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness, and its expansion, Warcraft 2: Beyond the Dark Portal within the Starcraft 2 engine.  Dark Crusade is a massive undertaking that, when complete, will contain 76 missions, 12 from Warcraft 1 Humans, 12 from Warcraft 1 Orcs, 14 from Warcraft 2 Orcs, 14 from Warcraft 2 Humans, 12 from Warcraft 2X Orcs, and finally 12 from Warcraft 2X Humans.  


Do not hesitate to leave feedback or suggestions in the comments below.

FRIENDLY DISCLAIMER: This mod and all campaign files are FREE.  This means, all who work on Dark Crusade are putting their free time into an incredibly comprehensive remaster of all of Warcraft 1 and Warcraft 2, including entirely new features such as story modes, hero modes, and tons more bonus content.  Thus, there should be absolutely no expectations that bug fixes or new features will be released in any sort of timely manner.  This is a "we'll get to it when we get to it" situation.  Please be aware the modders here have work lives, family lives, and simply do not have the energy to maintain a lively work cycle to keep the mod 100% up to date.  We do promise we will release updates when we feel they are ready to be released.  We hope that you understand our position on this.

Latest News - 

March 17th, 2021

The first beta mod and map is here!

This first news bulletin represents the first 0.01 version of Dark Crusade is now available to test.  All mods are available to download, which includes a core gameplay mod, local translation mod, assets mod, and dual cinematics mods that contains every single briefing and cinematic in Warcraft 1 and 2.  In addition, the first working Dark Crusade Launcher is available to use, which beyond launching missions, toggling all your options and showcasing your achievements won, also contains a classic jukebox for replaying all audio tracks (yes including the Disco "I am a Medieval Man") and all video briefings and cinematics to be viewed at your leisure.  The last downloadable content comes in the form of the first Human mission in Episode 1.  While short, the mission showcases both the Warcraft gameplay style in the engine, the differences in options you can choose from, such as enabling your Regent hero, enabling bonus story telling before mission starts/ends, as well as toggling vast differences in gameplay such as enabling/disabling Warcraft 3 armor types.  Although not prevelant in the first mission, be advised much more content is coming.  I will be updating internal pages with all future available units/structures and their classic/enhanced stats, abilities, upgrades, etc.


I hope to release Mission 2 of the Human campaign soon, then mission 3, and so on.  Although a vast majority of the mod is complete, there will be slight changes here and there, and updates to the mod will be required.  This includes both the core mod and local mod.  I do not envision many, if any, updates to the Cinematics mods, and minor updates to the Assets mod (unless we get more fan made warcraft models available)

- OmegaWeapon 


Coming Soon!


Current Version: 0.09 (BETA)

Required files:

Translations: (Only English is available for now, more will be available at a future date)

  • WCDC Localization English - Available in the Core Mod download!

Due to the "work-in-progress" nature of where this project is, it is always highly recommended to do a clean install upon each new map or mod upgrade by deleting any previous Dark Crusade-related folders or zip archives from your Starcraft 2 root install directory, and delete or rename the WCDC.SC2Bank file in (Documents)/Starcraft II/Banks


For older versions of the mod, see the "Files" section.


Manual Installation:


Please carefully follow these steps: 

    1. Download the required mod files (see the "Downloads" section above)
      • There are four primary downloads, The core mod/missions, the assets mod, and both cinematics mod.  The English localization will be within the core mod.
    2. Extract the core mod/missions first.   Within this extracted WCDCfolder, move the folder called "Warcraft Dark Crusade" to the "Maps" folder of your Starcraft 2 Installation folder
      • Typically located in your primary C: drive -> Applications (mac) /Program Files (win) -> Starcraft II.  Or basically, where Starcraft2.exe is located - Note: Create the "Maps" folder here if it doesn't exist!) 
    3. Go back to that extracted WCDC folder and now move the "Mods" folder to the same place as the "Maps" folder. 
      • There should be two mods already within the mods folder.  We're going to move more there next.
    4. Extract the Assets and Cinematics mod files (WCDCassets and WCDCcinematicsPart1/2) and extract them to the "Mods" folder in your Starcraft 2 install directory.  Your Mods folder should now have FIVE mod files including:
      1. WCDCmod.SC2Mod
      2. WCDClocal.SC2Mod
      3. WCDCassets.SC2Mod
      4. WCDCcinematicsPart1.SC2Mod
      5. WCDCcinematicsPart2.SC2Mod

You can now use the pre-placed shortcut in your core WCDC download that says "Warcraft Dark Crusade - WIN".  Just double click that link and it should instantly load up the Campaign Launcher.  If your SC2 installation path is different from the default please update that shortcut path accordingly.  The contents are as follows:


C:\Program Files (x86)\StarCraft II\Support\SC2Switcher.exe" -run "C:\Program Files (x86)\StarCraft II\Maps\Warcraft Dark Crusade\WCDC Campaign Launcher.SC2Map" -displaymode 2


For MAC, its a bit different.   First, unzip the pre-placed shortcut called "Warcraft Dark Crusade - MAC". Then locate your WCDC Campaign Launcher map and drag and drop it over the MAC shortcut.  That will now instantly load the Campaign Launcher.


You're all set! Use the shortcut to play anytime.


Alternative ways to play:


If the above doesn't work for you, first and foremost make sure that:

  • you have all the necessary files in the right directories
  • you've set the correct paths for the shortcut
  • you're running the latest version of Starcraft 2

Alternative way to play without the shortcut:

  • locate SC2Switcher.exe in the Support folder (your Starcraft 2 install directory)/Support
  • locate the WCDC Campaign Launcher file in (your Starcraft 2 install directory)Maps/Warcraft Dark Crusade
  • drag and drop the WCDC Campaign Launcher file to SC2Switcher.exe

If you wish to play while logged on to battle.net, you will need to take the following steps:

  • Launch Starcraft II using the battle.net launcher
  • Alt-tab to desktop
  • Launch Warcraft Dark Crusade using the created shortcut

Note that you can still save and load any WCDC map, as long as you're logged in.

Portrait Note

Due to Reforged model assets not being available, yet, in the SC2 engine, most models and portraits are using the older SD warcraft3 versions.  However, I was able to upload Reforged HQ icons for all buttons and portraits.  Because the native 3D portraits are low res, this means it is HIGHLY recommended you disable 3D portraits in your SC2 menu settings under gameplay and use 2D portraits instead.  What this will do is force the game to use the high quality Reforged portrait images when you select units/buildings and during story mode dialog transmissions.  While not entirely detracting to continue to use the low res 3d portraits, there is something to be said about seeing the full high quality portraits instead, especially for drastically redesigned units like Gul'dan from an old man with a loose tooth to a menacing warlock.  In addition, it gives a somewhat classic feel having a 2D portrait for a classic Warcraft.

Your choice - but I would use 2D portraits in your menu settings :)

In-Depth WCDC Informational Pages

  • Coming Soon!



Make sure you're using an up-to-date version of Starcraft 2.


Common issues:

  • Param/values/whatever: if lots of texts are like that, you may have a problem with your Mods: delete WCDCmod and WCDClocal, and re-download them from the links below. If it is only one or two lines (say, a mission objective), report it in the comments section (in that case, please specify which language you are playing in).
  • Dependency cannot be loaded: The mods are not at the proper place. Check that you have put your mods (WCDCmod AND WCDClocal) in the Mods folder, as on the picture below.
  • Unable to load map: Your maps are not at the proper place. Check that you have put the episode files such as "1. Defends of Azeroth" in a folder "Warcraft Dark Crusade", itself to be placed in Maps, as on the picture above.

About The Author


Hi there!  It's me, your friendly neighborhood ultimate boss, Omega Weapon.  I have a strong love for all things Blizzard since its first Warcraft game came out who knows when ago.  I love all things RTS such as Warcraft, Starcraft, and Command & Conquer as well as all things action/JRPG role playing such as Diablo, Final Fantasy, Mass Effect, etc.  To that end, I had a desire to see some classic games remade in updated engines.  Sometime, the original developers are too slow to develop these or they just don't do them justice.  The first major project I jumped into was the updated Starcraft: Mass Recall project, which made Starcraft 1 in the Starcraft 2 engine. 


Afterwards, I strongly wanted to remake Warcraft 1 and 2 in the new Warcraft 3 Reforged engine.  However, I was dissapointed to learn that the WC3R engine was hardly updated and was not nearly as customizable as the SC2 engine.  Struggling with the decision which engine to use, I ultimately choose SC2 because of its high degree of customization and powerful editing capabilities.  Although I was able to import all high quality Reforged Icons, most of the Reforged assets however were not available from Blizzard.  It remains to be seen whether Blizzard will release these to the SC2 engine or if fans will create them, but for now, most assets will either use fan-made models or WC3 original models.


Ultimately, I want to have some fun with this remaster of sorts.  We're going to replay all Warcraft 1 and 2 in the SC2 engine with a ton of bonus content that you can toggle on or off as you want including heroes, story content, music, sounds, gameplay stats, achievements, you name it!  What's more, EVERY SINGLE briefing and cinematic from the classic games will be available within this project.  It's like you'll be transported to 1990 and 2020 at the same time.  



map design and scripting



based on the SC2 Warcraft mod by


additional development by


custom 3D models & textures by


mikethesspike Classic Warcraft 1 Models: Stables, Church, Human/Orc Lumbermills, Human/Orc Blacksmiths, Human/Orc Barracks, Human Tower, Stormwind Castle, Blackrock Spire

Classic Warcraft 2 Models: Human/Orc Transports, Gnomish Submarine
MouseTaylor Various Custom Models: Cleric (Decard Cain), classic war1 daemon/water elementals, classic bandit, classic spider, wow Grom, etc

additional artwork


omegaweaponx WCDC loading screen
 manager__ WCDC title text




omegaweaponx English version


PLEASE NOTE that this is a completely unofficial, non-profit, fan-made remake and in no way affiliated with Activision Blizzard.




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