Vexal Tower Defense

Update coming in the future.

Tower Defense.

- 43 levels, including bosses with special abilities unheard of in a WC3 Tower Defense.
- Some levels have special abilities, again, which were unheard of in WC3.
- Unique towers which were not possible with the WC3 editor, such as towers with the Carrier's Hangar ability, upscaled to store an unlimited number of a variety of powerful units, or Sunken's ability to stack and uproot towers.
- Two unique races, Humanoid and Sunken.  Sunken is currently a work-in-progress.  The races are polar opposites in terms of play-style.
- Hero-Towers.  Hero-Towers gain experience and level with kills, and are allowed to choose their own distribution of skill points, as well as purchase powerful weapons to equip.
- Three modes of play:  Full Team, Left vs Right, and Solo.  More modes are currently in the works.
- Intense difficulty.  You will not win your first try.  You will not win your second try.  You will need a full team of coordinated players to make it halfway through my game.

Created by Vexal.525

Some notes:
- I usually am not able to actually test versions of my map privately.  Due to the nature of 2.0, in order to originally test this map, I had no choice but to upload it publicly in its half-finished form.  It is still unfinished.  Every so often (as in, every few hours, a few times a day), I upload a new version with a small addition (such as a new tower, unit, ability, or balance change).  If I were able to complete this map in privacy before uploading it, I would.  However, due to the fact that the maximum party size is 6, and this is a 10 player map, it is almost impossible for me to organize a full private game.  I apologize if a version is uploaded with game-breaking bugs.

Feedback:  Post here, PM me here, message Vexal (525) in-game, or email [email protected]

I have uploaded a map with the triggers and object data in my TD.

This file contains all of the triggers and data for my tower defense.  Feel free to open and examine these.  You may take any part of this map's triggers.  You may reuse any of my methods for creating an object.  However, I request that you not use any of the ideas contained in this map.  You may use any piece of an object's data to learn how to apply a similar function to your own object.  You may not copy the idea of the object itself.

If you wish to build your map ON TOP of this one, please contact me first.  I will not forbid such action, but I have disabled certain function to prevent such from happening without studying the map.  I did so because I am uploading this with the intention that people will use this map as a tool to answer specific questions, ie "how do I make a hero" "how do I make a tower launch units" etc.

I do not request credit on maps where parts of my map are used.  I DO request that you contact me if this upload was helpful, and let me know exactly how it was so.  So that I may keep track of whether this is useful to anyone.

Feedback:  Post here, PM me here, message Vexal (525) in-game, or email [email protected]


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