Vortex of the Void


Vortex of the Void is a 6 mission Protoss campaign about Tedis, a High Templar, and her hunt after Mal'Zar, who is attempting to resurrect his master Ulzar, The Dead God. This campaign takes place a few years after the largest Protoss battle in the galaxy took place: the Shadow Templar, Ulzar, was defeated on Aiur. Now his slave, Mal'Zar is gathering the shadow energy to bring his master back to life. His Rebirth can start a second eternal conflict. Tedis wants to stop this coming darkness and make eternal peace in the galaxy. She knows, there is a still chance to set the victory flag.


  • A lot of new models
  • New Characters
  • In action already existing one (Artanis, Zeratul)


  • Tedis
  • Zeratul
  • Mal'Zar
  • Ulzar
  • Executor
  • Artanis
  • Bradis


  • Void 01 - Whisper of Shadows (Finished)
  • Void 02 - Inside of Evil (Finished)
  • Void 03 - The Ally Strike (Finished)
  • Void 04 - The Hour of Doom (Finished)
  • Void 05 - The Sky is Falling (Finished)
  • Void 06 - Echoes of the Ice (Finished)

Prologue - Shattered Void

  • Prologue 01 - Rules of Darkness (Finished)
  • Prologue 02 - Corrupted Lands (Finished)

Difficulty Levels

  • Casual: A difficulty requiring little to no multitasking and micro skills, featuring less enemies and focus on story.
  • Normal: A difficulty requiring minor multitasking and micro skills, featuring fewer enemies and focus on story and minor challenges.
  • Hard: A difficulty requiring good multitasking and micro skills, featuring a high number enemies and focus on challenges and entertainment.
  • Brutal: A difficulty requiring great multitasking and micro skills, featuring tremendously more enemies and heavy focus on challenge.

Screenshots & Videos

Prologue Mission


  • WarGirl
  • TaylorMouse
  • Hammer107
  • GhostNova91
  • Zowieberner
  • Thrikodias
  • SoulFilcher
  • SyCoAttack
  • Flinks and Luke Mancini
  • alleyviper85
  • Comrade Crimson
  • StringStorm


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