Unit Tester Online v0.97 (North America)


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    Dec 18, 2011
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-save/load: can now save positions before attack
-save/load: new buttons for attack and autosave
-save/load: buttons highlight when in use
-options: observer panel for showing APM
-neutral structures: can be built be Protoss Builder
-bugfix: patch changed some editor values for Zerg


-save/load: now stored in player 1 bank
-save/load: save files include description field
-attack dialog now includes icons and text
-battle report added with statistics for winning player
-optimization: leaderboard rewritten for efficiency
-optimization: removed waits for faster execution
-optimization: zerg builder works better during lag
-bugfix: "mirror" current player is now player who created or removed last unit
-bugfix: "Xel'Naga tower" is back and working


-help screen available (F12 menu)
-option to disable fast creep (options submenu)
-five new terrains added (terrain submenu)
-tooltips for research include costs (minerals, vespene, time)
-bugfix: units attacking high ground without vision
-bugfix: energy button stack overflow error
-bugfix: switch causing some buildings to become invisible
-bugfix: respawn not updating terrain changes in attack mode
-bugfix: creep tumor incorrect footprint
-bugfix: using structure's attack corrupted leaderboard
-bugfix: computer automatically used abilities


unit creator
-Unit creator has been completely redesigned
-Dual creator windows can be used independently by two players
-Upgrades are now found in unit creator instead of buildings
-Unit tooltips show unit cost and description
-Upgrade tooltips show description
-Text confirmation when creating units or researching upgrades
-Race builders are now accessible during unit creator
-Leaderboard now tracks buildings created during unit creator

save/load dialog
-Save / load feature added
-Nine available save slots
-Save states do not persist from game to game
-Use F10 menu to save states permanently
-Units and buildings, including position, can be saved
-Upgrades are automatically saved, manually loaded with shift key
-Respawn and redo buttons now use save/load triggers

attack dialog
-Attack panel icons replaced by text
-Terrain "Natural" redesigned to allow attack by ground
-Terrain icons replaced by text
-Upgrade button compatible with new unit creator
-Upgrade button redesigned to be on/off
-Revealers now enabled for players 3-8
-Cameras now enabled for players 3-8

bug fixes
-Triggers no longer destroy ladder map resources
-Upgrade button no longer researches derelict upgrades

-Save/load does not work for units inside transports
-Siege tanks now always have siege mode
-Carriers now always start with 8 interceptors
-No hotkeys for unit creator
-Resetting weapon/armor upgrades doesn't reset art
-Resetting zergling speed upgrades doesn't reset model