Tug of War

Im new to map making and this is my first map that i ever uploaded, so please leave feedback

  • Meant for 1v1 Multiplayer, however i attempted at some sort of computer opponent that will have units but not build anything.(I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me if the computer interferes in anyway with 2 actual players)
  • Build buildings with your SCV. For each Buidling you build another pair of units will spawn every 15 second which will automatically attack your opponent.(only the Barracks Factory and Starport cause more units to spawn)
  • You only have control of your SCV, and all of your buildings, Units that spawn will be controlled by the computer
  • Can upgrade each units damage,health, and armor
  • You have an income that starts out at 5 minerals every 15 seconds, and you can build supply depots that increase it by 5 for each, and those can further be upgraded to add an additional 6 minerals per 15 seconds

-Planned for the Future

  • Hero units that you get to control
  • Unique upgrades for each unit
  • More unit variety

Please Report any bugs typos etc.


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