Diablo: The curse of Tristram RPG

This is a Multiplayer Hack and Slash RPG mods for Stacraft2 Bnet 2.0.


Diablo: The curse of Tristram (2014)




General Info:

  • 6x Heros (Done)
  • 6x Acts (each Act = one map)(in progress)
  • Around 90xItemPreFix(Done)
  • Around 90xItemSuffix(Done)
  • Randomized Item generator system with Normal/Magic/Rare/Unique(Done)
  • Randomized map events(Done)
  • Semi-Randomized Terrain system (2D with 3D)(Done)
  • Save/Load(Done)
  • LadderBoard with Season(Done)
  • Day/Night engine(Done)
  • Fast Action Hack and Slash Gameplay with mouse shooting(Done)
  • Unique Skill system with a new approch(Done)
  • For now, 6xPlayers(Done)
  • Party system (or just play alone)(Done)
  • Hardcore mode availible with a different ladderboard season and special reward(Done)
  • Softcore and Hardcore players can play together(Done)
  • Copy/Paste of Diablo II controls (F1-F2-F3 for skill and 1-2-3-4-5 for potion)(Done)
  • Item system requirement to balance the game(Done)
  • Unique Custom User Interface easy to use(Done)
  • Inventory system (Equip, Sell, Drop, Move, Cancel)(Done)
  • Check items on the ground by holding Alt Key like Diablo and Grab them(Done)
  • Each players see what items dropped, so yes, you can ninja!(Done)
  • PvP Duel(Planning)
  • Unique Diablo1 and Diablo2 Sounds imported(Done)
  • Some Custom World of Warcraft models imported (monster)(Done)
  • Randomized Shop system(Done)
  • Quest User interface system(Done)
  • A Nice Story-line(Done)
  • Tons of Diablo2 Stats Formula used (Defense rating/ Stg / Dex / Energy / Vitality / chance to hit etc..)(Done)
  • Randomized Item Drop system(Done)
  • MagicFind item bonus(Done)
  • Randomized ennemy (with boss and their minions) (Done)
  • Experience system, max lvl 99(Done)
  • A Ennemy scale system depending how many players are in the game(Done)
  • Blood(Done)
  • New Treasure Chest Hunting system(Done)
  • and more...

Who i am ?

Hello, My name is Egodbout/Egod, im the only developer of this project. Im a big fans of Diablo series. In the past, i made one of the first RPG map availible for Warcraft III. You can probably google it and find something with Diablo Tristram Village RPG. Also, im the original creator of Diablo Hero arena.

In 2010, i received a Starcraft II beta invitation and i started my baby, Diablo: The Curse of Tristram RPG. This project have change during those two years and im very pround of what it look likes right now.

My goal is to be the best and the most popular RPG mods availible on BNET 2.0 with a strong communities around it.

This project will be free and playable on BNET when completed.

Donate is supporting!

You can help this project. With your donation, this project will be developed more faster and will have more content! Aslo, donation give you a chance to be pick for futur multiplayer testing!

  1. With a donation of 5$, You entering in Diablo: The Curse of Tristram RPG multiplayer BETA-TEST on BNET!
  2. With a donation of 10$, You entering in Diablo: The Curse of Tristram RPG multiplayer ALPHA-TEST on BNET!
  3. With a donation of 20$, You entering in Diablo: The Curse of Tristram RPG multiplayer PRE-ALPHA-TEST on BNET! pre-alpha is the first multiplayer test of the project. Also, you will have your name on a unique item! ex: The ThunderEgod Belt

Donation list

  • Thank you Maciej 5$
  • Thank you Christ34 5$
  • Thank you Cheatx 5$
  • Thank you Anders 15$
  • Thank you Nothing999 10$
  • Thank you Thorsanctuary 15$

https://www.paypalobjects.com/en_US/i/btn/btn_donateCC_LG.gif Donate Link here

Follow me live !

You can also follow the developpement of this project live! Stream link with livechat here: http:fr-ca.twitch.tv/egod123

Note: This stream is randomly open when im working on it, so if its offline, come back later.

GameGuide v.1.0alpha

Tristram RPG Guide v1.0a

Fullname : Diablo : The Curse of Tristram RPG Starcraft II Mods Project, playable on Battle.net

GameMenu :

  • StartNewHero
  • Load Saved Hero
  • LadderBoard
  • Lastest Patch Note
  • Credits

http://www.sc2mapster.com/media/images/47/653/Screenshot2012-10-29_11_36_29.jpg StartNewHero :

There is a Total of 6xHeros you can choose :

  1. The Assassin
  2. The Biodroid
  3. The Psy-Caster
  4. The Firetrooper
  5. The Hunter
  6. The MechWarrior

When you choosing your hero, you can check a option for Hardocre mode. The Hardcore mode is extreme. If your hero die, you lose everything. This include all Items and Hero. Hardcore mode players have a different ladder board. In Tristram RPG, Softcore players and Hardocre Players can play together.

  • The Assassin

The Assassin have a passive abilities to open any locked chest in the map for a extra loot. Other class will have to find a KEY to open them. This abilities include Rare Chest! Shes also a specialist with Laser Gun. The advantage of this type of gun its is large projectile. The requirement needed to use this kind of gun is reduce by 20% with this heros.

Starting stats :

STG : 20 DEX : 20 VIT : 20 ENG : 25

  • BioDroids

The Biodroids have a bonus of +1 Mana Regeneration by secondes permenantly. Its good to avoid the cost of mana potion and make you able to use skill more frequently. Hes also a specialist with Toxic Gun. The advantage of this type of gun is the fast attack speed.The requirement needed to use this kind of gun is reduce by 20% with this heros.

Starting stats :

STG : 15 DEX : 25 VIT : 15 ENG : 25

  • FireTrooper

The Firetrooper is a shield specialist. Everyclass can use a shield, but it require a lot of Dexterity to use them. The Firetrooper have a requirement reduce of 50% with shield. Also, he is a specialist with Flamethrower Gun. The advantage of this type of gun is the damage and the attack speed, a good balance. The requirement needed to use this kind of gun is reduce by 20% with this heros.

Starting stats :

STG : 25 DEX : 20 VIT : 25 ENG : 15

  • Psy-Caster

The Psy-Caster have a long-term advantage. He have a passive bonus of +1 energy each level. Its good when you looking for a large pool of mana. Also, the Psy-Caster is a Shockrifle Specialist. The advantage of this type of gun is the low reuiqrement to use them and the fast attack speed it procur. The requirement needed to use this kind of gun is reduce by 20% with this heros.

Starting stats :

STG :10 DEX :25 VIT :10 ENG :35

  • Hunter

The Hunter have a long-term advantage. He have a bonus of +1 Dexterity each time you level up. This is a good way to hear powerful armor more fast then any other class. Also, The Hunter is a Machine Gun Specialist. This gun is the fastest gun in game, with a very-fast attack speed. The requirement needed to use this kind of gun is reduce by 20% with this heros.

Starting stats :

STG : 20 DEX : 25 VIT : 20 ENG : 15

  • MechWarrior

The MechWarrior is a Gun specialist. He have long-term advantage bonus of +1 strength each time he level up. With this, you can use a lot of powerful gun more faster than any other class. Also, the mecwarrior is a rocket launcher specialist. The advantage of this type of gun its his strong damage impact. The requirement needed to use this kind of gun is reduce by 20% with this heros.

Starting stats :

STG :30 DEX :20 VIT :25 ENG :10

Load Saved Hero :

In Tristram RPG, you can save and load your hero. There is one slot availible for now. You can Load your hero in different Tristram RPG map and continue your adventure. Ex : Act1 Part2 to Act2 Part1 Map. To Travel map to map, you will have to complete the main quest of one Act.

http://www.sc2mapster.com/media/images/31/957/LAdderBoard.jpg Ladder Board:

What is a ladder board?

A ladder board is a regroupement of all character stats over bnet. You can track the progression of people you play with. The LadderBoard will auto-update with all the people you play. More you play with different people, more your ladder board will be updated. There is Two kind of leaderboard, one is for softcore hero (you cant lose your hero) one is for Hardcore hero ( 1xlife, if you die, you lsoe everything and you cant load it).

You can follow the progression here. There is also Rank/Class/Exp/Level and for hardcore (Dead or not).

Lastest Patch Notes:

There is also the lastest patch note you can read in-game. If you missed to read the patch notes in the arcade section, you can do it without leaving the games.


The Credits section for now is,

Map Developer : Egodbout Special thanks items models : Phaos

The Story-Line :

In Tristram RPG, Diablo : The Curse of Tristram RPG, the story is based on Diablo Series, especialy DiabloII. The World you gonna explore is Sanctuary in the years 2934.

Sanctury is a old unexplored planet. Your mission is to help a group of scientific marines deployed there. Exploration, danger and evils await you!

There is also the following adventure of Captain Morgan, the missing leader of this exploration group. What append to him? What did he find on this planet? This is what you gonna discover in this map.

http://www.sc2mapster.com/media/images/47/654/Screenshot2012-10-29_11_37_41.jpg The User Interface:

The User interface in Tristram RPG is simple.

The Main Interface is the menu, the big button down the screen -Inventory (I KEY) -Character Stats (C KEY) -Skill Books (K KEY) -Quests (Q KEY) -Party (P KEY) -Save and Exit (ESC KEY)

Also, you have : -A Green Bar (your life) -A Blue Bar (your mana pool) -Right Mouse Button Key Icone (to use a skill) -Your hero portrait -The 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 Key -The Experience Bar

and on the top of that, you have your mineral and oil.

http://www.sc2mapster.com/media/images/47/655/Screenshot2012-10-29_11_38_28.jpg The Inventory: The inventory is not the in-game inventory of Sc2, it look like it, but its all custom made. On your right side, you have your bag, with 30 Slots. On your left side, you have your inventory with 10xdifferent slots. Also, there is 7xSlots linked with your Belt Bar button (1-2-3 etc) in the middle of the screen. This emplacement is for Healing and Mana kits only.

When you pick up a item, the item go in the bag. By clicking a item, a second Interface open and let you 5xOption.

-Equip (Equip the item, it automaticly go to the Inventory slot) -Move (Move a item in the bag) -Sell (Sell a item near a vendor) -Drop (Drop the item on the ground) -Cancel (Close the Interface)


  • The Character Stats:

In the character stats interface, you have all information about your hero.

Your Name Your Class Your Level and the Experiance needed for the Next level Strenght Dexterity Vitality Energy Your statpoint remaining Attack Damage Defense Life Mana Fire resistance Toxic resistance lightning resistance

  • The Skill book:

The Skill Interface:

The skill interface have a good description of all skill availible in Tristram RPG. There a total of 5xPages of Skill for now. With this interface, you can save skill in a bank memory with F1 keys like : F1-F2-F3 etc

Here my Skill (Attack) is sets on F1 key, so when im pressing F1 key and Right Click with my mouse, im gonna shoot with my Gun a normal projectile.

http://www.sc2mapster.com/media/images/47/657/Screenshot2012-10-29_11_39_47.jpg The Skill system :

In Tristram RPG, all Character can use the same skill, but you dont choose them, you find them! There is 3xType of Skill Book you can find on the gound, 1xMagic (+1 to a specific skill), 1xRare (+1 to a Random skill) and 1xUnique (+1 skill pts in bank). When you find a unique skill book and use it, you got a skill point that you can spend as you wish in the 5xpages of skill. Each skill have a maximun of 20x Level and each level have a different graphic effect. Each time you level up, you gain no skill pts, its only from book. There will be a maximun of 5xSkills you can learn by character so when you use a book, be sure its the right choice for you because you cant go back.

There a tons of different build you can make in Tirstram RPG.

http://www.sc2mapster.com/media/images/47/658/Screenshot2012-10-29_11_41_03.jpg Quests:

The quest panel show you all the quest availible for the Act.

Can you rush a friend in Tristram RPG? No you cant, he will have to finish all quest in Act1 before going Act2, but you can help him

Some quest have objective, the progress of your quest is on the right side of the interface, in YELLOW

http://www.sc2mapster.com/media/images/47/659/Screenshot2012-10-29_11_41_37.jpg Party Panel:

This interface is for invite others players in a party. You can invite someone to join your aventure. Its your choic , cause if you want to play alone and not sharing any experience or quest, you can decline.

Also, this interface have some important information about you and others players. You can see his Account Name, the class his playing and the Zone he his. With that, you have the lvl of his Character. You can ask him to duel you with the D button on the left side. If he accept, he become a hostile target.

When your in a party, there is Two portrait on top of the screen. One is you and One is the person you invited. The Green bar at the bottom its his life. You can have a maximun party of 6xPlayers.


In Tristram RPG, there is a Auto-Save almost everytime in the game to avoid duping. But to be sure to not lose anything you can use this interface. By quitting the game this way, you are 100% sure to not lose any progress.


Loot : The most important thing in this game is Loot. There a tons and a tons of loot you can collect to make your heros more powerful.

In TristramRPG, you can find :

  • Normal/Magic/Rare/Unique Items

A Normal item have no Suffix/Prefix A Magical Item have 1 or 2 Magical attribute (1xPrefix or 1xAffix or Both at same time (1xPrefix and 1xAffix) you will never have 2xAffix or 2xPrefix at same time A Rare Item can have a Min of 3x Magical Attribute and a Max of 6x Magical attribute. You can only have a maximun of (3xPrefix and 3xAffix) A Unique item have between 5 to 10 Magical attribute. Some of them can not randomtly apply to a Magical or a Rare Items, its why they are so unique!

When a monster die, he drop loot. To show what kind of loot are on the ground, you have to hold the ALT key on your keyboard. You will see the title of the item and the quality. Remember in Tristram RPG, everyone sharing the same loot, so if you see something good, be fast and grab it before someoneelse.

Statistic Formula :

During your adventure, you will have to choose how to build your heros. Each time you level up, you gain +5 statpoint. You can spend those point in 4xCategories, Strenght/Dexterity/Vitality/Energy

  • Strenght Each point in Strenght have a impact of your attack damage. Your Attack damage also change with the damage of your weapon and different damage bonus on your gear. Also, more Strenght you have = More powerfull Weapon you can use.

Final_Max_Damage = Weapon_Max_Damage * (Str + 100) / 100

  • Dexterity Each point in Dexterity give you 3x Different bonus : More Defense Rating, More movement speed and a better spell casting rate. Also, more dexterity you have, more stronger armor you can use. Only Rings and Amulet not require any Dexterity to use them..
  • Vitality Each point of vitality give a bonus of + X life
  • Energy Each point of Energy give a bonus of + X Mana

There is a lot more bonus your hero can gain :

MagicFind% Magic Damage reduce by X Damage goes to mana by % Replenish Life + % All resistance X Etc...

(There is a total of 90xPrefix and 90xAffix in the game)

  • The Defense rating is a total of all your gear. More defense rating you have, less are the chance that a monster will hit you. In fact, Each monster have personnal stats, like attack rating.

Chance to Hit: 100 * AR / (AR + DR) * 2 * alvl / (alvl + dlvl) where AR = Attack Rating of Attacker; DR = Defense Rating of Defender; alvl = Level of Attacker; dlvl = Level of Defender.

http://www.sc2mapster.com/media/images/47/661/Screenshot2012-10-29_11_52_37.jpg GameEngine :

The game engine of TristramRPG is Click and Move, Hack and Slash system. You move with the Left Mouse Button, and you do 1xAction with the right mouse button. You swtich between skill and click the right mouse button to cast them. The normal shooting gun is considered as a skill.

There is 2xType of Global Coldown in this game. One is Casting speed and the one is Global CD. The Global CD is the second between the switch of each skill. The Casting speed CD is between the Cast of each click. There is no way to change the Global CD with stats in the game, but you can have a better Casting speed. That mean you can spam a skill more faster then others players just because of your casting speed.

http://www.sc2mapster.com/media/images/47/662/Screenshot2012-10-29_11_53_23.jpg Ennemies :

Killing a hostile target give experience and loot. There is 4x Type of ennemies in this games.

  1. Undead
  2. Beast
  3. Demon
  4. Human

With this, you have different categories of ennemy randomly generated each time you play like :

  1. Normal
  2. Minion
  3. Unique

Also, Unique monster have special abilities like:

  1. Fire Resis
  2. Static
  3. Teleport
  4. High Regeneration

Minion and Unique ennemies give a additionnal bonus of Exp. A Unique ennemy have a 100% chance to drop a Magical , Rare, or Unique Item if your lucky! You can increase the quality of the drop with Magic find bonus on items.

There will be 6xBoss in total, each one is at the end of each act. Each boss will drop up to 3 or 5 items on the ground. Magic/Rare or Unique. no normal

http://www.sc2mapster.com/media/images/47/663/Screenshot2012-10-29_11_55_27.jpg Shop : There 3xDifferent kind of Shop in the game to spend your gold.

  • Seller Shop : This kind of Shop is where you sell items for mineral. The quality of the items will have a huge impact of the price you will have in return. Each item sold have a range of randomized price, like : 100$ to 500$ fopr 1xItem. A Item with lower requirement like (lvl 1) will give less mineral than a level highner (lvl 10).
  • The Healing/Mana kit shop : To heal yourself. you can buy some healing/mana kit to bring with you during the aventure. You have a limit of 7xKit in your belt. You can choose 3xManaKit and 4xHealing kit, or 7xHealing kit, its your choice to decide your play style. You can also find Healing and Mana kit from loot. You cant sell a kit to a vendor.
  • Greedy Shop :

This shop is used to buy items. You can buy Helm/Belt/Ring/Weapon/Glove/Boot/Armor. You CANT buy any Amulet, they drop only from loot. The price of those item are pretty high and the quality you got is randomly generated. You have 5% Chance to get a Rare Item and 1% chance to get a Unique.

http://www.sc2mapster.com/media/images/47/664/Screenshot2012-10-29_11_57_42.jpg Zoom system :

To figure out what is around you, press the TAB key or the M key on your keyboard. By doing this, the view change and give you a nice idea of the field. By doing this, movement is locked. You can still attack to not break the hack and slash action feeling.

http://www.sc2mapster.com/media/images/47/665/Screenshot2012-10-29_11_58_29.jpg The Terrain Semi-Randomized:

The Terrain is made with 2D and 3D environnement with a mix of Semi-Randomized Doodas. Basictly, Enter and Exit of cavern and dungeon are random, so you will have to explore each time you play. It can append that the enter of a Cave is at the same place you played last time, but its random. With this, you will have randomized events, monster. chest, loot and more! Each time you will play is a different experience.

14 november 2012 Egod


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