Tribal Wars

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Millions of years ago even before the Xel'naga made contact to the Protoss,

The tribes of the Protoss were at major battle... With, each other...

The Journey Begins

It wasn't until a strange pod fell from the sky slamming into the ground, where a massive creature came out of the ground, a worgen...


Xel'tir, one of the leaders, tamed him, gave him armor but this was a mistake The worgen broke free and destroyed the city.

The Worgens seek infestation of Aiur

Since then, some tribes have grouped together, but since no such thing has ever been done, they didn't have the technology to make contact with each other...

    • To this day, the worgens come every minute or so, and patrol Aiur... But recently the worgens seemed to have infected the animals, the Protoss call it hybridlings...
Who knows how long the Protoss have...

I am creating a video for it, as soon as possible! But I fear it won't be ready till January because I am working on a family reunion video for christmas, anyways, I must go, but I will give features in a couple of hours, or days...


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