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The Antioch Chronicles: Thoughts in Chaos
v 1.4.2026


Download the most recent map and mod zip files from .

Unzip the ThoughtsInChaosMaps file into your StarCraft II/Maps folder and ThoughtsInChaosMod file into your StarCraft II/Mods folder. If either of those folders don't exist, create them.

Open ThoughtsInChaos/MapLoader.SC2Map, then click the Test Map button. Save your game, then begin playing!


Please report any bugs you find at or join us on Discord at .

Patch Notes:


v. 1.4.2026

  • Mod - Dead Lynxes now leave corpses behind, rather than immediately disintegrating.
    Mod - Corrected Laurioch and Khrillian's switched models.
  • All Maps - Re-encoded all audio files to significantly reduce file size.
  • Map Loader - Fixed an issue introduced by Blizzard's last patch that caused the map loading failures.
  • 3-2 - After significant cognitive behavioral therapy, the heroes no longer have a fear of heights, meaning they'll jump down when needed.
  • 3-4 - Dark Templar are now more easily rescued.
  • 3-4 - For those who wish to use it, there is now a skip option in the hangar puzzle.
  • 3-10 - Zethys now correctly moans and screams when killed.

v. 1.4

  • Mod - Addressed a rare bug that would cause there to be no mouse cursor on the victory screen.
    Mod - Modified Radiance to heal the caster's shields, rather than health.
  • 3-1 - Tamed the errant Brood Fathers in the basement, who had a tendency to Run Amok.
    3-5 - Rather than standing placidly as they are massacred, the computer's units will now group up and attack the player.

v. 1.3.1996

  • 3-4 - Moloch no longer holds onto the past. No, that's a lie, Moloch still does that. But his whirlwind ability now uses a properly updated version.
  • 3-6 - When selected together, Turmalis and Khrillian now collaborate, allowing the player access to both's abilities.
  • 3-6 - Trained the High Templar in the high art of hallucination. The spell kind, not the kind of art you do while high.
  • 3-11 - Like in 3-6, the units now share a command card.
  • 3-11 - Invisible dummy units are now properly invisible, even though they're still dummies.
  • 3-11 - As is right and proper, the ending cutscene now has subtitles.

v. 1.3.1995

  • 3-4 - Hot Fixed a broken console that prevented progression.

v. 1.3.1994

  • Mod - Clarified for Khrillian that his healing crystals should spawn near his teammates, not his enemies.
  • Mod - After wrestling with the data editor, corrected a number of command card errors.
  • Map Loader and Interludes - Encouraged the logo on the loading screen not to be shy and show itself if the map loader wasn’t used.
  • Map Loader - Because we want people to actually play these missions, clarified where you should start.
  • Map Loader - Shook the bugs out of the playtime calculator.
  • Interlude 1 - Sent Sevorak and Moloch to the beautician.
  • Interlude 1 - Finally paid the electric bill for Nannoth/Taeradun’s scenes.
  • 3-1 - After complaints from Moloch at the ease of his mission, have added detectors to his path.
  • 3-1 - Rather than rudely terminating their progress, upgrades and units now complete before switching into the catacombs.
  • 3-2 - The heroes have learned enough patience to wait to drop to the second floor until they've finished insulting each other.
  • 3-2 - Terran heroes no longer do their best Rambo impression at the Nexus exit and now exit the Nexus when the reach the Nexus exit.
  • 3-3 - Leashed the Eyes of the Xel'naga so they no longer rampage during cutscenes and resets.
  • 3-4 - If Moloch is feeling especially sneaky, he can now open the first door without going through the Jeffries Tubes.
  • 3-4 - Upgraded the hangar probes locomotive circuitry.
  • 3-4 - Paid the hangar control UI several compliments, thereby both brightening both its day and increasing visibility.
  • 3-7 - Melted some of Umbra’s snow to fill in areas that were missing water.

v. 1.2

  • Interlude 1 - Taught Gurney the correct spelling of Mad Dog's name. Who is Mad Dog? We can say this much: he's mad, dog.
  • 3-0 - Despite the Protoss's inherent sense of melodrama, we no longer pause the action while they have their say.
  • 3-0 - In the interest of creating a welcoming environment, we now add the Brood Fathers to the unit selection when they arrive on the scene.
  • 3-1 - Added beacons to clarify for Moloch the exit of each area in the caverns.
  • 3-4 - Upgraded hangar probe AI so it no longer suffers fatal pathing errors.
  • 3-5 - Rescued Haley from an alternate reality in which she had more to say during the camera room cutscene.
  • 3-5 - Newly Emboldened, the computer no longer hides under Haley's hero icon during transmissions.
  • 3-6 - Repeatedly ordering Khrillian to move no longer overcomes his normally considered approach.

v. 1.1

  • Interlude 1 - Haley, though still somewhat rude in general, no longer races ahead of Trench.
  • 3-0 - Turmalis and Khrillian now correctly withdraw from the battle, rather than obstinately standing and taking a beating.
  • 3-5 - Continuing in the theme of things not dying correctly, gas generators are may now be destroyed.
  • 3-7 - Ok, this is getting ridiculous, but the miners will now correctly destroy the rocks.