Coop Delimited V0.62


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    Sep 20, 2018
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Coop Delimited v0.62

  • Template map with modifications for the Allied Commanders mod enabling implementation of custom commanders. Using this template also should avoid several bugs encountered when using the mod.
  • Commander choice is no longer limited to just Raynor, Kerrigan or Artanis
  • Full mastery levelling has been added
  • Expanded the maximum number of commanders able to exist (used to be limited to 2). In the template map 3 commander players are set up and the UI supports up to 6.
  • Multiple players can now select the same commander
  • Full commander, mastery point and custom mutator selection.
  • Made the hard cap on the number of unique commanders able to be adjusted.
  • Has a template custom commander to act as a guide
  • Modified triggers have been annotated
  • Terran commanders other than Nova can now have heroes
  • v0.61: Fixed UI bug caused by changes to the trigger library of Abathur and included Horners
  • v0.62: Fixed UI bug caused by changes to the CM_StartingTechForHumanPlayer and CC_ResetTech action definitions and included Tychus. Also fixed the hero icon flashing when the hero takes damage for commander player 3 and annotated the triggers for implementing additional commander players. Removed modification to CM_Hatchery Primary Search trigger since Blizzard has updated the trigger in the Allied Commanders mod to have improved functionality